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3290 Simple and Rough is Lu Yan“s Style 10

"Don't you think we both need time to calm down?" Qiao Fei asked.

"Hehe…" Finally, Lu Yan only said the word "Hehe" as if it contained all the words she wanted to say.

"Fine. It seems that you've made the final decision."

She walked slowly toward Qiao Fei.

Then she punched his stomach viciously; caught off guard, he bent over.

Then, she kicked Amy, who was kneeling on the floor, sending her flying.

This kick was hard.

"Boss… I'm sorry…" Amy spat out blood but still knelt before her in repentance.

"Amy, you've worked for me for a long time. For the sake of your hard work over the last few years, I won't kill you, but don't let me see you again. If you value your life, you'd better stay out of the sight of my people, or we'll kill you."

"Boss… I…"

"Get out…" Lu Yan said only two words, but her eyes were murderous.

Without saying a word, Amy scrambled to run out of the room.

Lu Yan glanced at Qiao Fei faintly.

"You leave, too."


"Don't say a word. Even if we're not lovers, we're not enemies… I can't do it. Go! This is the end."

Then she opened the door and walked out, leaving Qiao Fei alone in the room.

- One hour later - 

On the platform on the top of the hotel, Lu Yan felt a bit tipsy after drinking a whole bottle of alcohol.


Her subordinate hovered behind her as if he didn't dare to walk up.


"They are gone."

"Where are they going?" Lu Yan asked.

"Back to Russia. Young Master Qiao bought a ticket to Moscow."

"Hehe! I knew it…" Lu Yan smiled in disappointment.

"Amy went back with Qiao Fei."

"Damned bastards… You're good." Lu Yan raised her head and lamented.

"Boss, do you want us to get rid of them? They haven't boarded the plane yet. We have people in the airport; they are waiting for your order…"

"It's not necessary."

"Boss, but they betrayed you…"

"I said it's not necessary. You didn't understand what I said?" Lu Yan raised her voice.

"Yes. I understand."

"Then why are you still here?" Lu Yan roared and threw the wine bottle onto the ground.

Seeing the glass shards on the ground, her subordinate shut up and backed off, closing the door behind him.

"What's happening? The boss is still mad?" After he went out, the others asked him.

"Of course. The boss is in a lousy mood and a bit tipsy."

"Damn it. I can't bear it. That bitch Amy dared to betray the boss and hook up with Young Master Qiao…"

"Yeah. I don't understand it either. What puzzles me most is why Young Master Qiao would like her; our boss is one hundred times better looking than her." 

"You don't understand. We men are creatures that think with our private parts. It seems the boss and Young Master Qiao haven't slept together, which gave that bitch Amy a chance. After all, Young Master Qiao is a man with a man's physical needs and it's understandable to make such mistakes. But I'm surprised that he'd break up with the boss for Amy…"

"No, you're wrong. It's the boss who broke up with him after finding out their betrayal. They were both wounded; it seemed the boss beat them."

"The boss went easy on them. With her temper, she should have blown their heads open."

The subordinates were gossiping in low voices when Lu Yan pulled open the door abruptly. They immediately fell silent.

"Book an airplane ticket for me. Now," Lu Yan said drunkenly.

"Yes. Boss, where are you going?"

"C City, China."