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My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Author:Molded Dried Vegetable Flatbread

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A 23-year old man who graduated Harvard flew back to his home country to sell fried goat meat in his self-made small stall, representing a conservative generation of youth. He went to a bar looking for a girl to settle his lust and found a drunken beauty. They spent a wild night with each other, and the girl coldly and silently left in the morning in front of the guy’s face, leaving a small red stain on the bed sheet. After a few days, she forced him to marry her for 2 years by contract, and after the contract expires he’s free to do what he wants. She later revealed to him she’s the CEO of one of the biggest corporation in the country. Will a girl with the burden of a giant corporation with her own emotional scar be able to find love and to share the person she loves with other beauties? Will a man who lived to kill his entire life, with the burden of being Hades, one of the 12 gods of Olympus, be able to set aside his responsibilities to live with the girl(s) he loves or to improve his godly skills to protect everything he cares for from an unseen threat? Associated Names Cô Vợ Tổng Giám Đốc Xinh Đẹp Của Tôi My Beautiful CEO Wife My Wife is a Beautiful CEO Wo De Meinu Zongcai Laopo 我的美女总裁老婆
《My Wife is a Beautiful CEO》 Text
Chapter 1: Mutton Skewer Seller
Chapter 2: Money is Needed to Find a Prostitute
Chapter 3: Initiative
Chapter 4: Reaction
Chapter 5: What I Hate The Most
Chapter 6: Infuriate
Chapter 7: Police Beauty Chief
Chapter 8: Chrysanthemum Tea
Chapter 9: You’re Shameless
Chapter 10: A Stain In One’s Life
Chapter 11: As A Guest
Chapter 12: I’m Really A Mutton Skewers Seller!
Chapter 13: Marriage
Chapter 14: A New Home
Chapter 15: My Wife Is A Rich Woman
Chapter 16: The Father-in-Law Appears
Chapter 17: Even A Pig Is Cuter Than Him
Chapter 18: Charming Rose
Chapter 19: Objects Like Bullets
Chapter 20: Monkey King And His Mate
Chapter 21: Stupid Woman
Chapter 22: Moment of Life and Death
Chapter 23: The Young Lady’s Threat
Chapter 24: Delivering Food
Chapter 25: Taking A Job
Chapter 26: I Am Used To Never Looking Back
Chapter 27: Bohemia
Chapter 28: I Am Proud Of Selling Mutton Skewers
Chapter 29: The Chirpy PR Department
Chapter 30: CEO
Chapter 31: Pledge
Chapter 32: Big Bro
Chapter 33: Truly Too Caring
Chapter 34: Who’s The Crude One?
Chapter 35: Wait For Me Tonight
Chapter 36: Visiting The Chen Residence
Chapter 37: Mistreatment
Chapter 38: Ruined Door
Chapter 39: Two Choices
Chapter 40: Cooperate With The Investigation
Chapter 41: Looking Back With A Smile Brings A Hundred Times The Charm
Chapter 42: Breakfast Time
Chapter 43: I Must Reward Myself Well
Chapter 44: Three
Chapter 45: Negotiation
Chapter 46: Mister Has Great Insight
Chapter 47: You’re Even An Action Movie Star
Chapter 48: Two Types Of People Who Are The Scariest
Chapter 49: Accidental Meeting In The Hallway
Chapter 50: Colleague
Chapter 51: Returning With A Cloud Of Dust
Chapter 52: It’s Your Turn
Chapter 53: Half A Month
Chapter 54: Best Friend
Chapter 55: Young Master Is Wise
Chapter 56: That’d Be Very Difficult
Chapter 57: What A Coincidence
Chapter 58: I Will Help You Get Used To It
Chapter 59: My Princess
Chapter 60: I’m Not Alone In This Dao
Chapter 61: I Do Not Intend To Sing An English Song
Chapter 62: Both Weird People
Chapter 63: Sure knows how to pick a place
Chapter 64: Your attitude isn’t friendly enough
Chapter 65: Shooting a great art film
Chapter 66: So what if I saw all of it
Chapter 67: The reason for not recognizing
Chapter 68: Casual Person
Chapter 69: Just who are you
Chapter 70: Don’t worship me too much
Chapter 71: This tactic is a little too cruel
Chapter 72: Such an honorable husband
Chapter 73: Can I hug you
Chapter 74: An unwelcome visitor
Chapter 75: Hubby I’m scared
Chapter 76: Pregnant Teenager
Chapter 77: Abnormality of the PR Department
Chapter 78: First time in life
Chapter 79: Receiving Guests
Chapter 80: Talk about that in the next life
Chapter 81: You’re not even fart
Chapter 82: Train Station
Chapter 83: My first time
Chapter 84: Hannya
Chapter 85: Flower Rain
Chapter 86: This is more like you
Chapter 87: Will you support me
Chapter 88: Knight who draws his sword and charges into battle
Chapter 89: Please undress me
Chapter 90: Assets worth over a hundred million
Chapter 91: Something like this
Chapter 92: They may all get lost
Chapter 93: Failure of a man
Chapter 94: Quickly give it to me
Chapter 95: Grass that bends with the wind
Chapter 96: Life in the future
Chapter 97: The Eagle Shooting Heroes
Chapter 98: Isn’t playing tennis
Chapter 99: A rather long story
Chapter 100: It’s my honor to tell you
Chapter 101: Someone’s spouse
Chapter 102: To me
Chapter 103: I say you aren’t
Chapter 104: Cute and naive
Chapter 105: Discussing something important today
Chapter 106: What a sham
Chapter 107: Too small
Chapter 108: Missed out one possibility
Chapter 109: Actually I am
Chapter 110: Praising my wife
Chapter 111: Didn’t recognize you for real
Chapter 112: Not necessary to go though all that trouble
Chapter 113: Those are all transient
Chapter 114: Answer
Chapter 115: Bad Clay
Chapter 116: Teacher, student
Chapter 117: Rookie and elder sister
Chapter 118: I lose appetite
Chapter 119: Another Big Sis
Chapter 120: Chanel
Chapter 121: I am a beast
Chapter 122: Watched too many movies
Chapter 123-1
Chapter 123-2: Scarlet
Chapter 124-1: Rose’s choice
Chapter 124-2: Rose’s choice
Chapter 125-1: Yang Chen’s ailment
Chapter 125-2: Yang Chen’s ailment
Chapter 126-1: Awkward Problem
Chapter 126-2: Awkward problem
Chapter 127-1: I forgot to tell you
Chapter 127-2: I forgot to tell you
Chapter 128-1: Baby in the tummy
Chapter 128-2: TEASER
Chapter 129-1: Can I not say?
Chapter 129-2: Can I not say it?
Chapter 130-1: Forgot to hide it properly
Chapter 130-2: Forgot to hide it properly
Chapter 131-1: Not a math problem
Chapter 131-2: Not a math problem
Chapter 132-1: Looking for that feelings
Chapter 132-2: Looking for my feelings
Chapter 133-1: Sibling-in-law
Chapter 133-2: Sibling-in-law
Chapter 134-1: Senior
Chapter 134-2: Senior
Chapter 135-1: Real Battlefield
Chapter 135-2: Real battlefield
Chapter 136-1: You can
Chapter 136-2: You can
Chapter 137-1: Lost in fantasy
Chapter 137-2: Lost in fantasy
Chapter 138-1: Just for a moment
Chapter 138-2: Just for a moment
Chapter 139-1: Tricked
Chapter 139-2: Tricked
Chapter 140-1: Mysterious place
Chapter 140-2: Mysterious place
Chapter 141-1: I want
Chapter 141-2: I want
Chapter 142-1: Have an affair
Chapter 142-2: Have an affair
Chapter 143-1: CEO
Chapter 143-2: CEO
Chapter 144-1: A loveless marriage
Chapter 144-2: A loveless marriage
Chapter 145-1: Successor
Chapter 145-2: Successor
Chapter 146-1: (Withheld till next part)
Chapter 146-2: Air Stewardess
Chapter 147-1: What do you like about me
Chapter 147-2: What do you like about me
Chapter 148-1: Twilight
Chapter 148-2: Twilight
Chapter 149-1: Li Family brothers
Chapter 149-2: Li Family brothers
Chapter 150-1: Winning money and apology
Chapter 150-2: Winning money and apology
Chapter 151-1: Waiter
Chapter 151-2: Waiter
Chapter 152-1: Behind the talks
Chapter 152-2: Behind the talks
Chapter 153-1: Importance
Chapter 153-2: TEASER
Chapter 154-1: (withheld)
Chapter 154-2: Who says we need headlights
Chapter 155-1: Criminal
Chapter 155-2: Criminal
Chapter 156-1: Unrealistic rosy view
Chapter 156-2: Unrealistic rosy view
Chapter 157-1: Yang Chen’s test
Chapter 157-2: Yang Chen’s test
Chapter 158-1: I don’t scare people
Chapter 158-2: I don’t scare people
Chapter 159-1: Left hand
Chapter 159-2: Left hand
Chapter 160-1: Teacher’s teacher
Chapter 160-2: Teacher’s teacher
Chapter 161-1: Jane
Chapter 161-2: Jane
Chapter 162-1: Towel
Chapter 162-2: Towel
Chapter 163-1: I knew this would happen
Chapter 163-2: I knew this would happen
Chapter 164-1: It’s fine to lose
Chapter 164-2: It’s fine to lose
Chapter 165-1: The most valuable
Chapter 165-2: The most valuable
Chapter 166-1: Difficult to serve
Chapter 166-2: Difficult to serve
Chapter 167-1: Are you giving it to me or not
Chapter 167-2: Are you giving it to me or not
Chapter 168-1: Sisters
Chapter 168-2: Sisters
Chapter 169-1: The gun barrel
Chapter 169-2: The gun barrel
Chapter 170-1: You’re not a bomb
Chapter 170-2: You’re not a bomb
Chapter 171-1: Mutual trust
Chapter 171-2: Mutual trust
Chapter 172-1: Li Jingjing’s new friend
Chapter 172-2: Li Jingjing’s new friend
Chapter 173-1: Wasted time
Chapter 173-2: Wasted time
Chapter 174-1: Thousand men rider
Chapter 174-2: Thousand men rider
Chapter 175-1: Begin and end
Chapter 175-2: Begin and end
Chapter 176-1: You are still you
Chapter 176-2: You are still you
Chapter 177-1: Yesterday and today
Chapter 177-2: Yesterday and today
Chapter 178-1: Can you save them all
Chapter 178-2: Can you save them all
Chapter 179-1: I want to protect you
Chapter 179-2: I want to protect you
Chapter 180-1: Alice in Wonderland
Chapter 180-2: Alice in Wonderland
Chapter 181-1: Let me settle this for you
Chapter 181-2: Let me settle this for you
Chapter 182-1: Go home with me
Chapter 182-2: Go home with me
Chapter 183-1: Seductive figure on a high floor
Chapter 183-2: Seductive figure on a high floor
Chapter 184-1: Wait for you to pounce
Chapter 184-2: Wait for you to pounce
Chapter 185-1: Extremely odd
Chapter 185-2: Extremely odd
Chapter 186-1: Something horrible happened
Chapter 186-2: Something horrible happened
Chapter 187-1: Crash
Chapter 187-2: Crash
Chapter 188-1: I’m a businesswoman
Chapter 188-2: I’m a businesswoman
Chapter 189-1: Truly venomous
Chapter 189-2: Truly venomous
Chapter 190-1: Looking for another man
Chapter 190-2: Looking for another man
Chapter 191-1: A place many would call paradise
Chapter 191-2: A place many would call paradise
Chapter 192-1: It’s most difficult to bear the kindness of a beauty
Chapter 192-2: It’s most difficult to bear the kindness of a beauty
Chapter 193-1: You’ll find out in a moment
Chapter 193-2: You’ll find out in a moment
Chapter 194-1: One finger
Chapter 194-2: One finger
Chapter 195-1: Perfect date
Chapter 195-2: Perfect date
Chapter 196-1: My Wife is a Beautiful CEO
Chapter 196-2: She couldn’t handle it
Chapter 197-1: Lecher on the train
Chapter 197-2: Lecher on the train
Chapter 198-1: Ye Zi
Chapter 198-2: Ye Zi
Chapter 199-1: Swallow returning to its nest
Chapter 199-2: Swallow returning to its nest
Chapter 200-1: Perhaps not human
Chapter 200-2: Perhaps not human
Chapter 201-1: Acting skills
Chapter 201-2: Acting skills
Chapter 202-1: Vairocana Dharma Body
Chapter 202-2: Vairocana Dharma Body
Chapter 203-1: What else do you know
Chapter 203-2: What else do you know
Chapter 204-1: Assault
Chapter 204-2: Assault
Chapter 205-1: True men die honorably
Chapter 205-2: True men die honorably
Chapter 206-1: Abrupt changes in the temple
Chapter 206-2: Abrupt changes in the temple
Chapter 207-1: Definitely won’t call the police
Chapter 207-2: Definitely won’t call the police
Chapter 208-1: I’m not human
Chapter 208-2: I’m not human
Chapter 209-1: Vajrapani Indestructible Divine Skill
Chapter 209-2: Vajrapani Indestructible Divine Skill
Chapter 210-1: Protective talisman
Chapter 210-2: Protective talisman
Chapter 211-1: Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture
Chapter 211-2: Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture
Chapter 212-1: Compensation
Chapter 212-2: Compensation
Chapter 213-1: Great Grandmaster level
Chapter 213-2: Great Grandmaster level
Chapter 214-1: Honestly
Chapter 214-2: Honestly
Chapter 215-1: When
Chapter 215-2: When
Chapter 216-1: Breaking in
Chapter 216-2: Breaking in
Chapter 217-1: Mr. Gao
Chapter 217-2: Mr. Gao
Chapter 218-1: Half of half
Chapter 218-2: Half of half
Chapter 219-1: Childhood sweethearts
Chapter 219-2: Childhood sweethearts
Chapter 220-1: Block bullets
Chapter 220-2: Block bullets
Chapter 221-1: Have a great time sinking
Chapter 221-2: Have a great time sinking
Chapter 222-1: Selfish choice
Chapter 222-2: Selfish choice
Chapter 223-1: What is love
Chapter 223-2: What is love
Chapter 224-1: Upside down
Chapter 224-2: Upside down
Chapter 225-1: In case
Chapter 225-2: In case
Chapter 226-1: Unsafe
Chapter 226-2: Unsafe
Chapter 227-1: Stratagems
Chapter 227-2: Stratagems
Chapter 228-1: Definitely not
Chapter 228-2: Definitely not
Chapter 229-1: As consolation
Chapter 229-2: As consolation
Chapter 230: Daughter
Chapter 231: Masculinity
Chapter 232: Office Games
Chapter 233-1: A Passive Date
Chapter 233-2: A Passive Date
Chapter 234: Seawater
Chapter 235: Making Up for Youth
Chapter 236: Facing the Ocean
Chapter 237: Sacrifice
Chapter 238: Credit
Chapter 239: Medicine
Chapter 240: Dinner and Sea Eagles
Chapter 241: Can't Say It Aloud
Chapter 242: Casually
Chapter 243: The Yellowed Page
Chapter 244: Solving Mysteries
Chapter 245: Not Free for a Relationship
Chapter 246: Can't Explain Myself
Chapter 247: Crescent Moon
Chapter 248: Eternity
Chapter 249: Chasing a Duck into the Stove
Chapter 250 You're Very Annoying
Chapter 251: Easily Satisfied
Chapter 252: The Strongest Organism
Chapter 253-1: Within Your Eyes
Chapter 253-2: Within Your Eyes
Chapter 254: Director
Chapter 255: Low-Class
Chapter 256: Guessing the Secret
Chapter 257: Different Worlds
Chapter 258: There's One Now
Chapter 259: Seat
Chapter 260: I Knew You Would Agree
Chapter 261: Footsteps
Chapter 262: Ocean and Calf
Chapter 263: Convey a Message to Her
Chapter 264: Morning Make-Up
Chapter 265: Embarrassing Act
Chapter 266: Let’s Not Go Anymore
Chapter 267: Banquet of Liu Family
Chapter 268: Never Heard of It
Chapter 269: Appreciation Birth from Lost
Chapter 270: Rescue
Chapter 271: I Didn't Overthink
Chapter 272: Stopping Midway
Chapter 273: Auction
Chapter 274: Confusion
Chapter 275: Old Enemy
Chapter 276: Lilith
Chapter 277: The Strange Scene
Chapter 278: You Mustn’t Say It Out
Chapter 279: Winter Night
Chapter 280: Keeping a Secret
Chapter 281: Visitor
Chapter 282: Everything Is Eternal
Chapter 283: Couldn't Be Cut Off
Chapter 284: Silent Chess
Chapter 285: You’re the Executioner
Chapter 286: Undermined
Chapter 287: Do You like This Way of Dying
Chapter 288: Scorpion
Chapter 289: How About Shortening It
Chapter 290: Laying Hands
Chapter 291: Life Is like a Game of Chess
Chapter 292: No Wonder She Didn't Listen
Chapter 293: It's Not for the Shoes
Chapter 294: Only Hoping for One Life
Chapter 295: You're Lying to Yourself
Chapter 296: Sending a Daughter Over
Chapter 297: Are They Lacking
Chapter 298: Blood-Drinking and Ravenous Witch
Chapter 299: Client Meeting
Chapter 300: Nothing to Lose
Chapter 301: Vixen
Chapter 302: Director of the Women's Federation
Chapter 303: Waiting to See You
Chapter 304: Undeniable
Chapter 305: Really Childish
Chapter 306: When I'm Not Here Anymore
Chapter 307: Streetside Conversation at Night
Chapter 308: Date
Chapter 309: If If If
Chapter 310: Dinner
Chapter 311: 147
Chapter 312: Obstruction
Chapter 313: Yes I Do
Chapter 314: Christmas Night
Chapter 315: Escort
Chapter 316: Illusion
Chapter 317: Seventeen
Chapter 318: What's This Again
Chapter 319: It Is Easier to Move Mountains and Rivers
Chapter 320: Nijo Castle
Chapter 321: Owe You Something
Chapter 322: Trophy
Chapter 323: Don't Leave
Chapter 324: Plot
Chapter 325: The Demon's Blade
Chapter 326: Okawa
Chapter 327: Rebirth
Chapter 328: Turning Point
Chapter 329: Scarlet Revenge
Chapter 330: What Are You Doing
Chapter 331: God's Instruction
Chapter 332: Slap
Chapter 333: Diamond the Size of a Cow’s Eye
Chapter 334: Get Out
Chapter 335: Don’t Be Afraid to Spoil It
Chapter 336: Yamaguchi-gumi
Chapter 337: Liu Yun's Performance
Chapter 338: Pirates
Chapter 339: Meeting for the First Time
Chapter 340: Father and Son at Sea
Chapter 341: Five Broken Arrows
Chapter 342: Battle of the Imperial Harem
Chapter 343: Arriving at Home
Chapter 344: Embarrassment
Chapter 345: Insensitive Fellow
Chapter 346: Grievance
Chapter 347: Karma
Chapter 348: Nothing Is Absolute
Chapter 349: Diamond
Chapter 350: Such a Me
Chapter 351: The Old Cow Is Unwilling to See You
Chapter 352: Getting Discarded into the Cold Palace
Chapter 353: Xiantian Full Cycle
Chapter 354: Stop Talking About It
Chapter 355: You'll Go First
Chapter 356: Reading Better Than Singing
Chapter 357: Invincible
Chapter 358: Pandas
Chapter 359: Let Me Pass
Chapter 360: Like Father, Like Son
Chapter 361: Really a Joke
Chapter 362: Military Secrets
Chapter 363: Too Alike
Chapter 364: It's Them
Chapter 365: Unwilling
Chapter 366: Ten Seconds
Chapter 367: Too Much Sugar
Chapter 368: Bow, Please Don’t Be Angry Anymore
Chapter 369: The Distressed Hui Lin
Chapter 370: Whatever Happens Outside Has Nothing to Do with Me
Chapter 371: Never Separate
Chapter 372: Bribery
Chapter 373: Putting an End
Chapter 374: For Whom
Chapter 375: Ants
Chapter 376: Fate and Mother-In-Law
Chapter 377: Disciplinary Teacher
Chapter 378: Market
Chapter 379: Faithfulness
Chapter 380: Beauty and the Beast
Chapter 381: Don't Disturb Him
Chapter 382: Naga
Chapter 383: Mahakala and Nebula
Chapter 384: Sisters
Chapter 385: Undying Warrior
Chapter 386: Ganges River
Chapter 387: Ice and Fire Intertwining
Chapter 388: Agni and Varuna
Chapter 389: Orinos
Chapter 390: Unseal
Chapter 391: Power of Gods
Chapter 392: Beyond
Chapter 393: The Unfortunate Mantis
Chapter 394: How Foolish
Chapter 395: The Door's Gap
Chapter 396: Intimate Form of Address
Chapter 397: Contradiction
Chapter 398: Partnered Bullying
Chapter 399: There’s One Final Bowl Left
Chapter 400: Do You Find Me Weird as Well
Chapter 401: Expansion of the Female Dorm
Chapter 402: Moving the Spearhead
Chapter 403: This Year
Chapter 404: Hubby or Boss
Chapter 405: Unreasonable
Chapter 406: Absolutely No Interest
Chapter 407: Tough Blessing
Chapter 408: I've Fallen for You
Chapter 409: Exceptional Background
Chapter 410: How Can I Take This
Chapter 411: Camry-Level Race
Chapter 412: Fiery Red
Chapter 413: Smell of Jealousy in the Car
Chapter 414: Am I Very Thin
Chapter 415: Ruler of a Feudal Society
Chapter 416: Pseudo Democracy
Chapter 417: Different Kind of Anxiety
Chapter 418: Voluntary Confession
Chapter 419: What Don’t You Understand
Chapter 420: What Am I
Chapter 421: A Trick Used on Children
Chapter 422: Whom Have I Married
Chapter 423: The Serious and Crazy Woman
Chapter 424: I Can Do It
Chapter 425: Series
Chapter 426: Hidden Undercurrent
Chapter 427: I Am
Chapter 428: Maiden
Chapter 429: Is He Even Reliable
Chapter 430: Persephone
Chapter 431: Don’t Need to Introduce Us Anymore
Chapter 432: The Room
Chapter 433: Dry Rose Petals
Chapter 434: Old Dog
Chapter 435: Strategy
Chapter 436: I Just Want to Do This
Chapter 437: Monstrous Beast
Chapter 438: Covering the Sunlight
Chapter 439: Straightforward
Chapter 440: Orange Juice
Chapter 441: I Haven’t Done Anything Before
Chapter 442: Changing for Tens of Centuries
Chapter 443: Candyman and Big Mouth
Chapter 444: Late-night Talk and Mercy
Chapter 445: Falling Dust
Chapter 446: Suffocating
Chapter 447: No Wonder
Chapter 448: I Don’t Allow You to Insult Her This Way
Chapter 449: True or False
Chapter 450: It's Fake
Chapter 451: What Matters Most Is
Chapter 452: Complicated Family
Chapter 453: Desolate
Chapter 454: Adorable or Horrifying
Chapter 455: I Didn't Scare Her
Chapter 456: Why Are You Here
Chapter 457: All Bullshit Talk
Chapter 458: I'm not Afraid of You
Chapter 459: Where the Heck Did She Come From
Chapter 460: An Even Tighter Relationship
Chapter 461: Lustrous Starlight
Chapter 462: Panda
Chapter 463: The Empress's Confidence
Chapter 464: Surprisingly Practiced
Chapter 465: Best Roommate
Chapter 466: Weird Woman
Chapter 467: If I Had a Daughter
Chapter 468: A Fishy Sanatorium
Chapter 469: Traces
Chapter 470: Do You Study Traditional Chinese Medicine
Chapter 471: The Hidden Objective
Chapter 472: Just like a Few Years Ago
Chapter 473: Helps Digestion
Chapter 474: You Should Continue
Chapter 475: Long Time No See
Chapter 476: Three Decades of the Eastern River
Chapter 477: Everything Is as Simple as That
Chapter 478: The Woman of the House
Chapter 479: Wronging an Honest Man
Chapter 480: Why Are You Here
Chapter 481: Only Because of Love
Chapter 482: A Strange Day
Chapter 483: Cliché Outside the House
Chapter 484: White Coat and Vase
Chapter 485: Sit down and Talk
Chapter 486: We Are in the Same Boat
Chapter 487: Unexpected Guests
Chapter 488: You’re Very Brutal
Chapter 489: Or
Chapter 490: Cold-Blooded and Merciless Woman
Chapter 491: Innocent Yang Chen
Chapter 492: Replacement
Chapter 493: Golden Sun Totem
Chapter 494: It’s Great to Be Young
Chapter 495: Welcome to Paris
Chapter 496: Have You Come to Paris Before
Chapter 497: The Lord Protector
Chapter 498: Bring You Along to Pick Up Chicks As Well
Chapter 499: Why Is He Making a Call Now
Chapter 500: Just like a Penguin
Chapter 501: Bun
Chapter 502: Directors of Different Branches
Chapter 503: Too Soft
Chapter 504: You’ve Misunderstood My Intention
Chapter 505: A Reasonable Man
Chapter 506: Throwing After Using
Chapter 507: Nursery Rhyme
Chapter 508: Carrying You to Sleep
Chapter 509: A Unique Mass by the Man of Scarlet
Chapter 510: The Final Reason
Chapter 511: I’ll Answer You Now
Chapter 512: Isn’t My Own Younger Sister
Chapter 513: Red-Haired Demon
Chapter 514: A Small Punishment
Chapter 515: Shut Up
Chapter 516: Stop Lying to Yourself
Chapter 517: Thanatos
Chapter 518: Hypocrite
Chapter 519: The Crooked Merchant
Chapter 520: Something You Can Never Cover Up
Chapter 521: Shell
Chapter 522: Find a Man with Family Wealth to Marry
Chapter 523: Irises
Chapter 524: Banging His Head Into the Wall
Chapter 525: The Heart Mage and the Prince
Chapter 526: Don't Be Too Arrogant
Chapter 527: The Key Person
Chapter 528: The Great Mind of the Panther
Chapter 529: The Forgotten Realms
Chapter 530: Nurarihyon
Chapter 531: Mirror of Purity
Chapter 532: You’re All Liars
Chapter 533: How Despicable
Chapter 534: Descent
Chapter 535: Blood Bodies
Chapter 536: The Lance of Longinus
Chapter 537: The Sword of Thanatos
Chapter 538: Let Me Tell You Something
Chapter 539:The Longbow
Chapter 540:Apollo