My Villain Academia - BNHA Fan-fic
16 All Might vs Nomu
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My Villain Academia - BNHA Fan-fic
Author :Bodhisattva_Panda
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16 All Might vs Nomu

As Izuku focused on the Hand guy waiting for an opportunity to attack and restrain him, he heard All Might's deep resounding footsteps, and then All Might spoke in such a tone that Izuku had to look over.

"I had a bad feeling, so I tore myself away from my chat with the principal and came. I passed young Ilda on my way and got a rough idea of what happened." – All Might

All might then grit his teeth so hard, that even Izuku felt it. Continuing his momentous walk that had everyone's attention, until he came to a stop with a striking step that made the smoke swirl around him.

"it's fine now…" – All Might

He then ripped off his tie from his suit.

"I AM HERE!" – All Might

All the students had a similar reaction to All Might's line, and that was to relax and feel happy. Even Izuku reacted similarly slightly before noticing.

"[Damn it! It seems I need to remove the old Izuku completely, I needed him before but now it is affecting me too much. After this is done I'm going to finally end this little relation of our DEKU! For now, I need to focus…]" – Izuku

Izuku then returned to focusing on the Hand guy, getting into a stance and ready to act the moment he and the Nomu fully focus on fighting All Might.

"I've been waiting, Hero. You trash of society." – Hand guy

While the Hand guy reacted in a way that confused Izuku, the rest of the villains reacted as expected. They were focused fully on All Might and fell completely into his momentum.

"That's All Might?" – Villain One

"it's my first time seeing him in person." – Villain Two

"He looks so intimidating..." – Villain Three

"IDIOTS! Don't Hesitate! If we kill that we'll URGH!" – Villain Four

Before the last villain could even finish his sentence, All Might moved and attacked. The speed of which he attacked was enough to not allow anyone to notice him take down all the villains in his way to get to Aizawa. Finally, everyone reacted and looked at All Might Kneeling besides Aizawa to pick him up with Villains flying away from him in all directions. Picking up Aizawa he started to look at his injuries.

"Sorry, Aizawa." – All Might

Slowly turning towards Nomu and Hand guys direction, All Might looked at Izuku before his eyes suddenly flashed Blue. Without realising Izuku was now standing next to All Might with Aizawa laying beside him and All Might standing in front.

Izuku couldn't help but feel shocked. When All Might had attacked the villains, he was able to slightly see his speed, albeit it was the afterimages but this time…

"[How can he move so fast besides his injury? Didn't I underestimate his strength too much…] - Izuku

hearing some murmuring Izuku looked back towards the spot he was standing before. it seemed like both the Nomu and Hand guy had taken a hit from All Might as he grabbed Izuku. while the Nomu was fine, the Hand guy started to act weirdly.

"Young Midoriya, go to the entrance. I'm leaving Aizawa to you. He's Unconscious, Hurry!" - All Might

"[What? I was going to attack and restrain the Hand guy while he was distracted, you stupid shit! you ruined the plan...] Understood, I'll get him to safety." - Izuku

Izuku goes to pick up Aizawa when he starts to hear what the Hand guy is murmuring about.

"o good... it's no good... i-i'm sorry, father..." - Hand guy

The Hand guy who was scouring around for the hand that fell off found it, picking it up he put it back onto his face before his body visibly relaxed, before starting to mumble to himself.

"[The hell is wrong with this guy; does he think a villain has to act creepy and weird to create an impact or something? Well whatever it is, it's got nothing to do with me anymore. I won't be able to get close without attracting attention anymore and I can't justify leaving Aizawa alone just to get the villain. I'll just rush back and see if I can find an opportunity then.]" – Izuku

Picking up Aizawa Izuku started to move towards the stairs, to allow the students there to take care of him. Izuku glanced back All Might while moving.

"[you should enjoy your fight All Might, I feel like this opponent will give you a hard time. thinking of which I should use this opportunity to pick up any weaknesses in All Might's fighting style.]" – Izuku

Just when Izuku reached a considerable distance away from them, All Might attacked, aiming a Carolina Smash for the Hand Guy. The move was intercepted by the Nomu who took it head-on using its body. The Nomu then attacked back with both its arm in a kind of hugging move, which was dodged by All Might. Izuku then saw All Might punch Nomu in the gut, followed by two punches to the head and moving back.

"[He knows to aim for the head but doesn't hit the brain, it seems that's the difference between a villain and a hero's thoughts. It isn't much but that small difference can decide the ending of the fight. As I expected, I can find the weaknesses of All Might's fighting style while watching this fight.]" – Izuku

After trading blows for a while, All Might is able to get behind the Nomu and suplex the Nomu into the ground. Taking the chance where the Nomu is stuck in the ground, All Might runs towards the Hand guy and aims to capture him. Unfortunately, All Might didn't know the quirk of the Hand guy and was caught off guard getting some of his hand Decayed, using this chance the Hand guy moved further away from All Might and by this time the Nomu had dug itself out and started to run towards All Might again. All Might made use of the brief moment the Nomu needed to get to him, to injure the Hand guy, which was a failed attempt to knock him out and then went back to fighting the Nomu.

During this time, Izuku was able to get to the top of the stairs and hand over Aizawa to Ochaco Uraraka and Tsuyu Asui before heading back towards the fight. Seeing the Hand guy injured he sped up, but still moved stealthily to get to him faster without being noticed.

"[All Might arrived only after Tenya Ilda found him, even though he was supposed to be attending the training session. Thinking back now Thirteen put up three fingers when they mentioned All Might and All Might has a three-hour limit. They were most likely a sign to Aizawa of how All Might has almost reached his limit and can't attend the training. He probably used to much power in the morning to save people on the way to school, or was that a plan from the League of Villains as well? Does that mean they know about All Might's weakness? How long can All Might last? What if he can't win against the Nomu? It seems I need to capture the Hand guy to make sure of my safety from the Nomu…]" – Izuku

Izuku while trying to sneak behind the Hand guy, saw others make the way over to help All Might.

"I Heard you all are here to kill All Might" – Todoroki

Shoto Todoroki attacked the Nomu with his ice freezing him in place and allowing All Might to get some breathing space after continuously colliding in frontal confrontation with the Nomu.

"Take That!" - Bakugo

Katsuki Bakugo and Eijiro Kirishima attacked the Hand Guy, unfortunately, although he was caught off guard, he was able to react to their surprise attack, although the injury All Might caused slowed him down and his actions resulted in getting slightly more injured in the process of defending.

"Damn it, he blocked it, I couldn't act cool." – Kirishima

Izuku just so happened to be in the direction that the Hand guy retreated in. when the Hand guy came close enough, Izuku acted using his fastest speed without getting injured in the process to run behind the Hand guy and launching an attack to the back of his head to knock him out. Miraculously the Hand guy was able to react and dodge the attack but just barely before his injury made him flinch. Izuku didn't miss this opportunity to redirect his attack to aim for the hand on his face, not being able to dodge in time the hand came off and the Hand guy froze. The Hand guy couldn't react to the next attack, which knocked him out.

"Eijiro Kirishima, keep a hold of him and make sure to restrain his hand, that's how he uses his quirk." – Izuku

"Okay, I got it." – Kirishima

Izuku looked back at the frozen Nomu and felt slightly annoyed.

"[I couldn't really see much of All Might's weaknesses and his limit during this fight. Maybe if the fight lasted longer I might have been able to, but these brats had to step in… well, at least I was able to get a few advantages not to mention the main point with the nanobots in the Nomu. I probably hit the jackpot there, just need to go home and research the data I would have gotten.]" – Izuku

As Izuku was hoping to be allowed to quickly go home and not be bogged down by the teachers and police looking into this matter, the ice statue of the Nomu shook. The ice cracked and a Nomu with all its skin torn off appeared, however the next moment the injuries started to heal in a split second and it was back as it was before the fight began.

"Get back everyone! His quirk wasn't shock absorption??" – All Might

"[His regeneration is actually this strong?? I definitely hit the jackpot, if I can get that I won't need to worry about the injuries I get from using One for All.]" – Izuku

The Nomu didn't wait after regenerating and ran towards All Might at full speed getting a good hit in when he was prepared. All Might was injured from that punch but still walked towards the Nomu. It was only after All Might had taken a few steps that they started to react.

"That was so fast, he's strong but if we back up All Might we can deal with him." – Kirishima

"No! Runaway." - All Might said as he slowly came to a stop to confront the Nomu.

"I was able to restrain him before and if I'm remembering correctly you were having trouble dealing with him." – Todoroki

"That was a different story, young Todoroki. He seemed to have been controlled before but now I get a dangerous feeling from him. But it's Fine! Watch as a pro gives it everything he's got." – All Might

Everyone looked at All Might, the fact that he needed to fight seriously surprised them and they couldn't help but look at the Nomu in shock.

"[Perfect, this is exactly what I wanted to see. It really does seem to be my lucky day but if I don't say anything after everyone else has it could seem weird, maybe he won't notice now, but it could sow a seed of doubt for later. What should I say that would seem normal? Ah…] All Might if we just stall for time a little the other teachers would soon arrive, there isn't much time left." – Izuku

All Might in return just gives Izuku a thumbs up.

"[Good, there was a small chance he would do what I said and stall for time but as I expected, his pride as a hero won't let him do that.]" – Izuku

All Might clenched his fists and puffed up his chest. He then got into a stance and prepared to fight. Izuku was looking at All Might hoping he'd get more injured during this fight with the Nomu but out of nowhere a pressure radiated from All Might. His eyes glowed blue and that's when Both Nomu and all Might barged at each other and clashed fists. The clashing of fists sent out a shockwave that carried everyone away with it. While everyone recovered from being knocked back more shockwaves arrived which continued to push them further back, everyone was only able to get their bearings after a few shockwaves and then focused on what was happening in the fight.

"[How can he be this strong after being injured??? This seems to be almost like his strength of when he was in his prime before his injury. However, with shock absorption and regeneration, how is a head-on fight going to help? Is he not caring about all of that just to prove himself to the students? How stupid this will only make him lose faster…]" – Izuku

"W-wow!" – Kirishima

Izuku attention was grabbed by Kirishima who appeared next to him. Kirishima was so excited by the fight he didn't even bother restraining the Hand Guy anymore. Izuku walked to the body and acted to restrain the Hand guy.

"[you fucking idiot, I'm not going to let my prey getaway because of your stupidity.]" – Izuku

"If your quirk isn't shock nullification but shock absorption, then there's a limit to it right?" – All Might

Izuku who had the Hand guy restrained under him heard this sentence from All Might and understood his plan, but that didn't stop him from thinking of how crazy this plan of All Might's was.

"Made to fight me? If you can withstand me at 100%, then I'll force you to surrender from beyond that!" – All Might

The head-on fight that was previously in Nomu's favor started to equal out before All Might had the upper hand and he was starting to push the Nomu back.

"[what a complete muscle brained plan to fight, at least that just means I need to focus on this one aspect of All Might if I want to defeat him, however… how can this one aspect be so terrifying… he can go beyond his limit… if he wasn't injured his body would possibly be at the peak of what was possible by humanity...]" – Izuku

All Might then punched straight at Nomu which sent the Nomu flying, jumping in the air, All Might prepared to hulk smash Nomu, who had recovered from the punch and started to run back at All Might. All Might's hulk smash landed and knocked the Nomu down, he then kicked the Nomu into the air and followed it. Grabbing its arm, he started to spin to build up momentum before throwing Nomu back onto the ground. Landing right beside it, All Might began to speak.

"Hey villain, Have you ever heard these words? Go Beyond! Plus Ultra!!!!" – All Might
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All Might shouted plus ultra while landing a punch into the solar plexus of the Nomu, the punch had such strength that the Nomu's body contorted from it while glowing like a missile exploded. The Nomu was then sent flying right to the top of the building smashing the roof and sending a shockwave and vibration throughout the entire USJ building.

Izuku stares at the hole Nomu left behind and then looked at All Might. His brain was working overtime, thinking of a way he could beat such brute strength, but nothing worked. A grim feeling slowly overcame Izuku…

"Is this a comic book or something? It's like he nullified the shock absorption. His brute strength is crazy." – Kirishima

"What insane power... does this mean he rushed at him so fast he couldn't regenerate?" – Bakugo

All Might Spoke with his slightly heavy breaths.

"I really have gotten weaker... in my prime, five hits would've been enough. But it took more than 300 hits." – All Might

Izuku looked towards All Might.

"[If you had aimed for the brain it would have been one… but I guess that is the difference between the thoughts of a villain and a hero. Villains don't care if they kill the opponent to take him out, while Hero's would fight through it.]" – Izuku

While Izuku was thinking this, he saw slight smoke come out from All Might, and he couldn't help but smile. After feeling that grim feeling from not being able to come up with a plan on how to fight All Might, seeing the smoke helped him feel relieved. This was All Might's limit and although it was still impossible for him to fight against it, at least there was hope, he wasn't insurmountable.


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