My Vampire System
188 The Starter Ring
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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188 The Starter Ring

The two boys had finished their combat classes for the day and decided that they would head to the VR room together. Fex was standing casually outside in the sun and Quinn could see it didn't affect him at all.

While Quinn had to prepare his trusty umbrella and prop it up before stepping into the sun. It was a strange action but not too strange that it gathered the attention of others. Earth had gotten hotter over the years and there were quite a few people who wished to protect their skin with the use of UV umbrellas and on a hot day like today, no one would bat an eye at what Quinn was doing.

Seeing this Fex looked at Quinn oddly, he had only seen a Vampire use such things in really old books, he couldn't help but giggle at the thought that Quinn looked like an old man.

"What are you doing with that old thing?" Fex asked. "Do you not have a Ring." He lifted his hand showing the small ring, Quinn was now close enough to see that it really did look like the one in his shop. After using his inspect skill it confirmed the fact that it was the very same ring.

Quinn didn't know how to reply to Fex, the system had informed him that one of these rings were the basics of vampires and it seemed like if he was to come up with something it would reveal him even sooner.

But while Quinn was trying to come up with a lie, Fex was the one who once again came up with his own explanation.

"Oh I see now..." Fex said. "You really are one of those Vampires raised here on earth aren't you? Trained to blend in and report back. I guess that's why you didn't go through the formal initiation and don't have one of these."

When Fex said those words something had caught his attention. The fact that Fex said one of the Vampires on earth. Did this mean other Vampires came from another planet? Were Vampires a type of alien too?

"System do you have an answer for this?" Quinn asked.

"I'm afraid I'm just as confused as you are, as far as I know, Vampires have always existed on earth alongside the humans. Although, I'm afraid I don't know how much time has passed since your family has had the book, so a lot could have changed by then." The system replied.

Looking at Fex, it seemed he was showing off his ring quite proudly and that's when Quinn remembered the requirements to get the ring. It was to kill 10 Deathbats, an advanced type creature. This brought back memories for Quinn on how hard it was for him to defeat an intermediate creature. He couldn't imagine how hard an advanced tier creature was and the many more classes above them.

"Was the initiation hard?" Quinn asked.

Fex started to laugh nervously at this question. "Was it hard, of course it was hard! Yet I was one of the youngest vampires to ever complete it." As he said this he lifted his chest up a bit to make himself feel a little bigger.

The Vampire continued, "You see the initiation is getting the materials for the ring itself. A young vampire must go out and slay ten Deathbats. Once you earn this ring you are no longer required to go through regular school training with all the rest, but it seems I just jumped from one training pool into another." Fex finished, a little depressed.

Although Quinn didn't know why he could tell Fex was slightly nervous when answering the question. It helped that he was the type that were easy to read what they were feeling because they didn't hide the emotions on their face at all.

However, this conversation reminded Quinn about how he had to be cautious around Fex. Although the two of them seemed to be on friendly terms, he still couldn't trust him and didn't know what his goal here at the school was.

The fact that he managed to kill ten advanced tier beast was a big reminder in the difference between the two of their strengths.

As they continued to walk to the VR centre Fex looked at his ring and felt a little guilty. He had lied to Quinn just now. He hadn't earned the ring like he said he did. Fex was hoping to become one of the youngest vampires to ever complete the initiation.

He had gone out and travelled and fought against the death bat, but after a gruesome fight and near death experience with one, Fex only just managed to come out on top. He thought with him being the top of his class he was ready, but it seemed like it wasn't the case.

He was embarrassed though, for before he had left his school classes he had told everyone how easy it would be for him to achieve such a task. If they were to find out he only managed to defeat one before giving up he would become a laughing stock.

So, in turn, he decided to go on to the marketplace and hire some Travellers to hunt the beasts for him, with this he managed together most of the crystals needed to make the Ring, but his last traveller that accepted the contract never replied.

In the end, it was all thanks to the Blood evolve who placed the crystal on the market place that he was able to craft the ring.

They had finally arrived at the VR room and it was a sight that Fex had never seen before, although he wasn't amazed because it just looked like a room full of sleeping capsules. Judging by his reaction, Quinn could tell Fex had no idea what these were.

"Don't worry, I was confused when I came here for the first time as well. Just follow me and I'll let you know about the basics." Quinn said.

They went to the counter and Quinn paid for both him and Fex to play in the capsules for a few hours. Quinn still had plenty of money left from the crystals he had sold earlier. On top of that he also still had nine crystals that hadn't been used to create the suit that he could also sell from the last outing.

"Hey I have my own money you know, you didn't have to pay for me?" Fex said, displaying his golden card.

"Don't worry," Quinn said gritting his teeth not realizing his mistakes. If he knew Fex had money he wouldn't have paid for him, he wasn't some charity and right now he wanted to save up every credit he had. It was only with the goal of finding out more about Vampires that Quinn was being so nice to him.

He didn't think Vampires would have much money, after all, how would they obtain such a thing when they were hiding all the time. Instead, it seemed like Fex was some spoiled rich kid if he was waving the gold card around like that.

Unlike Vorden who also had a gold card but didn't have much money in it to begin with.

Quinn proceeded to show, how to operate the machine and such before getting in. he then took note of his capsule number so it was easier for him to add him to his friend's list.

They both got into the pods and logged into the game. Fex whole mind was then transported to the large empty white lobby space. "Wow, what is this?" Fex said. "Was I teleported somewhere.No it can't be it feels a little strange, from what Quinn said, only my mind is being used to control this. Wow, this is amazing I wonder why the other Vampires don't use this?"

Just as Fex was in deep thought thinking about it he had received a friend request.

[User ID Blood evolver would like to add you.]


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