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My Secretary is a Little Sweet

Author:Xia Qingshan

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UpdateTime:2/6/2020 2:57:54 PM

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Although born in a wealthy, powerful family, Shangguan Ning is motherless and loveless. Throughout her growing years, people use her for their own interests.

Surrounded by people who are a part of her world—her indifferent, ambitious father who uses her in a way no different from a bargaining chip; her vicious stepmother and self-centered stepsister who hate her, bully her, hurt her, not...
《My Secretary is a Little Sweet》 Volume 1
1 The Old and The New
2 Were You an Excavator Student?
3 Blind Date
4 Sold for One-Hundred Thousand Yuan
5 The Perfect Man
6 It Is Snowing
7 Some People Are Showing off
8 It Was a Sad History
9 Are You Falling for My Brother?
10 I Need to Go Home to My Mother
11 He Looked Good in Everything
12 A Well Matched Contes
13 Let’s Play Tennis Together in Future
14 The Old Ladies Are Eager
15 Let Me Take It for You
16 Evils Need Other Evils to Dominate
17 Uncle is Concerned about Her Marriage
18 A Trap
19 Rescue
20 Just Take the Advantage Now
21 So You Don’t Recognize Me After Waking Up?
22 Is she Your Woman?
23 The Man in Her Dream Turned Out to Be Him
24 Fired by School
25 The Sequela of the Drug
26 She Wasn’t Worthy of being a Teacher?
27 She Was Sacrificed Again
28 His Heart Ached for Her
29 Lady Ning Was Back
30 Shangguan Ning’s Madness
31 They Had the Same Life Experience
32 The Cold God of Men was Urged to Marry
33 New Job
34 Assistant to the President of Jingsheng Enterprise
35 Jing Zhongxiu was Uncle Jing
36 She Was the Chosen One?
37 The Wolf and the Rabbi
38 Prince picked up the Princess from the Marke
39 I Will Strip If You Want to Take a Look
40 So Jing Yichen Had a Problem with That Thing?
41 Who Dares to Touch My Woman!
42 Jing Zhongxiu, the Top Boss
43 Was It a Fair Deal to Buy One and Get Three for Free ?
44 Carried Home by Him
45 You Enjoy Sleeping in This Way?
46 Induction at Jingsheng
《My Secretary is a Little Sweet》 Volume 2
47 I Am Jing Yichen, the New President of Jingsheng
48 The Bossy President Forced a Marriage Certificate
49 The Married Boss President Was at Unease
50 Doctor Mu Helped
51 It Is Okay, I Can Carry You
52 Where Did the Drool Come from, on My Chest?
53 Greeting, Mr. Zhao!
54 Aunt Introduced a Boyfriend
55 Uncle’s Fury
56 Low-Priced Buyout of Star Media
57 Confession of Love
58 Chinese New Year Together
59 Two Old Visitors
60 Liyu Science & Technology
61 The Holiday
62 A Slap in the Face
63 The Proposal
64 His Scar
65 Married to a Powerful Husband