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8 Illegally In Love~

Yoongi swiftly walked down the narrow halls of the college campus. He kept his head down, the only thing visible was his steel grey hair covered by his oversized beanie.

Down the hall, from the women's bathroom, faint moans of pleasure could be heard. Still, he walked away, with his head down. "Just a couple more classes," He thought to himself before being viciously shoved into a locker. The medal from his belt made a loud clanking noise against the long, medal podiums.

Yoongi grunted but continued to keep his head down. He knows what's going to happen next. "God damnit, Min! I thought I told you to never show your ugly, red, fucking face at this school again." The jock snarled fearlessly. Still, he stayed quiet. "Answer me, punk!" The guy shoves his fist into his lower chest. Yoongi belches and falls to his knees, letting out a small squeak of pain.

From not far, a loud voice, towering over the groans or either love or hate, shouted. The voice gets closer. Before it's standing over Yoongi, the jock ran. He and the two others scrambled their belongings and fled.

Yoongi's face was pale, as his lower lip had a small scratch on it. His eyes met the voice. "Mr. Jeon," Yoongi whispers under his trembling breath. The teacher grabs his hand roughly, pulling him up. "Are you okay? Are you hurt?" Mr. Jeon instantly sees the scratch and becomes infuriated.

"It's not that bad, sir-" Mr. Jeon cut him off. He handed Yoongi a handkerchief, that's never been used, and gently placed it on his cut lip. He cracked a smile. "Head to the infirmary, stay as long as you need. Come back to my room so we can catch you up on your work."

Yoongi nodded silently. He began to step away. As he inched farther from the professor, he quickly turned away. His face became instantly red. It covers the fact that his face is already red enough in his condition. "I know I'm bi, but Jesus Christ, is that the sub?" His heart pounds. Yoongi gently clenched his shirt and calmed himself down in the men's restroom. He pushed himself against the wall and gently sniffed the handkerchief. His face lit up in smiles and turned bright.

After he made it to the nurse's office, Yoongi went back upstairs to Mr. Jeon's classroom. He smiled as he greeted Yoongi. "Better?" Mr. Jeon asks. Yoongi nods and grins. He notices the classroom is empty.

"What time is it, sir?"

"It's four o'clock."

Yoongi's face goes white. "How long was I in there for?" He tilts his head in confusion.

"Only two hours."

Yoongi gulps quietly. He nods and sits down in a desk at the front row. Mr. Jeon offers him to come up by tapping a seat next to him. He walks up without hesitation and takes a seat next to him.

After they get through most of the lesson, Mr. Jeon rubs his forehead, arching his back as he sits up straight. "Wow, kid. You really don't need my help do you?" As he does that, his shirt goes up and reveals his left side. Two Coy fish are circulating around his waist. On the tail of one, was written was 'Brother,' and the other one had 'Hood," on its head.

Yoongi puts his hand to his mouth and gasps internally. He looks back down at it. "Y'know, I have a friend you may know. Maybe he's your family? Cousin maybe?" Yoongi tilts his head and shakes his head no. "All I know is that my dad died when I was four. I never had a brother, and my sister left to go back to Korea with my grandfather. She left when I was three."

Mr. Jeon shoots up from his stance and looks Yoongi straight in the eyes. Yoongi's shine a bright turquoise, due to the use of contacts. "Do you know anybody named.." He gulps before he can finish his sentence. "Do you know a Jung Ho-Seok?"

Yoongi shakes his head. "Never, why?" Mr. Jeon waves his hand down. "Doesn't matter. Anyways, you don't have to call me by my last name. Just call me Jungkook."

Yoongi smiles softly. His dimples show through his always-shining blushy cheeks. Jungkook grins and gives Yoongi a playful punch to the arm. Yoongi gives one back. "Min Yoon-gi!"

Yoongi sits up straight and puts his arms down at his sides, stiff as a bough. "What are some topics you're interested in?"

He looks down in puzzlement. Yoongi doesn't want to bring up the mafia, and how he's so obsessed with that topic, so he keeps quiet. "I like to read and listen to music. I'm also interested in maf... I mean umm.." Yoongi bites his top lip. His teeth tug it down. Jungkook tilts his head to the left like a curious little kid. "Maf.." He looks around the room, hoping to give an idea. "Maf.. chair… doe!"


Yoongi nods. "What's that?" asked Jungkook, his eyes wondrously begging for an answer. "A game," Yoongi responds with quickly. "It's like tag, but you are in a mafia. You have to catch the opposing teams doe. That is what we call the weakest member of that team like a doe is in a forest ecosystem."

Jungkook nods and grins. "And who do you play this with?"

Yoongi goes silent. "It was… something my friends and I would play as kids."

Ring ring.

A phone.

Yoongis phone.

He opens his phone screen and sees a message from an unknown number. The message reads:

Min Yoon-gi, correct?

This is your older brother, Kim Seok-jin.

Meet me at the Ichimuan at seven tonight.

I'll explain the life you never knew you lived.

You'll see father, the one you never knew.

I'm not asking, this is an order.

-Pay is on me.

Yoongi drops his phone. He shakes his head and keeps his head down as before. His beanie slides off his head.

"What happened?"

Jungkook picked up his phone. His eyed widened and looked up at Yoongi. Same face shape. Same nose. Same everything. "Come with me," Jungkook growls. He grabs him by the shoulder. As they leave, he harshly closes the sliding acacia doors and doesn't even mind keeping it unlocked. Yoongi keeps his head down, in a confused daze. He carries his beanie by his thighs as they walk. His legs shuffled.

"That idiot..." Jungkook mumbles. Yoongi looks up, scared and confused. He hesitates, but asks "What?"

Jungkook looks back. His normally cheerful, submissive face is now dark, dominant, and terrifying. Yoongi gulps and looks back down. "Nothing, sir," he whispers and walks on. As they walk towards their destination, Yoongi grows nervous. "He isn't my brother," he thinks. "He can't be. Dad died… that's what mom told me."

They enter the restaurant. Jungkook puts on a playfully smile and nudges Yoongi in the shoulder to do so as well. "We're with K.J., Jin." The waitress nods and sits us at a table for five in the back corner.

Yoongi matches eye contact with a male in his late twenties. His hair is a pale brown, with random strands of dark lilac sprouting from his head. Yoongi inhales and holds it for a second. "Is that…" a voice from behind Yoongi whispers. He swiftly turns around. "Are you… my dad?"

The man nods. "Min Yoon-gi. My son." His voice is young and deep. "Se-jun. Woo Se-jun." he pats Yoongi's shoulder as a father would after a baseball game. His eyes begin to fill with tears of every emotion. Love, hate, sadness. "Why did you leave?" Yoongis voice quivers "You left mom and me alone, unwealthy, sick, and depressed. Now thanks to you... Thanks to you she's dead!" Yoongi raises his voice, his face becoming even more red than normal. "She died due to your dumb actions. It's your fault!" he sniffs and rubs under his nose. He looks down and shakes his head. Yoongis voice goes to a whisper. "I don't even know if I can think of you as a father, let alone a person."

Sejun moves his hand. Dead silence fills the restaurant. "Excuse me…" Yoongi whispers and pushes his way through to the restroom.

Yoongi sits in one of the stalls. He holds his head in his hands and sobs. His beautiful green eyes are now bloodshot and lifeless. His hair is messed up. Totally not fit for the restaurant setting. He walks out of the stall and leans onto the marble counter which is divided into 4 sinks. Yoongi looks at himself, trying to take the parts of his father and match them to his own features. Everything adds up. "His fault… but my fault I was born into this life. He doesn't deserve this. Deserve to be a father." He sighs once more and wipes under his eyes on his water line with his thumb. Yoongi looks back into the mirror as he sees the bathroom entrance door open slowly.

It's Woo Sejun.

"Look, Min…" Yoongi cuts him off.

"Why leave? Kill us inside? Leave me alone in a world I was soon lonely in? Mom started to drink after you left. Two years later, when I was six, she died. She died from drinking. Drinking because of you." Yoongis voice is low and calm, still raspy from crying. His tears dried to his rosy cheeks and wrinkled into his shirt.

"Let me explain."

"Why should I?"

Sejun looked for Yoongis eyes through the mirror in his reflection. "Please?"

Yoongi sighed and turned around. Face to face. He propped himself upon the marble and look his father dead in the eyes. "Fine then. It'll give me a reason to move back to Korea with grandfather and sister."

Sejun inched closer. "I left because I was ashamed of myself. I shouldn't have left your mother, as she was wonderful," Yoongi rolled his eyes. "Your professor, Jeon Jungkook, was one of my good friends at the time. He let me stay over." Yoongi breaks his sentence. "What about Jin?"

Sejun looked down. "We each promised to have one of the children. She decided to take you. You were too young to even remember you had a brother. The only person you remember was your sister. You two were complete opposites, but always spent a lot of time together. You were so devastated when she left."

Yoongi nods and gulps quietly. The room seems to grow cold.

"Don't think it was your fault, please. You had nothing to do with it, and neither did your mother. I regret this and everything I've ever done to this family. It grows on me today. But it made me into a better person. I was such a douche fourteen years ago." Sejun steps closer. "But I want to restart. I want to give you the childhood you should have lived. I want you to have a father." He hesitantly brushes his hand on his shoulder and leaves it. "Please, son?"

That word digs deep.

Too deep.


Yoongis eyes begin to water again. "Father…" his voice whispers. "Dad." Sejun repeats. "Dad, please… take me back."

Sejun smiles weakly and rubs his back. He holds him close. "Yes, Min. I want you back. I promise to never leave like that, ever. Anything you need, want, just ask. That's what I'm here for."

Silence fills the room, but it says a hundred words. "I love you."

"I love you too, dad."

Yoongi looks up and smiles brightly. Tears gush from his eyes and onto his clothes. Sejun runs one of his hands through Yoongis hair and finally wipes away his tears. "It's okay."

He nods. Yoongi smiles weakly and lays his forehead on Sejun's shoulder. "We should head back out, shouldn't we?"

"Yeah, sure."

Yoongi slides off the counter and leaves the bathroom with Sejun, shoulder to shoulder close. They get to the table. Everyone is as lively as ever, other than their own. Min sits down in between Seokjin and his father. He slides a bit closer to his father, terrified of Jin.