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@@I feel my heart race and beat out of my chest like in a silly 90's cartoon. My eyes dart around. This is too much, I think to myself. I need to be alone. I need quietness, I need…

I tilt my head back a bit and sluggishly grab my phone from the side table next to me. My face is emotionless. I put in my left earbud. "Savannah, aren't you excited?" I put in my right earbud and completely ignore her. I need to be alone. Not with my thoughts, no no. But with my music. I scroll through my premade playlists and click on my favorite. I hear the low and beautiful tone of Kim Seokjin as he sings his part in War Of Hormone.

Hello Hello

Tell me what you want right now~

I'mma give it to you girl, right now

I gently shake my head to the beat of the music which is normally in a four on four count or a three on four count. I mouth the lyrics. I can hear Alex hoping to get my attention through my music. I turn it up a bit louder and onto full volume. With a whisper, and not paying any attention to her and what shes saying, I go "You know I love you. I just need to cope and be with my thoughts. Give me until morning." I creep open one eye and realize she's given up. Her head is snug into my side. I rub her back, just as she likes, with a thank you.

I'm being shook again. As before, I wake up with a jolt but of confusion. I yank out my earbuds and prop myself up by my elbows and attempt to keep myself up. The bed is too soft and causes me to lose balance and fall back onto the bed. "Yeah?" I ask quietly in the sleepiest tone ever. My cheeks go pink as I realize what happened.