Alvin got into German's quilt. In the darkness, his fair face looked faintly lustrous, and the corners of his mouth was slightly hooked. He wanted to touch German's eyes, but he didn't have the courage and didn't have that right either.


He is always very good at making excuses for himself. For example, now, because of the strength of German's arm holding his arm and the moonlight tonight is too beautiful1, he couldn't struggle. That's why German lying on the opposite side could lean forward and kiss him.

The first kiss was a gentle kiss, and German must have been afraid that he(A) would refuse, so he only slightly touched his(A) lips, a peck after another. Their lips between kisses were on fire, and the heat spread from across Alvin's cheeks to his ear.

[C e n s o r e d] Please refer to [N S F W] version for more

The [S F W] version :

Both Alvin and German relieved each other and German managed to get Alvin to agree to get together.


After German and Alvin has confirmed getting together, they lived a shameless life in the dorm … getting each other off.

German felt very bitter, but Alvin was too scared of pain. He only managed to get a finger i n last time, and Al was so nervous that it gave German an illusion that Alvin will snap off his finger i n s i d e him.

One random day after that, an Omega's estrus exploded in the school. The entire campus was covered in erupting pheromones everywhere. Omega and Alpha were urgently quarantined. All students were suspended for one day and were not allowed to step out from their dormitory.

The Betas who are less sensitive to pheromones, were just feeling a little restless. But many Alphas were very agitated, including German who was very close to the scene at the time of the 'eruption'. He ran back to his dormitory with a lower body that has never been so h a r d before and also a madness teetering on the edge.

The [S F W] version :

German managed to calm down in the end and told Alvin of his plan to get married after Alvin's graduation.

Alvin pouted and pushed him away, but then he changed his mind and reached out again to hug German. He whispered beside German's ears, "For our wedding, you are not allowed to invite that 'younger brother' of yours."

When he said that, his blush has reached a new height, and his eyes were shimmering with shyness.

German grabbed his(A) escaping hand and placed it on his lips to give a kiss.


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