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"Zoe!" Erin waved her hand frantically as soon as she caught sight of Zoe. She scoped out her striking figure in a private motorboat approaching the local wharf.

Zoe's appearance brightened up all the more. Erin must have been so upset about her. She briefed her that she would just enjoy herself with a guided tour for that day. It's been one whole sunlight, and she hasn't returned yet.

The worst, Reeftastic Eco Tour must have left her. It indeed took her a while to come back to the surface from underwater.

She drew in a deep sigh. If it wasn't for Raigon's continuous protection of her life, she wouldn't see the familiar face of her longtime friend again.

Needless to say, she wouldn't let his heroic efforts go to waste. She would be cautious from now on and lock horns to those who wanted to extinguish her from the earth.

The motorboat finally reached the wharf. Azra supported her to get down from it and assisted her, so she could walk toward Erin.

Erin, on the other hand, ran towards her while sweeping her hands in panicky motion. As soon as she reached Zoe, she squeezed her like there's no tomorrow. A mighty waterfall of joyful tears was flowing through her plump cheeks.

"Are you nuts? What were you thinking? Why would you risk your life for a stranger? Did you know that a rescue team was about to search for you?" She hysterically screamed out loud.

The corner of Zoe's rosy lip twitched upward as she cushioned her head on Erin's shapely shoulder. She was really gratified she found a genuine friend in her. And that she was not estranged on this island. Whatever she would be facing ahead, she knew she was not alone.

Erin removed her bear hug from her and examined her.

"Are you okay? Did you get hurt? Where is it?" She tilted her shapely head from side to side. She also made her turn around and around while checking her limbs and joints for injuries.

"Hey, that's not the way it goes! I would get vertigo with what you're doing!" Zoe blurted out as she put both of her hands on the sides of her head. She suddenly felt dizzy at her attempt to check her health.

"I know you're the doctor here. But you need someone to check on you too!" Erin's face still looked pinched as she observed her from head to toe.

"Relax. I'm okay," Zoe grinned at her and danced around like a robot. "See?" She beamed at her from ear to ear.

Erin stood still for a few seconds. Zoe thought that she would hug her again or interrogated her about her journey. In a flash, Erin's active hand swiftly slapped Zoe's bum. And she repeated that again and again.

"You will not do that to me again! From now on, you will not leave this island alone, okay?" She continued to hit Zoe.

Zoe laughed as she ran away from Erin's playful torment. As she took flight, she didn't realize that she went in the direction of the motorboat.

Azra was still there and seemed to be waiting for her. "Oh, I thought you already left. Wait here."

Zoe went back to her dear friend and yanked her arms gently to strain her forward.

"Hey, what now?" Erin screamed as she tugged her arm away. Her strength was no match over Zoe when she wanted something as all get-out.

In two shakes, she stopped in her tracks when she saw where Zoe was taking her. Her eyes glimmered as she saw a beauteous hombre waiting for them.

They finally stopped in front of him. As usual, Azra's emotional expression was still as icy-cold as ever.

"I want you to meet my best friend, Erin. Erin, this is Azra. He's the assistant of Rai…" She was about to say Raigon. But she felt this is not probably the right time to let her know about that.

"Of Red." She continued on. She radiated as she swiveled her body from side to side with her hands clasped behind her back.

Azra bowed from his waist down. "It's an honor to meet you, my lady." He stood in that position for a few impressive seconds.

Erin's brilliant eyes bulged out and her hands fled to her mouth at the grand gesture of the charismatic man in front of him. She glanced thoughtfully at Zoe, who just winked at her.

Erin curtsied to him and replied by mimicking a kingdom language. "It's more than a privilege to behold your presence, my lord."

Erin's direct response took Azra aback. He wasn't entitled 'a lord' before. However, his frigid manner didn't reveal his astonishment.

"Forgive me, miladies. My master's waiting, and I have to go back. If you'll excuse me," Azra bid his goodbye. But Erin won't let him off the hook that easily.

"Could you give this to your master? It's an invitation to our reunion event tomorrow. I was hoping he would come. Here's also another one for you. I hope you could join him too." She flashed her sweetest smile and handed out two invitation cards to Azra.

Azra tightened his lips in a thrifty smile and received the exclusive cards. He bowed again before turning his back on the two ladies.

He started the motorboat and riff off, not aware that the two ladies were both secretly waiting for his beloved master and him to return to that island.


One of the greatest gifts in life is friendship.


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