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Chapter 300 Come without fear of death

Old Wan was absolutely hardworking, but there was no shortage of die-hard loyalty to Zhao Jun. Five or six of his men had come from the northwest side of the country, each of whom was ruthless. Normally, Zhao Jun had been kind to them. Now it was time to repay his kindness, "Brothers, Brother Jun has said, anyone who can kill Ji Jiangshan could gain a lot of money. Anyone who want to earn a lot of money comes with me, and fights to the death."

In this way, the two sides instantly rushed together. In The electric mist, roar rose one after another. All people had enough strength. Meet on on a narrow path Who Dares Wins. None of them have a way out. If they do not beat others down, the ones who would lie down were themselves. For a while, the light of the sword flashed, and these people were desperate. There was still a string in their minds normally so that they would not easily hurt people. But now, the eldest brother had spoken, and the two gangs were fighting and pinching each other to death.

If you want to live, you have to fight. You couldn't take advantage of it without risking your life.

Zhao Jun and Ji Jiangshan had not seen this kind of scene for a long time. Hundreds of people screwed together, and they could not distinguish between the enemies and themselves. They had red eyes of killing, swung the broadsword and burst sharp cuts, screamed incessantly, and blood splashed everywhere in the air. Even a person's fingers would be cut off and then buried in the crowd. Anyone who wanted to find it could not find out.

Of course, when people are extremely excited and nervous, their pain dropped a lot. Most people got slashed once or twice, and they didn't feel any pain at all, because they didn't have time to buffer and stop the pain, so they have to fight one more person down, to the last minute, until the end of the battle.

Ji Jiangshan hid in the distance and rescued his son. For this reason, his people also paid a lot of price. Old Wan himself rushed into the camp of Li Shanghe with several iron rods and fought a bloody path out. There were two brothers whose arms had been cut off with a little flesh, and they were clanging in mid-air, and if they were to be cut again, they would definitely fall to the ground.

Ji Dongchen had already turned pale with fear and could not speak any more. He trembled on the ground and looked trembling at his father. "Can we live? Zhao Jun seems to be getting ready for it. It's a must-have."

"It's all right. Don't worry. Old Wan they're gonna make it."

Ji Jiangshan kept a close watch on the fighting not far away. It seemed that the two sides were a bit close to each other. The number of the injured was about the same. When they hit this point, they would have no fighting skills, that is, they would fight with a knife and stick and fight with their life. What they were using was the courage. Who is afraid, weak, then they were waiting to be hacked. Although there are more than a dozen people on this side of Ji Jiangshan, those on the Zhao Jun side are gangsters who had been around all the year round. Many of them were from military schools or soldiers, and their physical condition and fighting skills were still superior to the others. In this way, the two sides were better off. It's still hard to tell the difference. However, when they really got to the end, they had to lose both ways. When the time comes, Ji Jiangshan and Zhao Jun would have to face each other in person. Zhao Jun joined the kitchen knife team in the 1980s, and he had a real knack in his hand. Although Ji Jiangshan had also been around for two years, in recent years, physical fitness had been deteriorating, not to mention fighting, that is, a little running, his organs could not breathe. When it really to come to fight, Ji Jiangshan did not have any chance of winning.

But the potential of people was unlimited. When they were really forced to be desperate, no one could say the results. Those seemingly able to fight, were easily defeated by those who without any routine but the three-legged cat Kung Fu.

"Dad, I'm sorry, it's all my fault. It's my fault. I borrowed money out of the house to give you such a big trouble."

Ji Dongchen at this time was really impressed. He almost cried out, squatted on the ground, with a suffocating face and apologized to Ji Jiangshan, "If today we can escape, I will never give you trouble again."

"Come on, why are you talking about this? This cannot all blame you. You are targeted by Zhao Jun. He has long wanted to trouble us. He also said that I gave Qin Feng 5 million, but this was the excuses. I reckon there must have been someone behind his back who ordered him to do this, trying to annex our group, using Zhao Jun as a gun!"

Ji Jiangshan's brain was spinning at full speed. He was thinking, who in the end had such motive? Now that the Zhao Jun was unfit for a higher post but unwilling to take a lower one. He would never have been so arrogant if no one had backed him up behind him.

"Dad, don't think so much, hurry up and call Uncle Jia.

His call would send dozens of cops in, and everything can be handled."

Ji Dongchen shouted anxiously.

"Shit! What do you want with him? Last time because of you, I sent someone to suppress Zhao Jun's nightclub, he didn't give a little face. I just scolded him before I got here. Don't call him uncle Jia in the future, just call him a son of a bitch."

Ji Jiangshan cried unhappily, "I tell you, as a man, you are to be brave. Even if we die here today, we can't beg for him either.


Ji Dongchen was still a child after all. He did not go through big waves like his father, whose bone was carrying resentment. To let him beg for mercy easily, that was impossible. Sometimes face is more important than life. People who came from their time all have character. How can he be like Ji Dongchen now? As long as you have interests, as long as you don't get punched at that time, you can bow to others and there's nothing to say.

They would follow the strongest and they had no fixed position. Everyone is like wall grass. Today you got up, I would follow behind you waving flags, but tomorrow you fall, fuck you, who love who.

Hearing the words "killed in battle," Ji Dongchen was so scared that he almost peed in his pants. "Dad, Dad, don't be so scary, okay? I don't think it's safe for us to go on like this. You hurry up and do something about it. Call someone. By the way, call that Qin Feng, I heard he is in Tianhe, use money to hire him, OK?

Isn't that a loss of face? It doesn't affect your spirit, does it?"

"Qin Feng? No way. Originally, Zhao Jun spilled the dirty water on me and said that I gave Qin Feng 5 million. It was as if I had dragged Qin Feng and Xiao Jinhua away from Zhao Jun. If he comes to rescue me in the field again at this time, isn't that the truth about Zhao Jun's guess?"

Said Ji Jiangshan.

"Of course not. If it's true, Zhao Jun still has the guts to round us up? He just found an excuse for himself. How many times has he been cleaned up by Qin Feng? It is estimated that if he sees Qin Feng, his soul will be scared away. At this time, to find who no good, to look for Qin Feng is. We have to deliberately build strong relationship with Qin Feng, so that no one dares to mess with us in the future."

Ji Dongchen shouted anxiously, "I called him. Last time I asked Ruru about his number."

After listening to his son's words, Ji Jiangshan felt that there was also some truth. When he spoke to Jia Quan earlier, he also said that Qin Feng was not easy to offend, and his background was too deep. If he could really get in touch with Qin Feng, who would dare to provoke him in Tianhe in the future?

But even if their side was willing to unite, Qin Feng is willing to?

Just thinking about it, Ji Dongchen had already got through the phone.

"Hello, Qin Feng?"

Dongchen cried out, "I am young master of Ji family. Remember me?"

At this time Qin Feng was looking for the house, but he really did not know what to choose. The houses were either too big or too small. After receiving Ji Dongchen's phone call, Qin Feng almost laughed, "How could you dare to pretend to be young master of Ji family? What's the matter? Skin itching again?"

"I want to make a deal with you."

Ji Dongchen exclaimed, "My father and I have been strongly encircled and suppressed by Zhao Jun, and now the two sides are fighting inextricably. If we go on like this, we will be in big trouble. Can you come over? The entrance fee depends on you."

"What am I going to do? Mediation? Well, I don't want to get involved in your business. It is also good to distinguish between high and low."

Qin Feng pondered and smiled, "It is you. I'm afraid you won't end well."

"Qin Feng, don't. I beg of you, please come to the rescue us, or if this trend goes on, the outcome will be unpredictable. We Ji family are still waiting for me to carry on the lineage. Well, how about I give you $1 million for your appearance?"

Ji Dongchen said.

Ji Jiangshan next to him was speechless. He directly grabbed the phone. The time is pressing, and there is no time in that idle nonsense, "Qin Feng, I am Ji Jiangshan. Now the situation is critical, Zhao Jun insulted me for giving you 5 million and claimed that I am the main reason to lure you and Xiao Jinhua to leave the Zhao Jun gang. This shit is to buckle on me. I have no other intention. If you think you can come, let's talk about it. If you don't have any thoughts, then forget it."

Ji Jiangshan's words aroused the interest of Qin Feng. He could not help asking, "Tell me the location. I am in the Tianhe urban area, and I will soon be there."

"What about the price?"

Ji Jiangshan asked, "As long as it's not too outrageous, you can ask for it as you like."

"I don't want any money. I have to get it from Zhao Jun."

Qin Feng smiled and said, "Send your position quickly, or you will be in danger, and I will not be responsible for it."

Ji Jiangshan heard it and was very excited, anxious to send a text message to Qin Feng.
Qin Feng drove his newly purchased Turui and rushed to Changchun Street at a crazy speed.

At this time, the Zhao Jun's side was really fighting more and more courageously. The more they hit the rear, the more obvious the advantages of their gang became apparent. Although there were many people on this side of Ji Jiangshan, 1/3 of them did not really use the knife, so that they really started to chop people up. Indeed, they will be soft. Even if they are cruel, when they see the blood, the hands and legs will be shaking. This is a common human disease. Anyone who did not experience a few times could not change.

Old Wan was besieged by three or four people in the corner of the rooftop. He fought back with all his might, but after all, he was getting older and physically inferior to him. Moreover, he was hit three or four times in the back, and his blood was flowing. Xiaolin was a driver and bodyguard of Ji Jiangshan. He had served as a soldier of the guard company for six years in his early years. His fighting was first class, and three or four people could not get close to him, but after resisting for so long, it was also a bit too much to bear. One after another, the body was hit with blood, the flesh on the thigh was turned upside down, and there were people lying on the ground in the black. They cover the wound on the ground painful rolling. The whole scene was irrigated by blood. No one was intact. Even Zhao Jun, and the father and son of Ji family also had joined the fight to protect themselves.

Zhao Jun was hit by a guy in the arm. He simply took off his coat, and a black dragon was exposed in his chest. His eyes shone a ray of murder, pointing to the other side of the Ji Jiangshan and shouted, "Come on! Shit! Come without fear of death."