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Chapter 299 Old Wan“s rules

At first, Zhao Jun just lost temper on Xiao Jinhua and Qin Feng, but found that he could not provoke them at all. He was beaten several times in a row. Now his brothers felt that he was no longer able, and his strength had plummeted. Even his brother, who had been with him for many years, had to change sides, which made Zhao Jun determined that he would have to fight a turnaround.

Since he could not provoke Qin Feng, then he changed the person, but this person must be a weight, and could bring benefits.

Ji Jiangshan gave Qin Feng so much money, which proved that they were partners. Zhao Jun was very angry. If it were not Ji Jiangshan, he would not lose Qin Feng and Xiao Jinhua these two right-hand men.

Therefore, he arranged for Li Shanghe to go to trap Ji Dongchen during this period of time. Unexpectedly, this guy was quite cooperative. His economic path was just cut off by his dad and he needed a loan. Zhao Jun simply gave Li Shanghe 500,000 to let him lend to Ji Dongchen.

This is what happened.

Although Ji Dongchen's mouth does not admit, both sides were led in black and white. Ji Dongchen really owed Li Shanghe money. In fact, the amount was secondary. The key was that Zhao Jun wanted to settle accounts with Ji Jiangshan.

Now that the two sides have been laid out, there was nothing to say.

"Zhao Jun, don't think I'm afraid of you. Just your kind of people, old-fashioned pose, still want to resent me?" Ji Jiangshan smiled and said, "Do you believe that I will kill you at any time?"

"Ji Jiangshan, don't think you used 5 million recruited Qin Feng, and think you are very fierce now. I tell you, Qin Feng would not work with you by that 5 million. If you are in trouble, he will not help you. Do you really think you can get past me without his protection?"

Zhao Jun smirked and said, "Oh. Do you still want to talk about your sworn brother, Jia Quan? Haha, you can call him and see if he can send someone to help you."

"Zhao Jun, I don't have to look for anyone. I can do it myself."

Ji Jiangshan exclaimed, "Let Li Shanghe let my son go first. If you have the ability to do it, we will really fight with a knife and a real gun. Who is especially weak and who is a loser!"

"Joking. Let him go?"

Zhao Jun could not help laughing, "Ji Jiangshan, it was not I who tell you. You are at least a hero. How willl you give birth to such a useless son? He was in and out in the street sloshing around. A big young master, unexpectedly in the street have no money to go to the Internet cafes. To invite a girl to dinner, he also have to borrow usury, which really makes me laugh to death. If I had such a son, I would have strangled him, waiting to be raised so shameful? Ha-ha."

A group of younger brothers laughed with him, and even the people on Ji Jiangshan's side laughed. He swept his cold eyes and kicked the two laughing guys on their buttocks. They were defenseless and fell on their knees. They were all Old Wan's people. Seeing this, old Wan rushed over, raised his feet and kicked them. He kicked a dozen feet one after another until the two guy lay on the ground and begged for mercy before giving up.

"Zhao Jun, you need to keep your mouth clean. At least I have a son. How about you? You ain't got nothing, punk. I think you're a pussy. That's not gonna work, is it? When you find a wife, your brother me help you?"

Ji Jiangshan and his brethren laughed, too. Zhao Jun hated the mention of his weakness. Angry, he raised the knife in his hand and pointed at Ji Jiangshan, shouting, "Damn you, let's fight.

You secretly help Qin Feng, and today is your death. If I can't get along, you can't either!"

Now the Zhao Jun had been a bit confused. His company panicked, but all that have some ability left him, or even Ruru wanted to resign. Zhao Jun had been overwhelmed. He could not kill all the people that betray him, right? He still did not have the ability and courage, but now he had to do a major to stabilize the army, and Ji Jiangshan was rich. Hitting him, he could go a lot of benefits from him, which could be said to kill two birds with one stone.

"Brothers, Zhao Jun is a fool. He messed with us today. We just give him something to look at. If you catch Zhao Jun, I'll give you 200,000, and if you destroy one of his legs, I'll add 200,000.

Beat them to death. If anything happens, it's on me. Damn it!"

Ji Jiangshan had not been so impulsive for a long time. His son was still in the hands of others. If he wanted to let Dongchen live, he had to take on a desperate posture. Otherwise, not only Dongchen would not be able to live, but even he would have troubles here.

Zhao Jun exclaimed, "Brother, I'll give you 100,000 for cutting one of Ji Jiangshan's ear, 300,000 for two, 200,000 for one nose, and 300,000 for one eye. Don't kill him. Torture him slowly."

This was all left over when they were playing around on the road, fiercely. Zhao Jun was naturally more professional than Ji Jiangshan. What kind of atmosphere did a big brother have? The heart of the brothers below knew it. Zhao Jun gave them confidence. In addition, they were fighting against Ji Jiangshan with Li Shanghe's people. Zhao Jun's gang were obviously dominant, not to mention that they have Dongchen. Ji Jiangshan wanted to win? It's too hard.

He looked at Old Wan and Xiaolin and said, "Give me all your fighting power and fight for me."

Old Wan was a particularly loyal man. If it had not been for Ji Jiangshan's reception, he would have wandered away long ago. Now it is time for him to repay his kindness. For so many years, Ji Jiangshan had always been good to him, raising troops for a thousand days and using them for a while, and if now he is not fighting, when will he fight?

Old Wan swung his arm and shouted loudly, "Brothers. Those not afraid of death come with me, put up the knife, give me to fight to death. I would like to see how powerful the opposite cubs are."

Old Wan had really killed people. When he was in his hometown in Northeast China, he was a pork seller, but he was repeatedly asked for money by local ruffians nearby. Old Wan couldn't bear them, so he picked up a bone-eviscerer and stabbed the man directly. The stabbing was not heavy. At that time, the gang ran away. Old Wan thought they would never dare to come again. Unexpectedly, when Old Wan went out to buy pigs that day, the local ruffians actually smashed the stall to pieces. The most important thing was that they also threw his nearly 70-year-old mother into the street. Her body was full of broken bones. When she was lying in the hospital, she could not speak. Old Wan rushed out of the hospital with tears in his eyes, picked up a bone-eviscerating knife, and rushed to the courtyard where the gang were. When he arrived, they were gnawing at the big bones on old Wan's stall. Without saying a word, he stabbed the knife directly into the heart of the fat man who had been stabbed last time. He still chewed the fragrant meat in his mouth. However, the blood from his heart spurted three or four meters. He died on the spot, and old Wan stabbed several more until they all fled like birds in shock. After that, old Wan ran away. At that time, public order was not too strict, and there was little monitoring on the road. Old Wan ran away from his hometown and rushed into the Tianhe in a panic. But he dared not go anywhere. He knew he was wanted and would have been caught if he dared to show his face until he met Ji Jiangshan. If it were not for his reception, old Wan had no life in this world!