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Chapter 298 Man-behind-the-curtain

"A dozen of them chased a young man up to the top of the building. I don't know what's going on."

The owner of the Internet cafe had just come from home without knowing it, but the network manager who had been working here all day was very clear, anxious to say, "They had sticks in their hands, and we didn't come."

The boss of the Internet café took a look at him and reprimanded him in a whisper, "Just you talk a lot."

Although they didn't know where these people were right now, but that Li Shanghe, the boss was still very familiar with this famous gangster. Everyone knew that he has been in and out no less than five or six times, but he still liked to wander around in society. Fighting was a common occurrence, and now his main business was lending, and the interest rate was very high, and he would often set some black trap. People who borrow money from him without paying attention would be entrapped. When the owner first opened the shop, he continued to invest $20 million. At that time, some of the cash flow was not good, so he wanted to borrow some money to turn around and open the Internet bar first. In this way, he could receive a lot of cash flow.

It took less than a month to block up the loan. But for a friend's warning, he almost borrowed money from Li Shanghe. Sure enough, after a while, I heard that the owner of a restaurant on this shopping street had borrowed Li Shanghe 300,000.

In just over a month, the principal and interest rate had increased to 450,000. The boss sought Li Shanghe to talk, but he was an unreasonable gangster who didn't explain it at all. As long as the boss didn't pay the money back on time, he would take people to eat and drink in restaurants. If some guests went there, they would drive them away. As long as the boss dared to report to the police, Li Shanghe threatened him, sooner or later would kill his family. The boss was forced to do nothing but give 450,000 to Li Shanghe.

Ji Jiangshan rushed to the hotel on the fourth floor, looked for a circle, still found no one, and finally came to the fifth floor, where there was a ladder leading to the roof, "They must be on the roof, follow me!"

Ji Jiangshan brought people to the empty roof, and sure enough in the west side saw a large number of people surrounded something. Vaguely in the cracks, he saw a person lying on the ground, and was crying in pain.


Ji Jiangshan's heart was tightened and loudly shouted, "Dad is coming."

One after another, more than 70 people all climbed up, but there were less than 20 people on the opposite side, and they handed down the sentence.

But even so, Li Shanghe across the street shouted brazenly, "Hey, here we come. Do you have the money?

Just give me the money back, and then talk about your not keeping your words."

With these words, he asked his younger brother to take up the calculator and began to calculate the money. "Give me the account and that money below 1000 will be exempted, which is a discount for master Ji."

"Damn it."

Ji Jiangshan was completely angry. He snatched a knife from Xiaolin and pointed to Li Shanghe, more than 20 meters away, and shouted, "Do you believe that I am going to kill you?"

"Why, who are you scaring?"

Li Shanghe said, "Is it better to have more people? Ji Dongchen owes me money, and it is only natural that he should pay me back. Look, here's the IOU, and his signature and fingerprints, want to pay the bill?"

Old Wan came over and pointed at Li Shanghe, cursing, "Damn you. Li Shanghe, you that kind of trick, the whole Tianhe river who does not know? One hundred thousand's debt would become 3 million, don't you think that's the right thing to do?"

"Ha-ha, we all have calculation formula, others charged interest by percentages. My way was a bit advanced. We use N power. If you feel the interest high, you cannot borrow from the beginning. He borrowed it himself. Blame me?"

Li Shanghe shrugged with an innocent face, "All right, it's no use saying. Everything else is useless. It's only natural that you owe your debts to pay back your money."

"Yes. Good. Pay you back. After I beat you, no matter how much you want, I will give you."

When the words fell, Ji Jiangshan gave a command, and more than 70 people cried out to rush over.

But Li Shanghe was ready, and hurriedly put his arm around Ji Dongchen's neck and put a sharp dagger across his neck. "Come on, I'll see who dares to go up. If you come, I'll kill him. Let's see who's faster."

Li Shanghe hurt people before. In early years, there were three serious injuries, resulting in two lifelong disabilities. This guy dare does anything. Ji Jiangshan had some understanding, anxious to call to stop, "All stop, don't impulse."

Old Wan pointed to Li Shang River, who showed off ten meters away, and shouted, "If you dare to move, I will cut you to pieces."

"Oh, that's very impressive. Old Wan. You? Now you're being a dog to someone else, and you're being so arrogant?

That's not in that year, you know? I tell you, shit, I Li Shanghe am not afraid of anyone. Back then you were the boss of the red zone, now? Shit. No. I told you at the time, follow me, we will grow big, but you do not. You need face, right?"

Li Shanghe sneered, "That's your life, too. You've been a gun and a dog all your life. Want dignity? Respect? Go to hell."

Old Wan's face was naturally intolerable. He was already nearly forty years old. He had been exposed to so many people by Li Shanghe. It hurt his face too much, "Shit. I'll kill you right now."

Old Wan said and he was about to rush over, but he was caught in the grip of Ji Jiangshan. "What are you doing? Take it easy."

Ji Dongchen was still in the hands of Li Shanghe. In any case he would not let Old Wan go up, in case of injury to Dongchen, that could not be exchanged by money.

"Chairman, he's just faking it. You listen to me. He won't dare to do it. I'm going up there and I'm gonna kill him."

Old Wan was so anxious that he stamped his feet in the same place and said earnestly.
"No, I can't play with my son's life."

He looked at Li Shanghe, "Come on. How much is it? Doesn't he owe you $500,000? How much is the interest? Here!"

When Li Shanghe heard this, he humphed, "If you had known this, why should you have done so? You're an old man with so much money. If you don't give it to your son, will you leave it to an illegitimate child? Look, now Dongchen will have to be beaten, but he also have to exchange high interest. The gain outweighs the loss."

Ji Jiangshan scolded and said, "You do not know how to speak, don't say. Just give me the numbers."

"Yes. That'll be 3 million."

Li Shanghe said very seriously, "There is still a thousand odd change, I think it has been erased on your face. I wouldn't wipe 5 you if I had someone else."


Hearing this, Ji Jiangshan including Xiaolin, old Wan were all shocked. He borrowed 500,000, in not more than two months, it became 3 million?

Damn it, what's the interest rate? Six times?

"Are you crazy about money? Why don't you rob a bank?"

Pointing to Li Shanghe, Ji Jiangshan said, "I tell you, if you dare to open your mouth again, I won't let you stay in Tianhe for a minute. Do you believe me?"

"I do. Your sworn brother is the chief of public security. I am the scumbag who fears him most. Ha. Right?"

Li Shanghe said, "The interest rate is really a little high. But I also can not help. I repeatedly asked the brothers to stare at Ji Dongchen this big fish. We are afraid that he ran away. The horse fare, the head fee, the food and drink expenses, the fight fee, are all money. I am also too lazy to give you a detailed list, so, for your sake, I give you a 20% discount, 2.4 million. How about that? I have POS with me. You can swipe your card now."

"Have you lost your mind?"

Ji Jiangshan still couldn't believe. Those who dare to speak like this are sure of mental health?

"Not crazy. Everything's fine."

Li Shanghe hummed, "I'll tell you the truth. I brought you here on purpose today. You will have to pay the money today, even if you don't want to pay it. Otherwise, Ji Dongchen's life is really uncertain."

As soon as his voice fell, he heard a messy step from the ladder behind him. Looking back at Ji Jiangshan, he saw a large number of people coming up again. Off and on, 40 or 50 people, each of them tall and big, with a sharp blade, came up.

And it turned out to be Zhao Jun who came at the end.

What's going on here?

Ji Jiangshan looked at this guy puzzled, "What do you mean?

Zhao Jun! We don't have any enemies, do we? You're playing this game with me?"

"Jijiangshan, don't pretend. What you did behind my back, did you think I didn't know? I'm telling you, I've been waiting a long time for this day."

After Zhao Jun was attacked by Qin Feng in the hospital, he began to look into the real reasons that prompted Qin Feng to leave him. Finally, through his friends at the bank, he found out that Ji Jiangshan had transferred 5 million yuan to Qin Feng three months ago, and that he had the money in his hand.

Qin Feng could go out to start his own business, with Xiao Jinhua and opened a new nightclub.

All this was triggered by Ji Jiangshan. He was the driving force behind the scenes.