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Chapter 294 Virtue

"Green Snake. Hold on to me. Don't let go. I'm nervous."

Cried Green Dragon.

"Don't worry."

Said Green Snake.

At this time, the roller coaster started, and they slowly left the platform in a dozen or so carriages. The speed slowly quickened. At the beginning, the ramp was still normal. It was just some normal ups and downs. It was a process of adaptation for tourists, but slowly, as the drive speed and the slope increased, Green Dragon became more nervous as he listened to the humming of the wind around him and shouted, "Green Snake, aren't you afraid?"

"No. Let's make the storm more violent."

As soon as Green Snake's words came down, the roller coaster burst into trouble and rushed down an almost vertical ramp. The frightened green dragon cried out, "Ah! Ah! Ah! Oh, my God."

"Ah, you coward."

Green Snake, however, was relaxed and had no feeling of being afraid at all.

Green Dragon had no other choice but to carry it. He shouted, quite a bit of a feeling that nobody in the world could help him. That feeling of powerlessness had not occurred for many years, and he held tightly to the hand of Green Snake. That should be his only dependence in midair, as long as Green Snake's hand was still there, he would not feel desperate.

Finally, the first lap was finished and there was one more lap. Though there would be a change in speed and rhythm, it was a journey that would make it less fearful. Green Dragon cried, "I have broken through myself. I'm not afraid, ha-ha."

"Oh, my God, so soon."

Green Snake sighed. "I just want to frighten you more."

Soon, their rollercoaster ride was over, and Green Dragon reacted lighter than Green Snake. He walked down the stairs, his hands in his pockets, and said with ease, "Well, that's all. As long as I break through my own psychological barriers, it is not terrible at all."

"Yes. People are nervous for the first time. I'm not afraid to experience it again after that. I'm scared because I don't know."

Green Snake dashed to the sledgehammer, "Come on, let's go over there."

"Green Snake, when I just held your hand, you gave me a lot of confidence. Thank you."

Green Dragon said seriously, "If you weren't there, I'm afraid I wouldn't have been able to hold on. In front of you, I must be a brave man, how can I back down? I can't be a softie even if I am scared to death!"

"Look, here you go again. Everything's too formal."

Green Snake laughed. "But you're really good at it."

The two of them soon played with the sledgehammer. With the roller coaster's adaptation, Green Dragon had no fear at all. He enjoyed playing with Green Snake very much, but Green Snake was a little nervous. Even when it swung in the air, because her body was tilted, Green Snake also lie in the arms of Green Dragon, and Green Dragon became the role of a good man timely, holding the small waist of Green Snake, whistling, showing off himself. The figure of Green Snake was really excellent. None of extra flesh was in the waist. The scenery of her chest confided to come out. Green Dragon saw it clearly and his reaction was like a gush, unable to block.

And Green Snake also paniced a little bit from the beginning, and slowly became adapted. She suddenly found that the embrace of Green Dragon could be so solid, so warm. How did not she feel before?


Zhao's Group.

In Zhao Zhenzhong's office, there was an old friend sitting opposite him drinking tea, painstakingly talking about something. After listening for a long time, Zhao Zhenzhong could not help interrupting him, "Jiangshan, I find that you are really getting less and less daring now. Your ability to do business is a lot worse than it used to be."

Ji Jiangshan reluctantly shook his head and said, "I can't help it.

I'm so old. That son of a bitch is causing me trouble everywhere. And, you know, my projects here are all greatly affected by the environment. The economic situation is not good. I've lost money for three years in a row. I've raised such a large number of people. Every year I look to the bank for a loan, and if I don't rein in a bit, I may have a real problem."

After listening to Ji Jiangshan's words, Zhao Zhenzhong could not help sighing and saying, "Yes. This year, everything is not good to do. I have a big problem here. Outsiders say I am the richest man in the Tianhe. Ah, once this false name is buckled, it will be very difficult to extricate itself from it. I am not afraid of your laughing, but we brothers here say. I sometimes want to go to the street to eat bowls of hand rolling pin noodles but I am scary when I am very hungry. I am afraid to be seen. I am a so-called richest man to eat roadside stalls. This would be immediately spread out, and they would say that the richest man has no money. The richest man is going to collapse, and the next day my project subcontractors will come and ask for money. If they really want to come here, I'll be in trouble in a minute. Forget it. Forget about it. There's something bothering you."

"Well, it's not easy to do it. I am now ready to close the business, reduce the size, and leave only one project of the lowest cost."

Ji Jiangshan smiled and said, "At this time, I have nothing to pursue. I hope I can live the rest of my life in a down-to-earth manner and my son can be a little sensible, and we have enough money for them to live a good few lives."

"You. It's still too conservative."

Zhao Zhenzhong said, "To tell you the truth, I called you this time because I wanted to ask you about someone. I hear you've dealt with him."


Ji Jiangshan smiled and said, "For you, Mr. Zhao, the richest man in Tianhe, are there any people who can hand in?"

"Qin Feng!"

Zhao Zhenzhong said seriously.

Qin Feng?

After Ji Jiangshan listened, first he was stunned and then said immediately, "How do you know him? Ask him what?"

"He put Zhao Chuan into the hospital. It must be really a joke. He dared to beat my son of Zhao Zhenzhong. He doesn't want to live anymore."

Zhao Zhenzhong humphed, "You tell me, what on earth is he coming from?"

"I don't know what's he from. But I advise you to leave him alone."

Ji Jiangshan said, "This is not a good matter."

"Yo, are you scared? How hard is it? Tell me."

Zhao Zhenzhong smiled and said, "I know he can fight, but that is the treatment to ordinary thugs. What if I use the killers? Can he handle it?"

"Yes. I'm pretty sure of that. Even if you find a top killer, a mercenary, it won't work. It won't work at all. I advise you to stop now and leave him alone. He'll be your nightmare."

Ji Jiangshan looked very excited. "At first I didn't believe it either, but now I can't help but believe it. If I hadn't stopped in time, maybe Dongchen and I would have died."

"Shit. Really? Isn't that weird? He's not human? Is he afraid of the gun? I still do not believe it. The one you Jijiangshan is afraid of, does not mean that I am also afraid."

Zhao Zhenzhong hated people telling him such slanderers and inciting him to retreat. He had always respected the rules that my life is up to me. He believed everything was true only when he did it. He was naturally suspicious and meticulous. This was both a strong point and a disadvantage.

When Ji Jiangshan was said by Zhao Zhenzhong, it was faintly clear that this old brother had despised him in his heart. Although they came from the same profession at that time. Nobody had any money then, and they were really very poor, but at least they had developed together. In the future, each of them had ups and downs, but it worked out smoothly. Zhao Zhenzhong had a bold nature, dared to think, and dared to do things. He was not afraid of overloaded bank loans at all. As long as he had a needle, he could poke a hole in the sky, and his career could be said to be prospering day by day. In Tianhe City it was also a big name. Ji Jiangshan, on the other hand, was relatively safe. He paid attention to the ratio of risk to loss in everything. He worked cautiously and subtly. He would not risk meddling in things that were a little difficult and riskful. He was afraid of problems. This mentality of "small wealth and instant security" had restricted his development over the past few years.

But Ji Jiangshan also had his unique method. He also made a lot of money, and accumulated a lot of valuable things. He seemed not gorgeous like Zhao Zhenzhong, but his asset was real, and although there was a gap betwen he and Zhao Zhenzhong, it was not that far as it looked.

But men all need face. After listening to Zhao Zhenzhong's rave, he could not help laughing and said, "Well, OK. If you're so good, go ahead. There will be times when you regret, but if you can beat Qin Feng, it is also regarded as to avenge me. I'll leave my words here, and if you can subdue him, I'll give you $10 million in return."


Big bosses are lavish. 10 million to Zhao Zhenzhong, although not much, is also a sufficient high chip absolutely. This year, price inflation, economy is contractionary. 10 million cash, that was a very good gift absolutely.

Of course, as to what Zhao Zhenzhong said about Ji Jiangshan, he thought it was more important to his own authority and face. His revenge on his son was already secondary, and the key was to once again demonstrate his strength in front of Ji Jiangshan, who had been suppressing him for so many years. Zhao Group had always developed better than Ji Group. This time, the same should be done. He not only wanted to handle Qin Feng, but also wanted to let him kneel in front of him to let Ji Jiangshan see, what is the ability. Didn't you say Qin Feng was fierce and can't mess with? Okay, I'll show you one.

He knows there are tigers in the mountains but insists on walking that. This was one of Zhao Zhenzhong's aims of making his way through these years. Many times he had won by surprise. This time, he believed, he could also slap Ji Jiangshan hard on the face.

Zhao Zhenzhong clapped one hand on the tea table and said, "Old Ji, this is what you said. You know, I'm a guy who like competitions, and since you want to see how I beat him, I'll try it. At that time, I will set up the best food and alcohol in Jufu House. I'll buy you a drink. I'll let that Qin Feng kneel in front of me begging for mercy."

"Ha, ha, ha. Good. I'm really looking forward to the day."

Ji Jiangshan knew that Zhao Zhenzhong's temper would be such. In fact, he also had his own plans. Now Ji Jiangshan had taken a fancy to the photovoltaic industry and wants to get on the horse and get rid of all the radial lines of tires in his hand. The traditional industry is too difficult to run. Only by going light industry can high technology adapt to the current development pattern. But in Tianhe, everyone knew that Zhao Zhenzhong was the overlord of photovoltaic technology. His products were exported to many countries in the world. Relying on this gold project, he made seven or eight billion yuan a year in net income. This was not a small sum of money. Anyone who holds it in hand is the boss.

But Ji Jiangshan wanted to do, Zhao Zhenzhong is the biggest barrier. Now with Qin Feng, Hem, borrowing knives to kill people, Jijiangshan will naturally do it. The more Qin Feng was said to be fierce, the more violent Zhao Zhenzhong's temper would be. He had determined to fight to beat down Qin Feng, to earn back face.

Whatever the result was, it was good for Ji Jiangshan.

If miracle really can appear, putting out Qin Feng was equal to avenge him. Last time Qin Feng wanted him 5 million, still hit his son who to now had a little sequela, and the right side of the face was left with a little scar. Qin Feng let Ji Group lose face, that matter Zhao Zhenzhong certainly had heard of. He only intentionally did not mention it. He just wanted to see Ji Jiangshan's joke.

And if Qin Feng weren't extinguished, Zhao Zhenzhong was cleaned up by Qin Feng instead, that was a better ending. First of all, Ji Jiangshan had been suffocated so many years by Zhao Zhenzhong, so he finally could be ruthlessly spit back. Next, after Zhao Group was damaged, Ji Group could make great efforts to get involved in the photovoltaic industry, to make a large amount of money.

Ji Jiangshan was very pleased in his heart, for his wishful thinking is set in motion. Looking at Zhao Zhenzhong's confident face to heaven, Ji Jiangshan thought to himself, you couldn't show off for a few days. Compare with Qin Feng? You cry.

Ji Jiangshan did not mention the true identity of Qin Feng, he was afraid that would scare off Zhao Zhenzhong. He just said that he was a Tianhe new nobody, working with Zhao Jun before, working in Free Man, and then he did his business. After Ji Jiangshan had suffered a great loss in Qin Feng, he found his brother Jia Quan. Only then did he learn that Jia Dapeng had also been beaten by Qin Feng, and Jia Quan had no temper at all. Jia Quan disclosed Qin Feng's identity. Even Liu Bangguo, secretary of the municipal party committee, had to give him face. Qin Feng is a member of the capital city, and his family background was very strong, and even more crucial, Qin Feng's own identity was also closely linked with the capital military region, but Jia Quan did not know what Qin Feng's specific identity was.

But this understanding was enough. This was not a Tianhe richest man could compete.

Zhao Zhenzhong wants to touch Qin Feng, which was tantamount to suicide.

Since he left Zhao's Group, Ji Jiangshan had called his son. Ji Dongchen had been brutally beaten by Qin Feng for a few times in a row, and he had hurt his "vitality." The whole person's character had changed, and his spirit was weak. The handsome and gorgeous young master Ji of the past had become a common, low-key slovenly brother. The beard was not shaved, and his hair was not washed. Every day, wandering on the street, he didn't want anything. Every day he was in the Internet cafes, playing games, ignoring business, and even quit women.

Ji Dongchen saw that it was his Dad's phone and answered feebly, "What's the matter? I'm busy."

"Why are you making so much noise there? Are you in the Internet cafe again? You come out and talk. I have business to talk to you."

Ji Jiangshan sat in the back seat of Audi A8. The driver drove very smoothly. After Ji Dongchen listened, he exclaimed, "After I finishing this round. I am attacking."

"Qin Feng is going to be over."

Ji Jiangshan knew what his son wanted to hear most, so as soon as he finished saying these words, Ji Dongchen in the Internet cafe stood up and threw away the headphones hanging around his neck. He didn't care his teammates in the game and went out of the Internet bar. He cried excitedly, "What did you say?

What happened to Qin Feng?"

"Zhao Zhenzhong of the Zhao Group, you know that, don't you?

The richest man in the Tianhe."

Ji Jiangshan smiled and said, "His son was beaten by Qin Feng. Zhao Zhenzhong claimed to have Qin Feng kneel down before him. He would do whatever it takes to find the best mercenaries to deal with Qin Feng. No matter how much money he spends, he has to go out of his way. Do you think Qin Feng is going to die?"

Ji Jiangshan laughed very proudly. No matter whether Qin Feng could be finished it or not, he wanted to stimulate his son in this way first, so that he could cheer himself up, instead of being like a girl who had been forced to have sex with, who ate every day and waited for death. The Walking Dead humiliated him on the street.

He was Ji Group's successor. How could he have this virtue?