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Chapter 291 Commander Kang“s words


There was a crunchy sound and the door was slammed shut.


Qin Feng listened to the footsteps of Green Snake. His heart suffused with a trace of sadness, but he was powerless to chase. To let Green Snake leave with hatred didn't mean he had no feelings for Green Snake, but under this situation, no matter how Qin Feng explained, it was also futile.

"Xiao Jinhua, why do you appear in my world? Why?"

Qin Feng was lying on his back in bed, looking at the ceiling above his head, dizzy and whirling. Rarely would he be so embarrassed that he could not control his emotions. This was a very terrible thing for a super special combat soldier. Once this emotion was exploited by hostile forces, he was very easy to lose everything.

Fortunately, there was still a gap and there were no tasks for the time being.

Qin Feng really needed to rest, needed to find a place where there was no one to empty himself.

He thought he could stay in Tianhe and spend time with Sister Hua, but he still had no control over his thoughts. The scar was just covered with a thin layer. Once uncovered, it would bleed.

That kind of pain touched the body and skin, seemingly innocuous, but stirring people upset. Even if he wanted to calm down to have a good feeling of splendid urban life, he was really some powerless.

Fortunately, Green Snake went away angrily.

Fortunately, his birthday was over.

Tomorrow would be an extraordinary day. The sun would rise, and the sun shine would hit the face. As for whether laughter would come or not, it depended on life.


The next day, early in the morning.

Dressed up in formal attire, Green Dragon carried a file bag containing information about his trip to Yunnan province to wipe out drug dealers. Next to him was Commander Kang's office. It was estimated that he would be here in ten minutes.

Green Dragon took several deep breaths to try to relax herself. He paced up and down the hallway, mentally rehearsing what he had to say when he met with Commander Kang, knowing that once he was confirmed by Commander Kang, his future in the army would be starry, soaring, and no one could not hold back.

With this opportunity given by Qin Feng, Green Dragon felt very lucky. He knew that Qin Feng gave up his best opportunity for promotion and gave him this hard-won "quota."

As soon as he thought of this, Green Dragon was grateful and wanted to shed tears. The people knew each other in their hearts. Just a while ago, he was almost bewitched by Gu Shaoyun and wanted to do something about Qin Feng. Fortunately, he did not expose himself, otherwise, he would suddenly turn hostile with Qin Feng and he wouldn't still have the opportunity now.

Men are doing, while the god is watching. Green Dragon made dark determination that as long as he was promoted, in the future he would reward Qin Feng. No matter how, Qin Feng would take him as the best brother.


At the end of the corridor came a light cough, which was clearly Kang Mingyang's.

Hearing this, Green Dragon immediately became nervous, his palms full of sweat, his body very upright, waiting for the arrival of Commander Kang.

Seeing that it was Green Dragon far away, Kang Mingyang's face was a little more gloomy.

As he approached, he said with a cold face, "What are you doing here?"

Opening the office door, Kang Mingyang went straight to the window, hands in his pockets, facing the window. Green Dragon followed in, carefully closed the door, two steps forward. He was just about to open his mouth but was interrupted by Kang Mingyang, "It should be Qin Feng."

After listening to this, Green Dragon was shocked for a long time. His heart said, had commander Kang already known it?

Well, this attitude of his, didn't look very optimistic.

"Commander Kang, I.... I want to explain to you."

Green Dragon stammered and said," I think you already know that it was I who went to Yunnan Province on behalf of Qin Feng."

"Why? I arranged for him, everything is ready. Even the promotion letter of appointment has been typed on his name, and now let me so passive, where is he? Why doesn't he come see me?! Why contradict my intentions!"


Kang Mingyang turned back, hurriedly reprimanded, his emotional very excited. He was rarely so angry, especially in the presence of subordinates, but this time, he was really angry. Qin Feng this guy too let him down.

Green Dragon was also afraid. He was in his place, and did not know what to say.

He did not expect that Commander Kang would have such a strong reaction. From this point of view, his promotion seemed hopeless. Although he had come to do the "gift collection," Commander Kang was the referee who made the rules of the game, and he had the right to change the outcome. But if he did, it would cause controversy and unnecessary trouble. It depended on his considerations.

"Commander Kang, I know you've always been hating me, but over the years, you should have heard of my performance in the army. I admit, in every respect, I can't compare with Qin Feng, but I believe that in the entire military region, apart from Qin Feng, among the rest of the soldiers, no one dares to come out and fight me. I am not bragging, and I am not clamoring for my own ability. I just want to say, even if this promotion opportunity isn't given by Qin Feng, I should have this opportunity, right? I have been waiting, and I believe your leadership has the right vision, and I will abide by whatever decision you make. No matter how difficult the Gold Special Combat Team has been, I have never flinched, and I have always been a core member of the team and I have done as much credit on the battlefield as Qin Feng did."

When Green Dragon said this, his face was with grievance. He wondered, why commander Kang was blind to it even if he dedicated quietly for so many years.


After listening to this, Kang Mingyang said, "What you said is right. But you know very well in your heart, you are not a person of firm will. You still need time to test. All your performance, I see in the eyes. You're no worse than anyone, but your time hasn't come yet."

After listening to Kang Mingyang's response, Green Dragon was still puzzled and could not help asking, "Why am I not firm in my mind? For so many years, I have always been the most able to bear hardships, even if encircled by the enemy to the point of death, I have not surrendered. Is this not enough to demonstrate my loyalty to the organization, to the army, to the country?"

"Do you still need me to tell you something?"

Kang Mingyang's mouth curled with a smile and humphed softly, "We all know that it's better not to break it."

Green Dragon understood at once. What Kang Mingyang referred to was Gu Shaoyun's school.

Had he known all about it?

Green Dragon opened his mouth to explain, wanted to clarify his relationship with Gu Shaoyun, but when the words reached his lips, he was afraid again, so that he might not be able to say anything clearly, but instead put himself in danger. If he admited that he had had secret contact with Gu Shaoyun, not only he could not explain it here, but even the incident of the last attack on Qin Feng may have to be broken out!

Thinking of this, he fell into a deep panic, cursing Gu Shaoyun in his heart. You very much killed me.

If you don't want people to know what you do, don't do it!

Green Dragon then discovered that the original seemingly "do not hear the world" commander Kang would actually control everything in the eyelid. Anyone who had any movement, would be immediately found.