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Chapter 275 No more silence

As soon as Qin Feng shook his body, he pulled away from a sharp side and swung his legs. While Daliang bent his arms to resist, he attempted to thrust the spring knife into Qin Feng's inner thigh. However, he did not expect that this powerful heavy blow directly crushed his whole person, and he half knelt on one knee on the ground. The whole left arm was almost broken.

This is the gap of the quality, which did not rely on the fierce fight to make up, Daliang tried to reverse the defeated situation, but Qin Feng's body tilted, swung and bent his leg, and the knee directly hit heavily over.

Daliang in that instant, felt the panic of hell. He instinctively reached out to cover his face, but the top of Qin Feng's knee was full of potential, and directly hit his face. The whole person was struck horizontally.

The face of Daliang was so ferocious and bloody that even his features were distorted, especially the bridge of his nose, which was almost flat, and he collapsed to the ground, tumbling painfully, spitting blood, mingled with a few incisors.

Qin Feng's attack was really too scary. Every move was fast and scary, which was not comparable to the flow of Daliang. He had the name of the hero of northwest, but in Qin Feng's view, it was simply light weighted.

It could be said that unless there were special people, it was very difficult for ordinary people to compete with Qin Feng again. As for the Taoists in ancient times, it was rare to see them. They killed with kindness, and they were able to control Qin Feng's tactical play. But it also depended on how far Taoists could go. Qin Feng was also looking forward to an early encounter with a pure Yang Zhenren who had just arrived at extreme softness and extreme hardness. But over the years, he had been looking for it, but he had never found one.

Qin Feng did not have the patience to play with him any longer. He went over and grabbed Zhao Chuan by the collar. He was 185 meters tall, and was even lifted up in his place by Qin Feng. His toes were off the ground little by little, and he was lifted effortlessly with 160 jin. The people around him were stunned.

His brothers were all frightened. No one dared to do anything more. They all hid aside and looked at the scene with consternation. The waiters in the distance also took out their mobile phones and filmed the magical scene one after another.

Qin Feng threw Zhao Chuan into his box with a bang. Zhao Chuan's back slammed on the song dispenser. The screen cracked instantly, and the frame was split in two. After Qin Feng went in, he slammed the door on his foot and made a stuffy sound. The people in the corridor gaped, and no one dared to say a word.

Then, through the door of the room, they heard a crackling sound inside, accompanied by Xue Zhiqian's song "What do you want me to do?" in the stereo. Qin Feng was fighting excitedly and Zhao Chuan in his hand looked like a toy to play with and fell and crashed by him.

Bang, bang.

The sound rose one after another, Qin Feng played with not too much joy. Hearing this continuous movement, Zhu Fei and Jiang Xiaowen in the corridor were frightened. They were stupefied for a long time and then reacted over, and dashed over to fiercely pat the room door, "Qin Feng, you come out. Stop it. Stop it. If you fight again, something will happen."

By Qin Feng this way of fighting, he was likely to hit Zhao Chuan silly.

If something really happened, it would be a problem.

Qin Feng's deterrent force had been so big that the brothers didn't have the bravery to kidnap Jiang Xiaowen behind him. If it were ordinary people, they would have already tied up Jiang Xiaowen, his friend brought by Qin Feng, in order to blackmail him.

But now, they several people looked at each other. Everyone knew they could try, and this was the best way to save Zhao Chuan, but no one dared to step forward.

After all, the most capable Daliang was hit by Qin Feng with one blow and they had seen it. This fighting ability was beyond their reach, and even if they fought for their lives, they would not hurt Qin Feng at all.

However, they were not willing to watch Zhao Chuan being bullied like this. On ordinary days, he paid for all the games when they came out to play. He was the eldest of these people. Everyone was happy every day but when something really happened, none of them dared to go up. When Zhao Chuan came out, he would certainly resent them.

If they really couldn't stop Qin Feng, they could still have a try. When everyone fought him together, with this girl in hand, Qin Feng would certainly have scruples.

But without waiting for them to think it over, Zhao Chuan crashed the door open and flew out.

He collapsed on the floor of the hallway, without a whole body. He was covered with blood stains, and his face was so different that he could hardly be recognized.

All of them were stunned. Although they knew Zhao Chuan must have been beaten badly, they did not expect to be so miserable.

Qin Feng, with a cigarette in his mouth, walked slowly over, with a face of indifference and did not put the things in front in his eyes. In Tianhe, the one who dare so openly bully Zhao Chuan, was Qin Feng and he was the first one dare do it, and he was also hit so miserable.

Zhao Chuan tried to open his eyes a few times. His face was beaten like a toad, his face was black and blue, and he was very embarrassed, but Qin Feng had only used 20% of the force to hit him. It was basically all trauma. He hadn't moved his internal organs. If he wanted to really hurt him, I'm afraid he had been out of breath by now.

After all, it's a street dandy. He just had a habit of playing with girls. In the old days, this was nothing at all. Most girls would like to be played by him, because everyone knew that after sleeping with him for one night, even if they break up at dawn,

the girls would at least get tens of thousands of yuan's separation fees. If they could have a child, Hem, that was at least a million.

But today he met Qin Feng, he could only blame it on his bad luck.

Zhu Fei and Jiang Xiaowen gathered behind Qin Feng, clutching his clothes and trying to whisper a few words, but in full view of the audience, neither of them was able to make it too obvious.

They all knew the power of Zhao Chuan. If they got into big trouble with him, they would be troublesome. They all wanted to remind Qin Feng to hurry up and run, but they felt that such a reminder had been futile, now how to deal with the Zhao Chuan family's following revenge was the most important consideration.

But Qin Feng was not afraid at all. He was so free and leisurely that it seemed he did anything to be worth showing off.

"Hey. Do you still want to play?"

Qin Feng crouched down, reached out and hit Zhao Chuan's bloody cheek lightly, humphing, "Could you shout just now?

Why so weak now?"

Zhao Chuan's red swollen mouth opened a few times, just difficult to say a word, "You, you wait."

"Not give in?"

Qin Feng was not angry, nor did he hit him again, just humphing softly, "OK, I'll wait. My name is Qin Feng, and I will always be in Tianhe, when you want to find me, just come."

When words fell, Qin Feng looked to Zhu Fei at the right side of him, "Do you have any requirements? Like chopping off a finger or something."

Hearing this, Zhu Fei was horrified. Zhao Chuan was somebody. Qin Feng was so understated that he wanted to chop off his fingers. It was simply too terrible.

"No, no."

"Don't, don't," she waved in a hurry.

"Oh, that's fine."

When the words fell, Qin Feng looked at Jiang Xiaowen again, "Did not it frighten you?"

Jiang Xiaowen blinked her eyes, nodded and shook her head again. She really had nothing to say.

Qin Feng smiled, "Do you get silly by this scary thing? Have you ordered the song "some water to roll over the Yangtze River" for me? It would be great if you moved your muscles and bones and sang another song."

Finishing saying, Qin Feng swept the crowd around with the eyes again, "What do you look at? Why don't you take him to the hospital? If you delay another 20 minutes, his third spine will be ruined."

Dropping the words, Qin Feng headed up to his mini box, and no longer cared about the mess outside the ground. Zhu Fei and Jiang Xiaowen saw the facts, anxious to chase over him.

Slamming the door with a bang, the people in the corridor just dared to approach Zhao Chuan, who had fainted on the ground.

"Master Chuan, master chuan."

Several people lied down on his whole body, calling him. They already knew Zhao Chuan had already fainted, but did not expect him to suddenly open the eyes, and directly gave Chuozi a resounding slap, "Call your mother! Shit! Waste."


People carried Zhao Chuan downstairs, sitting on his top-end BMW X6 and then galloped to the people's Hospital.

When he arrived at the mini compartment, Qin Feng began to sing at the top of his voice as soon as he ordered a song. His singing skill may have been one of the few weaknesses on him, and he had little chance to practice. He had not been very good at singing, but he had a deep voice. He was also good at singing this kind of song with quality. What he needed to practice was to control the node and rhythm of the song. If he could get training for some time, he could be a professional singer, and Qin Feng's singing skills should be good.

But Zhu Fei ran over and pressed the mute button directly on the song-ordering screen.

The room was suddenly quiet down. Qin Feng looked angrily at Zhu Fei, with Mike shouting, "Why? Turn on the sound."

Zhu Fei ran over, and grabbed Qin Feng by the collar and shouted, "How can you be so calm? Do you know who you are hitting? You are still singing here! I'm so convinced."

"I don't care who he is. As long as he dare bully you, even if he was the king of heaven, I will fight him."

Qin Feng said this with exaggerated elements, but it was also true, "The last Jia Dapeng, you also said he was not easy to offend, in the end how? Didn't he just let me beat him so easily?

His father is Jia Quan who is strong enough in Tianhe. To tell you the truth, even if his father saw me, he also had to speak well. Otherwise I would teach him a lesson too."

"Qin Feng, you are always like this. You will be in danger.

Zhao Chuan's family is very fierce. You'd better be careful, now quickly go. The farther you go, the better."

Said Zhu Fei seriously.

Jiang Xiaowen, looking at Zhu Fei's concern for Qin Feng and his kindness to her, felt very uncomfortable and couldn't help but cry out, "Hey, who are you? Why do you have to make a decision for Qin Feng. He has his own plans for whatever he wants, and it's none of your business."

Obviously, this was what the little girl said after she lost her reason. Her sense of urgency towards her love rivals even surpassed Qin Feng's current safety index.

Qin Feng would rather stay and suffer danger than let this woman dictate in Qin Feng's world.

After Zhu Fei listened, of course she was not comfortable. Originally her mood was not good. When she was choked by Jiang Xiaowen, she was even more angry, "What do you say!

You're sick! Don't you know what's going on with Qin Feng?

I'm sure you know who Zhao Chuan is. You want to hurt him, don't you?"

Qin Feng's face was muddled. How did these two women argue with each other.

He was anxious to put them away, and said, "Come on, you tell me who Zhao Chuan exactly is. If I really can't, I'll hide, okay?"

"Zhao Chuan's father is Zhao Zhenzhong. He is universally recognized as the richest man in Tianhe. He is worth tens of billions of yuan. He has just been ranked the eighth in the province and has just been listed on the province's wealth list."

Said Zhu Fei.


Qin Feng indifferently responded, "And then?"

"And then?"

Zhu Fei thought that after this introduction, Qin Feng definitely would sigh for a while, and then regretted it. How could he be so impulsive and provoke a real benefactor? She could see Qin Feng asking without thinking. She was even wondering if she had just spoken clearly.

"Yes. Is there anything else you can tell about him?"

Qin Feng asked earnestly.

"Isn't that enough?"

Zhu Fei really could not think of a more powerful introduction than this. Tens of billions of yuan wealth. Even he crushed people with that money, it could also enough to crush people down. Qin Feng did not take it seriously, as if listening to the most common words.

He saw Zhu Fei's nervous expression and smiled, "That's it? It's not enough to scare me."

The large amount of money Qin Feng saw was beyond their imagination. His Qin family's overseas assets, had hundreds of accounts, each of which had hundreds of millions of yuan. To sum up this money, they were easy enough to become the richest man in the province in China.

This did not include his family's real estate in China. In Hong Kong Tsim Sha Tsui alone, the value of the two Gemini was immeasurable, right?

Hum, money, sometimes it really exists like paper. Now for Qin Feng, what he plays was a realm. He relied on his true feelings to help and move people, to improve his personal taste, and to chase something that couldn't be changed by money. He wanted to change the country and the world, to make the lives of those around us better and better with his own actions, and to try to save everyone who lives in dire straits, and to fight resolutely against bad guys and organizations that seek to harm the society and people. This was the bounden duty of Qin Feng.

His height was beyond Zhu Fei and their imagination. As for cleaning up the richest person's son of a prefecture-level city, this to Qin Feng, was simply an entertainment.

As long as he was wrong, Qin Feng wouldn't take it serious no matter how strong his background was. Here he was a blank sheet of paper to Qin Feng.

Of course, as long as he has the right place, no matter who wanted to destroy him, Qin Feng would do his best to help.

However, from Qin Feng's point of view, Zhao Chuan, this guy, had basically been bossy for too long. He had never met anyone who dared to blow his beard and stare at him. If he stood in the upper air for a long time, naturally he would float too long. Qin Feng did not kill him this time. One reason was that he wanted to stay in Tianhe for a long time, to secretly take care of Sister Hua. Secondly, although Zhao Chuan's mind was dirty, after all, that he wanted to have sex with Zhu Fei did not form the established fact, and did not do the material harm to Zhu Fei. Just giving him a small lesson was OK.

If he obsessively did not regret, but also want to bring people to commit, then Qin Feng would no longer be lenient.

The last time he let Jia Dapeng go, Qin Feng regretted it a bit. Although it was also good to save a point of face for Jia Quan. In the future, when he was away from Tianhe, if Sister Hua had any troubles, Jia Quan could still reach out and give him a hand.

But this for Qin Feng in Tianhe establishing his name was still very close. This time that he did not shock Zhao Chuan and others after he told him who he was was the best example.

Qin Feng decided to be a little stronger in the future in Tianhe, at least he should make his name in Tianhe thoroughly famous. He could no longer be silent.