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Chapter 266 Zhou Liang“s troubles

Looking at the exquisite box, Qin Feng looked stunned, "Is this?"

"Open it and have a look."

Jiang Xiaowen said excitedly, "I don't know if you like it or not. Anyway, I think a man must wear a delicate watch. It may not be a luxury brand, but it must be elegant and beautiful. I don't have much money either. I just think this radar fits your temperament."

Qin Feng was in a messy. Why did this lady suddenly think of sending him watch?

What did this mean?

He smiled and said, "What happened? Winning the lottery? How can I get such an expensive watch? It's too expensive. Just give it back."

After opening the watch box, a fully automatic mechanical watch of Radar Haoyue series came into view, the price tag at the side was 19,800.

The watch was indeed very atmospheric. The sea blue background screen was Qin Feng's favorite. But the price. Although for Qin Feng it was a single hair out of nine ox hides, for Jiang Xiaowen this student, it must be saved for a long time.

"Return it? No, I won't."

With these words, Jiang Xiaowen tore off the label, tore the invoice that was pressed inside into pieces, and then picked up her wrist watch and smiled, "Come on, take a look at it. It must be a good fit for you."

Qin Feng reluctantly curled his mouth, "Twenty thousand yuan, how many nights do you have to work part-time before you can earn it back? You can't do this to me. I......."

Money was a trifle, as Qin Feng could supply her. The key was suddenly sending such a valuable gift to him, which made him surprised, and feel a little difficult to understand.

"Tomorrow is your birthday. What? Are you too busy to remember? I count with my fingers every day. No, I listen to you at the bar every once in a while. Your birthday is the same as my mother's, so I thought of it."

Although Xiaowen really wanted to tell Qin Feng that this watch was because in the champion of her provincial dance competition, the 10, 000 yuan bonus was given to her by her sponsor plus her daily saving because of frugality, and she wanted to tell him more that she count with her fingers every day to count Qin Feng's birthday. She wanted to take this opportunity to thank him, but she could also take this opportunity to get closer up with him.

But when the words came to the mouth, Xiaowen did not want to say. She was afraid that she was too radical, scaring Qin Feng, afraid of scaring him away.

Now the relationship between the two was not very close. They just could be friends. Qin Feng was a very rough man. In his life, he did not care in many details. But the more he was like this, Jiang Xiaowen had the opportunity to blend in. Otherwise,

it was a bit far-fetched to play with Qin Feng simply by relying on the identity of a part-time job in a Free Man Bar. After all, Free Man had changed hands, and Qin Feng had not been in Tianhe for the recent time. Jiang Xiaowen knew nothing about his current situation. She really wanted to have a good chat with Qin Feng. She really wanted to sit face to face in this way and talk forever.

Even if Qin Feng did not say a word. By seeing him, her own heart was at peace.

"My birthday?"

Qin Feng was stupefied, and looked at the calendar on the mobile phone, "Ooh, it really is. You remember that. Thank you."

"Well, put it on."

Jiang Xiaowen excitedly took the Radar watch to Qin Feng's wrist to wear. His arm was very strong, but the skin was particularly delicate, velvet hair looming, green tendons exposing obviously, full of strength.

After Qin Feng putting it on, he turned the wrist, and smiled, "You don't need to say. It is really beautiful. I like it. Thank you."

Hearing Qin Feng say so, Xiaowen was very happy. She helped Qin Feng adjust the watch buckle, "Is it loose? Do you need to remove the buckle?"

"No, my wrists are thick, just right."

Qin Feng raised his hand, and the watch firmly stuck in the wrist, and there was no sign of falling off, "You see."

"Well, it's almost tailor-made for you."

Xiaowen smiled and said, "How about my choices? Give me a compliment."

"Yes, very well. I haven't received a birthday present for a long time. I didn't expect you to be so thoughtful."

While saying, Qin Feng turned on his Alipay APP, "Come on, sweep the code and collect money."

"What do you mean?"

Jiang Xiaowen froze, "Collect money? What do you mean."

"Such a valuable gift. You're a student. I can't ask you to buy it. Think of it as if you bought it with me, and I'll be happy.


Qin Feng said seriously, "I am very moved that you remember my birthday so heartily."

"No, I don't want any money. That's my idea. What do you mean by your money?"

Jiang Xiaowen humphed, "You turn off Alipay!" Don't let me see it."

Qin Feng had no choice but to drop his mobile phone and said, "Why are you so stubborn? Twenty thousand yuan was enough for your two years' tuition. You are not what the rich second generation. Making some money was not easy for you. Be obedient, good girl. Get your cell phone and I'll transfer it to you."

"I'm angry if you're going to do that again."

Jiang Xiaowen was with a cold face, grabbing her mobile phone, "You really.... Look down on me? Although I do not have money, I have the backbone. The gift I give out must be paid by myself!"

Seeing her so stubborn, Qin Feng was not good to say anything. If he insist on it. going down, they would certainly quarrel. She had so good heart, how could Qin Feng be willing to make the atmosphere stiff. At least after dinner to talk about it?

"Yes, yes. You're good, all right. I'll take it."

Qin Feng said again, "Then you must let me kindly invite you?

Order all the special food here and try them one by one."

"There's nothing wrong with that. Ha."

Jiang Xiaowen said happily, "After eating, I will accompany you to see a movie, go shopping, eat Haagen-Dazs, and tomorrow I will go to the amusement park to ride on roller coasters, Ferris wheels, and bumper cars."


After listening to this, Qin Feng was in a messy. He did not have time to respond her and then came over, "How does this feel like I am accompanying you? Is it your birthday, too? Don't be afraid to say. If it is, I'll definitely get you a big present and a red envelope. At least I am your brother, and I will not let you suffer, ha-ha."

Jiang Xiaowen also smiled, "Never care whose birthday it is. You promise me. Proceed as planned. No refusals, no escape."

"It should be all right today, but not necessarily tomorrow. Maybe I have something else to do."

Qin Feng said, "I haven't seen a movie for a long time. What's the good movie today?"

"I've made up my mind. "Passing through your whole world", you like it?"

Jiang Xiaowen said, "This is Zhang Jiajia's book and I like it very much. The movie certainly won't let people down. Let me accompany you to watch it."

"You see. Your mouth keeps saying that it is that you accompany me, but the result is that I accompany you. You're a good girl, you little girl."

Qin Feng humphed, "For the sake of preparing the birthday present for me, I reluctantly agree. But you have to promise me one thing."

"What's that?"

Jiang Xiaowen blushed and looked expectantly at Qin Feng.

Waiting for his answer, Xiaowen felt the tension that a little deer hit the heart. She really did not know what Qin Feng would ask her.

Would he gonna give her a hug?

"When I go shopping, I must buy you a present, too. Chinese people pay attention to reciprocity. You give me a present, and I have to send it back. Otherwise, I don't deserve this gift."

Qin Feng said.

"Ah? You don't have to, do you? I don't want anything."

Although she had been waving her hands to show refusal, Xiaowen still expected Qin Feng to give her something. She didn't care if it was expensive or extravagant. As long as it was from Qin Feng, even though it was a brooch or a silk scarf, she would see it as a treasure, as one of the most valuable items in the collection.

"Let's eat first, and wait till you have finished."

Qin Feng no longer said anything after he had an idea.


Zhou Liang had put his work and life center in Tianhe. Although a grade lower than Su City, as long as Zhu Fei was here, he would not care.

Many business partners of his were puzzled. Why wouldn't Zhou Liang operate and continue to expand in Su Cheng with such a good situation, but choose a second-tier city to develop. It was really a bit hard to think of.

But Zhou Liang knew in his heart that, for the sake of Zhu Fei, he could even give up everything in the world. Moreover, the investment environment here was not as bad as expected. The business was still quite prosperous, and in second-tier cities he was also considered to be middle-class and top-class or even better than some provincial capitals.

The company had just been established. Because it was acquired just by a transferred trading company, the decoration time he used was relatively small. He just carried out some fine-tuning, bought a new office furniture, and then anxious to start business.

According to Zhou Liang's standards and character, he should have built a better company and made the company more high class, but he also took into account the feelings of Zhu Fangguo and Zhu Fei, and could not be too "far away" from them and he had to be more approachable, more modest, so that they would slowly accept himself.

Therefore, Zhou Liang began to do a lot of things himself, including making tea, pouring water, and cleaning his office. In the last six months, Tianhe City had been building the first batch of subways. The roads were blocked every day, and Zhou Liang simply didn't want to drive any more. Every day he took a taxi or even took a bus to and from work. After work, he went directly to the vegetable market, buy vegetables and went to Zhu Fei's house, cooked for them by himself. Zhu Fangguo saw all this in his eyes. Every day, Zhu Fangguo earnestly urged Zhu Fei to stop hesitating, and that to promise Zhou Liang was her best choice.

But Zhu Fei always evaded this question, but with the passage of time, although her mouth had not promised Zhou Liang, the attitude of Zhu Fei to him had been much better.

Without his care, Zhu Fei and her father would have had a lot of trouble, and it would have been hard to fix it.

Every night after dinner, Zhou Liang would drink with her old father. This was Zhu Fangguo's favorite thing. Without drinking such high degree alcohol, he would always feel lost in life.

In the past, when Zhu Fei wasn't here, although he had a tight life, he never laid down his alcohol cup. He could drink with peanuts, even if he drank the cheapest Erguotou, and he could be very happy.

Now that every day he ate fish and meat a lot with Zhou Liang's Maotai and Wuliangye waiting on him, it was no wonder that Zhu Fangguo was not happy.

After work, Zhu Fei saw the two of them eating and drinking in the house, talking and laughing. The old man's red face was always cheered by Zhou Liang. She had never seen her father so happy in the past. Even though she knew Zhou Liang had a purpose, as long as her dad was happy, she would be in a better mood.

Slowly, she was able to talk to Zhou Liang naturally and normally, and she would make jokes from time to time while eating. Zhou Liang, in particular, observed life and found that Zhu Fei liked eating yam very much. He specially sent someone from the south to bring in a batch of yam, which was the best yam to eat. After discovering her taste favored sweet, he specially studied several delicious Cantonese dishes, many of which could only be eaten in high-grade Cantonese restaurants, and he could make them.

And this time, Zhou Liang never said a word about marriage, love, and so on, just like the best friend, concerned about Zhu Fangguo and Zhu Fei. He did not mention anything, like a long-term worker, waiting on them.

During the day, Zhou Liang was the boss of a company with hundreds of people in the charge. He was very busy every day. More than half of the business of the headquarters of Su City had to be moved this way. However, the basic configuration of information and logistics in Tianhe was not enough to match Zhou Liang's business volume. Sometimes, productivity was slow and a lot of clients were giving advice.

The products that were available in the past day were now with three days’ delay, with the cost of many products virtually increasing and profit points falling by nearly 10 percent from 30% in the past.

But these troubles after coming to Tianhe, Zhou Liang had never told Zhu Fei. This was his "self-inflicted". He would never take these work troubles to the home of Zhu Fei.

He ate box lunch with his staff at the office at noon. The company was now in the transition stage. Although he was not short of money, many of the company's systems and procedures need to be gradually improved. As a boss, he must be considerate of employees, being with the staff together.

Lunch boxes were specific, costing nearly 50 yuan each. This was absolutely the highest in Tianhe. Everyone was very helpful. They worked overtime on their own initiative every day. They had never complained because they had taken notice of Zhou Liang's character. They believed they would have good prospects with him.

After eating, Zhou Liang went to the tea room to pour a cup of coffee, put the cup on the windowsill to let the hot air be blown away by the light wind outside the window, lit a cigarette, and looked at the distance. His face was calm, but his heart was turbulent.

The reason for his sadness was not only the slow operation of the company, but also the fact that he received a phone call when he was just having a meal.

It was called by Zhou Husha.

This was his girlfriend whom he had been talking to for months before he met Zhu Fei. Because of a drunken madness, he caused Zhou Husha to become pregnant.

The woman was so aggressive that she insisted on marrying Zhou Liang.

He was not too fond of her, refused on the spot, and took out 1 million's separation fee, hoping that Zhou Husha did a miscarriage, and then the two completely separated.

But after receiving the money, Zhou Husha didn't actually do it. A few days ago, she sent Zhou Liang a WeChat. It turned out to be a picture of her with a big belly. Her coat was pulled away and her stomach was very round. It seemed that she had a ball in it. He could even see two faint nonel stripes around her navel.

This made Zhou Liang very surprised. He should not have mercy on Zhou Husha then. He should personally take her to the hospital, watching the child abort.

But out of trust in her, Zhou Liang didn't do that.

But then, a few months later, something like this happened.

Today, finally, Zhou Husha had arrived at the Tianhe Airport, and was heading this way. He guessed she would be here soon, wouldn't she?

"Boss Zhou, there's a young lady out there who says she's looking for you."

At this point, the girl at the front desk, Wu Ronghua, came up and said, "It's a pregnant woman."

Zhou Liang turned back, and was just about to go out, but do not think that Zhou Husha had rushed in.

"Zhou Liang, I miss you so much. At last I see you."

She rushed excitedly toward Zhou Liang with open arms.