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Chapter 265 Birthday presen

Qin Feng at first thought it was two young lovers doing things secretly, but the more they looked, the more he felt something was wrong. It was obvious that the girl had lost consciousness and resistance, which meant the guy was definitely using force.

Although Qin Feng just joined the army, but the body had been much stronger than before enlistment. As a soldier, when encountering such a thing, he instinctively rushed up, "What are you doing here!"

As soon as the sound came out, the frightened guy trembled and almost knelt on his knees.

Qin Feng rushed over, kicked him to the ground, chased him over and beat him to the ground. The guy was whining and screaming, covering his face and begging for mercy.

Qin Feng also did not have any experience, afraid really, he would cause any trouble, then loosening that boy, wanting to take off his coat to put on to the girl.

Looking at her chest where she had just begun to grow, Qin Feng, who was hot-blooded, was also hot and dry, and the girl's inner underwear had even been removed to her legs, revealing her lush black hair. Although it was not long, girls' growth in the first stage of junior high school were earlier than boys. Even in the fifth and sixth grade of primary school, there were early growth of girls had begun to have female characteristics.

Qin Feng originally wanted to cover the girl's clothes, and then dragged the guy to the police station, but he didn't expect that after he got up, a bag of things similar to lime powder was thrown to him. Qin Feng was anxious to turn his back and cover his eyes, but even so, the corners of his eyes were still squinted.

By the time he was able to open it, the guy had gone away.

Anyway, there was no substantial harm to the girl, so Qin Feng did not care. He dressed the girl, and then went to the hospital with her on his back.

Jiang Xiaowen at that time in fact had been awake. She was in Qin Feng's back, trembling to look at him, and from then on she remembered his face.

However, Qin Feng left the hospital in a hurry because of the army's emergency field training.

He did not remember Jiang Xiaowen's appearance. He just thought the little girl was quite good-looking, looked very bright and beautiful, but did not leave too deep impression on him.

But for Jiang Xiaowen, she would not forget it all her life. Had it not been for Qin Feng's appearance, she would have already been encroached.

She was only eleven years old. She was in bloom. She was just beginning to grow. She even menstruated for the first time last month.

For so many years, Jiang Xiaowen looked like a normal girl, but her heart was still tied by the incident, always thinking that if only one day she could meet that hero again.

Qin Feng wore military uniform, although no epaulette, just a just enlisted soldiers, was still handsome. In that year's Jiang Xiaowen's opinion, he was existence of invincible handsome.

It was not until a few months ago that Jiang Xiaowen unexpectedly saw Qin Feng in Free Man Bar at a leading dance event in a common bar.

Yes, it was the second day that Qin Feng at that time just went there. He was dressed in poor waitress dress, carried fruit tray and shuttled back and forth in the lively hall, looking very busy.

Jiang Xiaowen once thought she was mistaken, but she deliberately gathered around Qin Feng to observe for several days, and found that it was really the hero who saved her life that year.

This world was really small. In spite of the first meeting in the capital, she did not expect to meet him again in Tianhe.

After confirming it was Qin Feng, Jiang Xiaowen was excited for several days. She plucked up the courage to "chat up" Qin Feng and said the first sentence, "Hey, how are you? Can you get me a bottle of Jack Danny?"

"Hey, would you like to join us for a drink?"

"Do you have any black tea?"

"Brother, I want to use your phone. Mine's dead."

She got Qin Feng's mobile phone number early, but dare not call him.

Jiang Xiaowen much wanted to say what had been buried in those years, but how could she tell Qin Feng that she had been stripped naked by that bastard, and after being looked at, her heart was particularly disgusted and she was already dirty.

That would certainly diminish his image in his mind.

In that case, it would be better to meet him again as a bar friend.

After thinking about it for several days, Jiang Xiaowen finally decided to associate with Qin Feng in a brand new way. Fortunately, he had no impression of herself.

Although a little bit lost, but also like this, at least Jiang Xiaowen had the opportunity to shape her own perfect image.

Because she was the Free Man Bar's resident lead dancer, and Jiang Xiaowen was deeply liked by Sister Hua, that she and Qin Feng come into contact with each other was natural.

Qin Feng to Xiaowen was also very polite. Basically all her requests will be granted. The two people had drunk several times together, and slowly became acquainted with the each other.

Although Jiang Xiaowen in school, society had many suitors, her attitude to those men were very cold. Only when seeing Qin Feng, she laughed like flowers.

At first, Qin Feng also felt a little abrupt. After all, he felt that he did not know this girl very well, but it was a matter of face to chat and drink with such a beautiful girl.

What's more, after Qin Feng came to Tianhe, apart from Sister Hua, he really didn't know any girl, so he made her a good friend.

However, Jiang Xiaowen slowly discovered that Qin Feng's coming to work in a Free Man Bar seemed to be a front, and he seemed to have come especially close to Xiao Jinhua, which made Xiaowen feel estranged from Xiao Jinhua slowly in her heart.

She used to like Sister Hua, thinking she was nice, very just, but since her feeling of Qin Feng's intentions, Xiaowen had an instinctive hostility to her.

She did not want to do so, but she was not able to control herself. Seeing Qin Feng takes more than a look at Sister Hua, her heart was like on the fire, especially torment.

But now the time was not ripe, and she could not express her feelings in her heart to Qin Feng of that kind, afraid too abrupt, scaring away Qin Feng.

Girls, uh, all have their own emotional markers. For Jiang Xiaowen, after her special experience, she had a hero in her heart. She couldn't see all the outstanding men last week around her, but all the men who pursued her and claimed to be perfect, Xiaowen could not help but compare them with Qin Feng, but after the comparison, Qin Feng would always win.

This was not because how perfect he was. It could only be said that it was about Jiang Xiaowen's preconceived emotional line. For a time, she was also very depressed. She wanted to forget that incomplete memory, but in the hope of disillusionment, she was about to change her mind. She slowly looked at the excellent guys around, but Qin Feng appeared in front of her at the right time, which made Jiang Xiaowen very excited, and even thought Qin Feng was a gift from heaven to her. After all, it was too coincidental.

This was the fate in the unseen world. No one deliberately pursued. They just coincidentally appeared on their own.

When the opportunity came again, Jiang Xiaowen told herself that she must seize it, even if she wanted to compete with Xiao Jinhua, she must not give up lightly.

Finally, they came to the spicy lobster restaurant they often went to. After sitting down, Jiang Xiaowen excitedly took out a birthday gift prepared for Qin Feng.