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Chapter 260 The obvious signal

“Commander Kang. You don't have to say that. I am just an ordinary solider in People's Liberation Army of China. Just have sweated a little more than others. I am serving the people, just like everyone else. No need to compare. Each of us is entrusted by the people. It’s not my glorious because I lead the team outside, there were many people in paying and fighting in silence behind me. If we have earned some merit, it’s certainly shouldn’t account to me alone, we are a team, we are all striving for the same goal, no matter success or failure, we would face it together.”

Qin Feng said anxiously and earnestly that made his word humility and powerful. It showed that he was trying his best to earn more welfare for his team members. He meant to bring everyone together so that they could share praises and punishes together, that was the mode of eating in the same pot instead of highlighting himself, otherwise it would lower the enthusiasm of others. The team's fighting power was depended on the selfless devotion and balance skill of the leader. A leader should not take the team's success as a success of himself. Otherwise, even though others would not say anything, he would not get the pleasant of being trusted and admire. Only full reward, should you find yourself in your inner heart, established a more determined belief and enriched confidence, then service people better in future.

It's actually a way of being a “leader”. Retreat in order to advance. It seemed that Qing Feng was humble, in fact, it would get the approval of his superior, so that they would think Qin Feng generous, not stick to trifles, and able to achieve great things.

Of course. Qing Feng didn’t care about it and he had no intention of studying these tactics of mind.

Qin Feng bottomed up first. That was toast from Kang MingYang, it must be finished. Though Qin Feng was casual in daily time, he was never hesitated when establishing a good impression to Kang Mingyang.

As long as Kang Mingyang was here, no one dared hesitate anymore, they all bottomed up, so the spirit was drinking very quickly. These were MaoTai spirit which contained high volume of alcohol, no one could sustain this spirit if he bottomed up again and again.

Before one o'clock in midnight, half of the people were lying their heads on the table and couldn't get up, Lei Ming even vomited directly under the table. They were all very tired and didn't have a good rest, when Kang MingYang had drunk his fifth cup, he stopped toasting anyone anymore.

According to the "Alcohol culture", the host should say something to end the feast, but now there was no way to end it.

Everybody came back to their home at last.

Lei Ming was carried back by three people, he was crying to drink again, to drink with Qing Feng until dawn.

Green Dragon was drunk, and he was very dull at the table all night, and he hardly spoke. Not only because he didn’t speak much usually, but also because Kang Mingyang praised Qin Feng, Green Snake, Lei Ming, even Harlei, Zhang Shan, but did not praise him.

You know, he's a member of the Golden Four group, a core member of the entire special war zone. He never absented from any important task, he tried his best in every task. Although not as hard as Qin Feng, at least he was about the same as a green snake.

All right, Green Snake was a girl, she was worthier of respect.

But he should be better than Lei Ming who was a playboy, huh?

But Kang MingYang who looked like a decent and fair military chief, didn’t mentioned even a word of him in the two-hour drinking, Kang even couldn’t call his name.

It made green dragon so sad, because he always thought he was excellent in every aspect. And all his superior should have known it. It's just that he lacked a platform to communicate directly with superior. But now he finally had a chance, when he was waiting in peace for praising from his leader, Kang MingYang unexpectedly praised everyone except him.

So, it made green dragon so depressing. He looked happy, listening to Kang Mingyang's harangue, when Kang MingYang needed applaud, he applauded, when it’s time to drink, he drank without hesitation, but his heart was very uncomfortable.

Why treated him in this way?


What did he do wrong?

Even a few days ago, he was bewitched, listened to Gu Shaoyun’s nonsense and almost hurt Qin Feng, but he reined in his horse at the brink of the precipice.

And green dragon believed that no one would know his treachery because he had hided everything very well from the beginning. Even the time he sniped Qin Feng in a abandon factory in Tianhe. It was the time he most likely exposed, but Qin Feng failed to get any evidence.

Green dragon didn't believe he was discovered, but why Kang Mingyang treated him so unfairly?

What he needs was to be treated fairly.

Everyone went back to their apartment in a drunken gesture and fell asleep, including Qin Feng. After sending green snake away, he went back to his apartment dizzily too, but he did not immediately fall asleep, but took out the phone and found out Flower sister's WeChat ID.

He wanted to send a message to her, but really didn't know what to say, so he simply sent a smiling emotion.

Then he began to read her moments, but it had not been updated for a week, and her photos were so few, just a few photos, he looked at them repeatedly.

Green Dragon was laying on a couch in the balcony of his apartment, he was holding a cigarette in his mouth and looking at the starry sky, he didn't want to fall asleep at all.

He was thinking, thinking about his future, thinking about what to do next.

Suddenly, he felt very confused. He used to believe that he would be happy and would have a good ending if he stayed with Qin Feng. Qin Feng was a good man. He would certainly make good arrangement for him at the end of the day, their friendship was absolutely good.

But now, even though Qin Feng had had a good relationship with Kang Mingyang. Qin still could not say something good of Green dragon on his own initiative in front of Kang. It was possible that he would speak something bad of Green dragon instead.

Otherwise, why Kang Mingyang treated him in such a cold attitude?

Although all were blind and disorder conjectures, but a man at this time was easy to split hairs and feel so wronged. It’s obviously that he had made his best efforts, but still could not get an evaluation which sounded fair. It's not easy that he could drink together with Kang Mingyang, but he never thought he would leave such a impression.

Just then the door was knocked.

It's almost two o'clock in midnight.

Who could it be?

Green dragon shouted, “Who?”

“It’s me.”

The voice was lowered deliberately, it seemed that he was fear of being heard by people in other apartments, but even so, Green Dragon still recognized the voice was from Gu Shaoyun.

He hesitated before he opened the door.

Gu ShaoYun was wearing a cap. He said nothing and walked straight into the department.

The house was dark, but green dragon like it. Especially when he was in a bad mood, he liked lying lazily in the balcony under moonlight.

Gu Shaoyun didn’t turn on the light, he sat on a sofa and began to smoke.

Green Dragon was certainly aware that Gu was also aggrieved at the drinking table tonight and even worse than him.

After all, he was a special war zone leader, but Kang Mingyang seemed not interested in him, moreover, Kang even showed a little disgusted with him.

They were not stupid, they could understand.

On one hand, Kang Mingyang was in favor of Qin Feng all night. On the other hand, he belittled Gu ShaoYun. This was a very clear signal to Gu Shaoyun, and it’s also a sad night for him.