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Chapter 257 Kang Mingyang“s arrangemen

The applause was constant, the performance of Qin Feng and others had been heard through the Afghan government, especially General Kelifu’s strong praise. Manton regime was particularly gratified because of the situation had been stable, they were pretty grateful for the friendly help of Hua Xia.

It was definitely a great surprise to get Kangming Yang’s reception.

Even Qin Feng, who have experienced great things, was a bit a muddled and stuttered. "Commander Kang, you... why you are here?"

Qin Feng stood in front of him, he wanted to shake hands at first, but Gu Shaoyun next to him winked to him, then Qin Feng just reacted to line up the team, “Regard green dragon as a benchmark and lined up.”

Although everyone was exhausted, when seeing Commander Kang, they braced themselves up immediately, standing in a queue at a very fast speed and the small steps they trod were vigorous.

Qin Feng shouted, "Dress right, stand at ease, attention....stand at ease.’’

Then Qin Feng turned back and ran to Kang Mingyang. He gave a perfect salute and exclaimed, "Report to commander, the special combat squad has successfully completed the SS-class task of Afuhan. Please indicate."

"Go according to plan."

Kang Mingyang also returned a salute seriously and said, "Back to the queue."

“Yes sir.”

After responding, Qin Feng directly ran to the left side of green dragon and stood at attention.


Kang Mingyang just finished his words, the queue neatly took back their feet. “At ease.”

After hearing the command of standing at ease, everyone stood at ease again.

They had practiced the whole set of procedure when they were recruits, it basically became their conditional reflection. It was almost a daily compulsory procedure. It seemed complicated, but it would be fine if you’re accustomed to it. After a long time, they still thought that this procedure of arranging the queue was more durable and imposing.

“You’ve been suffering these days. I have already known what you had experienced in Afuhan. To be honest, such a mission really left the life out of consideration. The war is ruthless, but you have resolutely completed the tasks assigned by the military area. The Manton regime has already sent messages to Sea Palaces, they are especially grateful to us. The leaders are very pleased because your success not only helped Afuhan stabilize the situation, but also strove time for our strategic deployment. If the task failed, then Suli would stay in Afuhan, and Maimargh would follow up soon, you know the threats of it even without my interpretation. But now half of the Middle East was either controlled by Maimargh or have deep cooperation agreements with Maimargh. These several countries control ninety percent of crude oil in the whole world. If Afuhan is also controlled by Maimargh, then our Hua Xia would have a very serious oil crisis, and the difficulties at that time would be unthinkable. It can be said that you have made a great achievement for our country. I express our gratitude on behalf of the entire military region. Thank you."

While speaking, Kang Mingyang made a bow personally to express his respect to Qin Feng and others, and other people also followed him to bent especially sincerely over ninety degrees, only Gu Shaoyun just bent symbolically and didn’t keep it in mind at all. In his opinion, Kang Mingyang who was the commander of the military region should call him in advance if he came to the special war zone personally, Gu thought that Kang should first greet him who was the head of the special war zone. However, Kang Mingyang ignored him, on the other hand, he was so friendly to Qin Feng, which made Gu Shaoyun jealous and angry in mind.

He knew that Qin Feng had already had a good relationship with Kang Mingyang, so Qin Feng never respect him. But after all, Gu’s position was higher than Qin Feng. Qin Feng dared not to disobey. He was just slovenly and didn’t look so obedient, but basically, he carried out all the tasks. What worried Gu Shaoyun was that this time Qin Feng just rendered meritorious service but did not make up any trouble. He wasn’t "merits offset faults" as he used to be, and this time he also made a great achievement, which made Gu Shaoyun very uncomfortable. What if Kangming was so happy that he promoted Qin Feng ,what would happen to Gu’s position?

Qin Feng applauded first, and the soldiers hurriedly went along with him. They were still a little anxious when they met Kang Mingyang, but Qin Feng seemed to be more natural. After the formal etiquette had finished, he shook hands with Kang Mingyang excitedly and said, " Commander Kang. We haven’t lost face this time, right?"

"Certainly, I feel proud of you. Before you came here, the big leader there just called me, he especially praised you and asked me to pay more attention to you."

The two of them walked ahead, Gu Shaoyun and others followed behind them, and the last was green dragon.

Everybody went together and whispered, "My gosh, have you seen that? Captain Qin put his arm around Commander Kang’s shoulders. It seemed that they are good buddies. They are too intimate"

"That’s right. When did he get to know Commander Kang? He is the No.1 in the military area."

Although Lei Ming knew that Qin Feng’s background was very deep, he did not expect that he had such a power. Even Lei Ming who was the son of a captain dared not to treat Kang Mingyang in this way. He just used the family power to simply have two meals with Kang Mingyang so that they knew each other privately. However, it seemed that Kang Mingyang did not like him. Especially the previous Lei Ming, it could even be said that Kang Mingyang was disgusted with him.

"I don't know, it is too deep."

Green snake shook her head helplessly.

Everyone walked for five minutes until they came to the canteen of the special war zone. The exquisite packed room had already been filled with all kinds of expansive foods, which was asked specially by commander Kang, he wanted to provide soldiers who went to Afuhan for their tasks a wonderful meal. Anyway, everything that could fly in the sky, run on the ground or swim in the sea were gathered here.

The army was a place where ran in a hierarchical way. When Kang Mingyang came, he certainly sits on the host seat. As a partner of the special war zone, Gu Shaoyun should sit the vice host or the VIP guest seat. After all, Qin Feng and others were trained by Gu. It was just how it was in the traditional concept of officialdom, no matter how excellent the subordinates were, they must first compliment their superior. Even if superior did nothing, superior should accept the spotlight that around him, but tonight, Kang Mingyang broke the routine, he asked his deputy chief of staff to sit on the vice host seat, and let Qin Feng to be the leading role, sit on the VIP guest seat.

After being arranged in this way, Qin Feng certainly could not accept it directly. He hurriedly talked about Gu Shaoyun, "No, no. I can't sit down, Captain Gu trained us hard on weekdays. He was the biggest hero and he deserved to sit here."

Qin Feng ran towards the third seat in a hurry, but he was stopped by Kang Mingyang.

At first, when hearing what Qin Feng said, Gu Shaoyun muttered in mind, Well, Qin Feng fairly had clear estimation of himself, as a small golden special team captain, it was not suitable for him to sit next to Commander Kang.

However, Kang Mingyang’s next word made Gu Shaoyun blush and almost went away.

“Listen to me. Although Captain Gu is toilsome, tonight can be considered as a celebration dinner.I have been paying attention to your situation in Afuhan. I know you will come back tonight, so I haven’t eaten dinner yet. I wait for you till now. Qin Feng made the greatest contribution, he should sit on the VIP guest seat for honour. As for the second guest seat, it should belong green snake, it is not easy to be the only woman in the team, and I heard that when she was on the Sade Plateau, she led the team to help Kelifu to stop the rebel’s second counterattack, she is so great. The third guest seat should be sat by the Captain Lei of the Flying eagle special team. To be honest, in the past you and your team didn’t leave a good impression on me, I always feel that you were just playing in the special war zone, you were slovenly on weekdays and have not any real power. But during this period, you have made great progress. Especially Captain Lei, you are quite a bit shameless and brave. Now your strength is very strong, I believe that one day Flying eagle special team will be a super special war team as well as golden special team, and I am looking forward to the early arrival of that day."

When it came to this, Kang Mingyang took a look at Gu Shaoyun who was already at the end of the table and said, “Of course, with all this said, you all have to thank Brigade Gu for your success today. Without his hard work, there would be no such a success today. Brigade Gu should sit on the fourth guest seat."

All the four seats seemed to be just for dinner, but there were many meanings implying in it, especially in the army, this was definitely a manifestation of the official title, few people would break the normal procedure, no matter what the theme of the dinner was, the seat of a dinner was always ranked according to the official ranks, but today, Kang Mingyang changed it a bit unacceptably.

It was understandable not to let Gu Shaoyun sit in the main seat, after all, Qin Feng really did a great job. However, he didn’t allow to give Gu Shaoyun a second seat, but only symbolically give him a fourth seat, which was absolutely a contempt for Gu Shaoyun.

Making such an arrangement, if Kang Mingyang wasn’t mad, he was hiding deep meaning. He may want to adjust personnel positions and Qin Feng was very likely to be promoted. He was popular before, if he didn’t always make small mistakes or Gu Shaoyun didn’t say bad words of him secretly, he would have achieved success and become famous.

Gold would always light. With Qin Feng’s ability, characteristic and responsibility, he would never be buried.