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Chapter 256 Close eyes and have a res

Qin Feng also felt frustrating when he saw them like this. The key in winning a war was to fight relied on a sense of morale and firmly believed that victory was possible only if they could defeat the enemy.

And this group of government troops which in front of Qin Feng had been terrified by the Fire beetle just now. They really had no confident to fight the rebels again.

In fact, the knot in Qin Feng’s heart would gone away as long as the war was over and there were no casualties.

It was impossible for him to change the current situation in Afuhan. This was a matter between countries, it was useless for it no matter how powerful of an individual. The reason why he insisted on bringing government troops to “fight” against the city of Suli was to help them resolve the conflict once and liberate the city of Suli completely so that it could return to the embrace of the motherland. However, he found that many things were not as simple as he thought. The special existence of the Suli city had its own special meaning. It would only arouse even greater contradictions if it was forcibly pulled together with Mandun. Because the Suli people hated the Mandun people from the bottom of their hearts. It was because that the killings of that year were initiated by the ancestors of the Mandun people, and the tens of thousands of bones buried in the woods were the ancestors of the Suli people. How could such continuing hatred be possible to fade away easily?

Perhaps this was an irreversible contradiction. This kind of ethnic dispute was a worldwide problem. There were too many ethnic groups that the historical elements had led to the current pattern. The cultural background they had contacted with since childhood had made them to be the generation that continued to hate each other.

They wanted to change all this unless they forcibly seized it and then changed a whole set of "education concepts" and incubated about three or four generations, which may gradually changed.

There was nothing Qin Feng could do about it because this was not an easy job.

He was a little tired as the road he went down was dangerous.

Since there was no way and then they went back.

After some discussions. Green dragon and others had no disagreement, they all felt that if we took the initiative to help the government troops to capture the city of Suli,China would be very passive. After all, it would have changed the real situation of Afuhan and then Maimargh would probably run out to get involved. It would be even more troublesome for China if it stepped in civil war of Afuhan in public.

They decided to leave by water finally, they decided to float along the river on the west side of the woods until they passed through the woods before going ashore. Then they returned in the same route and when they reached the Sade plateau, Qin Feng and his team could return to China.

There was nothing wrong along the way.There were several government soldiers who could not swim. Qin Feng and several soldiers who good at swimming brought them back to the shore one by one.

They went all the way quickly, they returned to the Sade plateau before it went dark at last.

Lei Ming and others were sitting on the ground tiredly, they complained for a while. It caused them so much trouble. They were exhausted and almost lost their lives.

However, they had seen Fire beetle which was supposed extincted, so they didn’t return without gain. They would have something interesting to brag with their brothers when they went back.

Kelifu was a little reluctant when departing. He hugged Qin Feng tightly: “ the warrior of China , you are really great and your soldiers are also very professional, which makes me admire you. I don’t expect you to be so strong and responsible. Please allow me to show my respect to you because you have changed my impression of Chinese."

He took a step backward when he finished his word. The government army behind him had already lined up in a neat line. With an order,tens of thousands of people all saluted to them.The scene was so grand that it made everyone arouse admiration.

Qin Feng ordered immediately, "Salute."

The way of reverence between soldiers and soldiers was common all over the world.There was no need for additional language, the salutation had already explained everything.

"Qin Feng, I will definitely go to China to meet you if I have a chance."

Kelifu said seriously.

" Well, you are welcome. In addition, I will study about Fire beetle when I go back. I will come to Afuhan as a tourist to visit them when I have time, at that time, I’ll call you together ? "

Qin Feng laughed.

"Ah? "

As soon as he heard the Fire beetle, Kelifu waved his hands anxiously and his face changed. "No, no. Forget it. I can show you other wonderful things that are unique to our Afuhan."

"Haha, look, you are so scare. I'll contact you by then."

Qin Feng said.

After farewell with each other, Qin Feng and his fourteen people got on a plane again and set off to China.

After boarded the plane, everyone was lying on the space chair with their tired eyes. Everyone closed their eyes to rest.

Qin Feng was extraordinarily excited. He saw the biological specimens and dissection of the Fire beetle in the museum of military, but later that cabinet was withdrew . He remembered that there was an old curator who introduced the Fire beetle and explained how powerful it was, but no one believed that there would be such a strong flying insect.

Now he had seen with his own eyes. Qin Feng’s curiosity about Fire beetlewas even heavier. He intended to find the curator immediately to get more information when he returned.

Green snake sat next to him and found some inkling of the matter. "Captain Qin, Fire beetle still exists, what does it mean? "

“It means that there are undiscovered secrets under the woods. But today, only a few of them came up. It is said that the Fire beetle’s breeding ability was very strong and that they like to come out in group. I dare to say that there are still incalculable Fire beetle underground. And what does it mean if there are many Fire beetle that could suck so much blood?"

Qin Feng said.

“Is it mean that there are a lot of dead bodies underground?”

Green snake asked, "The tens of thousands that are buried hundreds of years ago should have been corrupted long ago. Are they still there until today?"

“I can’t explain it. Maybe there is something else. The ground shake and collapse after the grenade explosions, indicating that the depth of the underground should be vacuum. I feel that it may be a grave and it should be a large grave.”

Qin Feng said seriously.

"No? How can there be a grave in such places, where there are no mountains or seas. Celebrities would not choose to be buried there. Besides, there have been tens of thousands of Suli people buried there before. Wouldn’t the owner of the grave feel uncomfortable?"

Green snake shook her head and sighed. "There is really no way to explain, who knows exactly what the hell it is."

"Well, the Fire beetle were really awesome. I was stunned at the time and I didn't know how to deal with them. Fortunately, none of us were injured."

Qin Feng said.

“ Well, yes,it’s scary. When it pierced a dozen government soldiers in a series. It would definitely shake the world if it can be recorded.”

Green snake sighed, "What a terrible place. There are a lot of things that can’t be explained. It has been extinct for tens of millions of years, but it appeared again.”

"Let's go back and look up material about it before we discuss it again. I will come back to visit them sooner or later. If it can be used for me, haha, that would be great."

Qin Feng laughed.

"Oh my god, that’s filthy. Although they are very beautiful, they are too bad. You use them..."

"It’s not s cruel if I use it to deal with Sha Kun. I think it's just fine."

Qin Feng grunted, "After returning to the capital, I have to sleep for a day first. I’m exhausted.”

"Em, hug me so that I can sleep better. I am more tired. I menstruated, my underwear has become red. I didn’t have any chance to change my underwear. I just changed it before I got on the plane."

Green snake dared to tell Qin Feng such a private thing, "it is estimated that it will be out of order again next month, alas.”

“Oh my god, you are shameless.”

Qin Feng said with a disdain. "Don't tell me about this. I'm not your man."

"Shut up."

Green snake gave Qin Feng a back look and kicked him, don’t touch the tender spot.

Qin Feng grabbed her and stretched out his arms when he saw she was about to change her seat. "Well, for the sake of your outstanding performance in the task, I reward you one of my arm, okay? But you can just sleep on it as a pillow, you can’t have too much excessive demand."

" Hum, you are thinking too much."

Green snake pouted her mouth and put her head on it reluctantly. She closed her eyes at ease quickly when she smelt the familiar flavor of Qin Feng. At the same time, green dragon in the back seat had already started snoring, he was sleeping very enjoyable.

! ! !

At 11 o'clock in the evening, the two helicopters landed on time at the training ground in the special warfare division of the Beijing Military Region.

They were greeted by the leaders of the special war zone after the cabin door was opened. No, the headmaster, Kang Mingyang was there personally. Regardless of his cold, he was bearing cold wind at night. He was waiting until Qin Feng and other soldiers got off the plane.