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Chapter 241 Sister Hua“s grievance

And now not only they had taken down Zhao Jun, but they also thoroughly let Zhao Jun's gang see the strength of Qin Feng. With Secretary Liu's cover, in the Tianhe territory, who dare not give him face?

Not only did Pei Xiang and Daquan have no temper at all, but this incident would soon spread all over the Tianhe. No one would dare to challenge Qin Feng any more in the future, but their relationship with Qin Feng, everyone in the circle knew it.

Xiao Jinhua's status would rise with the rising tide, and no one would despise her any more.

But Xiao Jinhua had other thoughts about Qin Feng.

She really did not want him to come back to delay his great cause. Dedicating for the country was the dream of how many good men from childhood. He now had such an opportunity and platform, but he always wanted to retreat, and such an idea was dangerous.

In addition, the longer Qin Feng stayed in Tianhe, the deeper Xiao Jinhua's feelings for him would be. She was really afraid of being unable to extricate herself. At that time, when Qin Feng wanted to go, she would find it hard to part with him.

Xiao Jinhua herself knew that she was not worthy of such a good man as Qin Feng, and that what she really was worth. Qin Feng should have a brighter life. He was still so young and had the potential to hang from an old tree of hers.

The reason why she entangled was because she cared.

She hoped Qin Feng could lead a better, more brilliant. She did not want to let him set foot on the mud of the Tianhe.

But there were things she couldn't stop even if she wanted to.

"Sister Hua, are you tired? I'm a little hungry. Why don't we eat some noodles here?"

Qin Feng smiled and said, "I learned a new kind of noodles. It is very fragrant. I make it for you."

Qin Feng took the initiative to ease the embarrassment, but Xiao Jinhua did not want to be so unclear with Qin Feng together again.

With her arms around her chest and leaning against the kitchen door, she watched Qin Feng put on an apron and turn on the stove with excitement as he cooked.

"Qin Feng, what do you think? Don't you think it's rude to come back like this?"

Xiao Jinhua said seriously, "You came back without a word of greeting, and you braved to do such a big thing. Zhao Jun in the Tianhe at least was a figure. You did so ruthless to him. Have you considered the consequences?"

Although Secretary Liu and Jia Quan had appeared tonight, it was difficult to predict. But what if they did not come? Then Qin Feng tonight in the police station was absolutely not good to stand. A single Li Faxian, in order to avenge the original kneeling, would certainly do his best to retaliate against Qin Feng.

"I've thought about it."

Qin Feng smiled helplessly, "You are just in the scene. On that momentum, what do I also need to consider? Secretary Liu did come. Can't you see what our relationship is?"

Although Qin Feng could not reveal his family background, he wanted to send a signal to Sister Hua tonight that he had a stronger background besides the identity being a special combat member.

Not to be specific, this involved a lot of covert things. If Sister Hua knew it, it was not good for her, but as long as she knew he was strong enough, that would be enough.

In this way, she would have saved herself the trouble of worrying, as if any gangster could let Qin Feng fall. What does she think?

But he did not like that kind of personality of life. It felt too absurd, because no one could choose the origin, what can be showed off? Perhaps, one was lucky enough in this life to become a child of senior cadres, but the next life one would be reincarnated as pigs. No one could tell exactly, but he believed that the god had its own arrangement. As long as he maintained vigilance and low-key, his luck would not be too bad.

Even some hearsay, Qin Feng had been quietly adhering to. He firmly believed that the law of heaven rewards hard work.

"I don't care what your relationship is. Even if he is your own brother, you can't cause any more trouble. In case you're attacked by someone who run like hell. It's easy to hide out gun, but an arrow shot from ambush is something difficult to guard against. Xiao he is dead, and I don't want you to......."

Sister Hua's words did not say out, but the whole atmosphere froze on the instant.

Compared to those battlefields where life and death were left out of consideration, staying in Tianhe, Qin Feng has felt that the comfortable vacation. What is the danger?

But to Sister Hua, this was already very terrible. After all she had not seen, what the real danger was.

And she was a thoughtful woman. With Xiao He's lesson, she did not want to lose the most important man in life again.

The reason for Sister Hua being able to remain awake after knowing Xiao He's death was largely because of the existence of Qin Feng.

God was fair. It took her brother away but sent a good man to her.

Let her have a shoulder to depend on when she most needed one to lean on.

Although very soon, Sister Hua chose to leave from Qin Feng, she knew that such a departure was not sad, because her letting go, could be a better Qin Feng.

Just seeing him have a better life from afar was satisfying.

But Sister Hua neglected one point. Could her leave really let Qin Feng live really better?

The generation of emotion was mutual.

When two people happily stay together every day, their feelings were also connected. It was impossible for one person to think the other good, and the other had no feeling.

Sister Hua did not have time to consider Qin Feng's feelings. She just wanted to remove the pressure on her body. She did not want to become the "pressure bag" in Kang Mingyang's mouth.

But even if it was such a cruel, she determined to go, and did not let Qin Feng despair.

After all, he still came. In less than a week later, he once again appeared in such a strange way in front of Sister Hua.

To tell the truth, it was both surprise and joy.

But thinking in the future Qin Feng would be more "clingy", she still wanted to make up her mind to say goodbye to Qin Feng again.

"Sister Hua, don't worry about it. I will protect myself. Xiao He has gone, and I am the only one who can protect you. Rest assured. I will......."

Qin Feng said seriously.

He tried to pull Xiao Jinhua's hand, but she pushed it open. "No, I don't need it. You always like to think what you think. Have you considered my feelings?"

"You? Didn't you see what I did? I do it for your own good, for your sake. If there's something else I'm not thinking about, you tell me. I'll change it right away."

Qin Feng said anxiously, fearing that there was something missing.

"It's no use changing. If you're here, it's the worst thing you can do."

Xiao Jinhua said coldly, "You haunt me every day, and I want to find a date without a chance. One of my brother's comrades in arms is sticking to me, like a dog skin plaster. What's the matter? I'm so old, and I can't afford to procrastinate. I'm going to get married this year, and I'm looking for someone now, and I've got a goal, you know? If you stay with me every day, who dares to call me?"