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Chapter 239 The appearance of Municipal Party Secretary


Out of the emergency room, Qin Feng slowly lit a cigarette. Two young police went to handcuff him, but Li Faxian let them withdraw, "Give Qin Feng some dignity. If he could cooperate with me, it would be a great honor."

At present, Li Faxian does not want to thoroughly quarrel with Qin Feng. This time he caught him he had learned cleverly. Before Qin Feng's charges were fully implemented, Li Faxian must be a little polite to Qin Feng. Otherwise, in case something else happened to him that he turned over the case, then there was no way out for Li Faxian.

To be a human being, making allowance is to see each other well in the future.

"Qin Feng!"

At this time, Xiao Jinhua rushed out, and unable to help herself. She had just been stopped by Pei Xiang in the hall, and now they were all in power. Pei Xiang and Daquan all wanted to humiliate Xiao Jinhua, but she bit Pei Xiang's hand dead and came out of the crowd.

When Qin Feng was about to get on the police car, she rushed over, holding Qin Feng. The fragrance let Qin Feng misty. He finally received this embrace, the one that did not seem to forgive.

This hug at least showed that when in the military region, the words Sister Hua said that Qin Feng was only used as props were false.

Qin Feng had always believed that their feelings were true. Even if they throw away the elements of love, but they also had enough weight of emotion.

If she only simply worried about Qin Feng staying in Tianhe would affect his future, that would be too much of a fuss.

Sister Hua only knew Qin Feng's occupation, thinking that he, like Xiao he, was from a poor family and had no way to become a soldier. However, Qin Feng's family background was beyond her imagination, so Qin Feng had never worried about his so-called future, no matter which direction he took, he would have a very good future.

Of course, Qin Feng won't tell Sister Hua about his family for the time being. This was an agreement he made with his father for many years. Qin Feng didn't want to break it.

Qin Feng smiled, patted Sister Hua's delicate shoulder, stroked her long hair, very smooth, especially delicate, and could not help but bury his head lightly smelling, "Sister Hua, thank you.

Don't worry about me, I promise you, I'll be fine."

Qin Feng's self-confidence was not groundless. He had the absolute assurance to be able to extricate himself from the predicament.

"Qin Feng, all to this, you don't comfort me. You'll be extra targeted."

Sister Hua glanced at Li Faxian behind her and muttered, "Only Director Li will not let you off. He's been waiting for this opportunity for too long. The last time you......."

Before she had finished speaking, a black Audi drove at the gate of the hospital.

With slow speed, the car was very dynamic. This was from the inside out. If the nouveau riche loaned to buy this car, there would be never this feeling.

Seeing the Audi car coming this way, people were looking sideways, but they had no special feelings. Now Audi cars were not expensive. Even ordinary families could buy it, unlike in the past.

But when the license plate number was revealed, Li Faxian and everyone inside were stunned.

The number at the top of the Tianhe was 00001.

What this means, needless to say, was well known.

Special car for the secretary of the municipal party committee.

Sure enough, the Audi parked steadily in front of the police car. The secretary was anxious to open the door, but Liu Bangguo, who was sitting in the back row, opened it by himself and went straight to Qin Feng.

What does it mean? All the people here were shocked at the sight?

Could Qin Feng have been caught as an example and even needed examined by the secretary of the municipal party committee? Interrogation?

Pei Xiang whispered to Daquan, "Look, Qin Feng must be dead this time. He hit the muzzle. The secretary of the municipal party committee personally issued a severe strike hard order, and he will definitely not be spared."

"Comrade Qin Feng, right?"

Liu Bangguo, standing in front of Qin Feng, bowed courteously and politely said, "Sorry, I'm late."


Everybody was confused. What does he mean? What? Did they hear him correctly?

Was the party secretary apologizing to Qin Feng?

Oh, my God!

What's it all about?

"Secretary Liu, that's very kind of you. I'm glad you could come.

Thank you."

Qin Feng said.

At this time, a Volkswagen Touareg rushed into the door of the hospital again and this was Jia Quan's private car, with a white top. For the original all down, he spent nearly 1.3 million, which was definitely a low-key luxury.

Li Fa Xian recognized Jia Quan's car at a glance, approached Liu Bangguo like a pug, lowered his head and said, "Liu..... Secretary Liu, my brother, no, director Jia is here."

Liu Bangguo did not even look at the car behind him or Jia Quan, who ran hurriedly. He looked coldly at Li Faxian and looked up and down at him. "During your duty, you were disheveled. Did you still have the appearance of a people's policeman?"

Yes, the inside of the police coat, should be wearing a light gray shirt. Each policeman would be issued at least two sets of single, and two sets of cotton, which were definitely enough to wear, and Li Faxian inside was wearing a white shirt with patterns.

"I'm sorry, Secretary Liu, but I was negligent. My outfitted shirt is still in the wash."

Li Faxian blushed and bowed his head in a hurry to admit his mistake.

He was such a sesame official who has no chance to talk to the party secretary. Jia Quan, who had rushed over to see the situation, hurriedly pointed at Li Faxian's nose and scolded loudly, "How did you become the director of the party committee of the people's Republic of China? You need your clothes? I did not buy to wash wet have to wear, you represent the image of the people's police, you know?"

"Yes, yes. I see."

Li Faxian really longed to find a crack in the ground, which was humiliating in front of the hundreds of people who were watching.

A lot of nurses and doctors on duty had been watching. They knew that with the backing of the secretary of the municipal party committee, no one dared to make trouble any more.

"Comrade Qin Feng, you said you caught the mastermind who smashed the Free Man Bar, didn't you?"

Liu Bangguo asked politely.

"Well, yes. He's in the emergency room. He wrote a confession, and I've got his fingerprints. I thought he was too hateful, so I pierced him with a knife. However, big Director Li felt that I intentionally hurt people, but he also said that was serious harm, and took me back to the station to investigate."

Qin Feng smiled and looked at Li Faxian. "Right? Director Li?

Why don't we go now?"

Then Qin Feng looked at Liu Bangguo and said, "Secretary Liu, you are very busy, too. It's late. Go back to have a rest as soon as possible. I have to report at the station."

At this time, Li Faxian had been ashamed to kneel down to him one more time. He never expected that the party secretary of the city should be so polite in the face of Qin Feng in front of so many people. This guy looks such a loser. What kind of background was this guy? If he's really that fierce, why don't he start with it?

Did he like the feeling of being dressed up as pig to eat tiger?

That's a lesson. Damn it.


Jia Quan was so angry that he rushed over and slapped Li Faxian in the face, pointing at him and scolding him. "What are you thinking of? Comrade Qin Feng helped us catch the main culprits for smashing the Free Man Bar, which was a great achievement. Why are you taking him back for questioning?"