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Chapter 236 Wait to die

"Pei Xiang, I'll kill you!"

Sister Hua scolded, spat foam which just splashed in Pei Xiang's face. She did not have time to dodge, was in a mess by the vomiting.

Sister Hua laughed and said, "Ha-ha, you bitch, you are a piece of garbage."

"Xiao Jinhua, I'll let you know what I'm good at today."

When words fell, Pei Xiang directly took a dagger out of the waist. The sharp blade bright shone into everyone's pupils at the presence. Pei Xiang who was humiliated so had the heart to kill Xiao Jinhua.

Seeing this, Ruru rushed over in a hurry and grabbed Pei Xiang, "What do you want to do? No."

Although Ruru also hated Sister Hua, she was not as wild as Pei Xiang. Besides, Sister Hua had helped her many times, including Qin Feng, who had saved them on her last solo trip to Supersonic, which moved Ruru very much.

If there were not Sister Hua sandwiched in the middle, she would really be desperate to chase Qin Feng. Such a hero, in her almost desperate moment rushed out, captured her fragile heart. For the first time she had that impulse, crazy for a man.

"Get out of the way."

Pei Xiang pushed Ruru away. "You're a soft egg. What have you been bullied into? And you still show mercy."

When words fell, Pei Xiang with a dagger directly stabbed at the immovable Xiao Jinhua, "Hum, you die!"

Daquan and a few younger brothers pressed Xiao Jinhua firmly. She twisted desperately but had no avail at all. She watched the sharp point of the knife thrust into her lower abdomen. With such a force, if stabbed, it could really pierce her thin body through.

But at the moment when the tip of the knife was about to pierce Sister Hua, a dart came from nowhere. At a speed invisible to the naked eye, it plunged directly into Pei Xiang's right shoulder. Her right hand suddenly stopped moving, and the dagger was slammed and fell on the cold stone floor.


All of them t present were stunned and stared around in their place. Where did they get the dart?

Just at that moment, Daquan felt only a dark shadow pass by before his eyes. He had no response to what it was. The next second it plunged into Pei Xiang's shoulder. Yes, it was pierced straight through. There was only a dart buttocks exposed outside. There's a little red rope hanging on it.

Sister Hua had no hope when the dagger pierce into her. In any case, as long as Qin Feng could escape Tianhe at the first time, and with his ability, he would not be caught, that would be good. As long as Zhao Jun did not die, He would be fine if he stayed away for a while.

She herself did not care. Just get a stabbed, anyway, she was in the hospital. She would be rescued first. Life and death are decreed by fate while wealth and rank are matters of destiny. Everything depended on the fate.

But when she opened her eyes, she saw the blood flowing down Pei Xiang's shoulder, almost spurting out, very bloody. She screamed painfully and almost fell to the ground. Ruru hugged her in a hurry and shouted, "Doctor, Doctor."

And just then, a male voice roared out, "Don't go anywhere."

The people in the quiet emergency room were in a panic. Everyone clearly saw Qin Feng at the entrance.

He stood aloof, standing coldly and contemptuous of all that was here.

At this time, Daquan and they all surrounded him, but no one dared to start. Qin Feng's strength, they are clear about. To deal with such rascals, he alone could fight a hundred of them.

However, no one could have imagined that Qin Feng even dared to come.

You know, Zhao Jun's wife, Li Xiuxiu, had already called the police, and was afraid that the murderer Qin Feng would flee. After sending Zhao Jun to the hospital, she was anxious to go to the Public Security Bureau. She wanted to take the police to the hospital as soon as possible and spread the net all over the city of Tianhe to catch Qin Feng.

"Qin Feng, you come just in time, waiting to go to jail."

Pei Xiang forced to endure pain, pointing to Qin Feng, and said, "You dog man and woman, this time, you wait to die."

The ghostly stride of Qin Feng skimmed past. Daquan who had just stood beside him had no idea how Qin Feng moved. In a trance, he came to Pei Xiang four or five meters away, followed by a few slaps, and Pei Xiang rocked from side to side and fell to the ground.

Then Qin Feng came to Sister Hua and took her delicate hand. "Sister, I'm late. Are you OK?"

Gentle as water. His serene voice almost melted Sister Hua's heart.

But even so, she threw off Qin Feng's hand and shouted angrily, "What are you doing here? I thought you were gone!

You're crazy!"

"I have never left. I'm not going anywhere if you're here."

Qin Feng looked at her carefully. The corners of her mouth overflowing with blood, her cheeks slightly swollen. She was slapped in the face.

He looked around and exclaimed coldly, "Who did it?"

No one dared to respond.

Pei Xiang on the ground had long been honest. She did not have the ability to fight with Qin Feng, but she knew, the police would be here soon. At the time, she would like to see how Qin Feng escape. Tonight he must be finished.

No one admitted it, so that Qin Feng could only punish everyone.

He kicked out suddenly, and a strong man a meter away was kicked straight away. Without warning, they heard the crack of his ribs clearly. He curled up on the ground and cried out in pain.

Seeing this situation, Sister Hua was anxious to run over. She held Qin Feng, "What are you doing! Do you think the matter is too small? Qin Feng, if you do this again, I will never talk to you again."

"Sister Hua, if you get beaten, I'll kill them all. How could you get hit! Xiao He gave me an account before his death......"

Qin Feng's words had not finished, but Sister Hua gave him a hard slap in the face, "Don't mention it. Xiao he is dead, dead!

The living person must live well. You always live in his haze, and you are ruined. Do you know?"


Sister Hua had never lost such a big temper. Her heart was suffocating and was in panic. She did not know how to do. Xiao He was her dependent brother. He died, Sister Hua was more uncomfortable than anyone else.

But she knew better that what Xiao he wanted was for the living to be happy and comfortable, not for the sake of a dying wish to bear the pressure in his heart. Qin Feng was a good man, even if he did 10,000 wrong things, in Xiao Jinhua's heart, he was also a good man.

She really didn't want Qin Feng to feel guilty about her dying brother's dying wish. She wanted to wake Qin Feng up.

Qin Feng was stunned in his place. The slap that was hit on him had no pain, for his anti-fight ability, it was nothing more than tickle itch.

But he wondered why Sister Hua was doing this.

Was it really wrong that he was bent on protecting Sister Hua?

There was a sudden siren outside the entrance hall of the emergency building, and the noise was heard in the quiet night sky.

It was destined to be a restless night, and at the sound of the siren, some people rejoiced while some worried.

Pei Xiang on the ground tried to stand up, and excitedly shouted, "The police finally came. You're dead! Dead!"

She stared at Qin Feng and Xiao Jinhua, eager to eat them up.