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Chapter 233 The power of the army shank

"The Free Man Bar was smashed."

Qin Feng also did not detour, straight into the theme, "You should know who did it?"

"How would I know? You should ask the police."

Zhao Jun was strong enough, not a bit guilty, but he obviously overreacted. According to reason, Qin Feng had not said that the criminal was him, but he had a preconceived choice to resist.

"Oh, I think it's best to ask you."

Qin Feng staring at Zhao Jun's eyes, he was a little scary. He bowed his head, looking around, hands rubbing each other, appearing to be a little nervous.

"What do you mean?"

Zhao Jun's anger rushed up, humphing, "Qin Feng, not to mention the matter that you came to my house in the middle of the night to kidnap my wife. Just your inquiry, you are particularly bad to beat. The Free Man Bar is my house, my shop. Although now it is leased to Xiao Jinhua, there are all my painstaking efforts. Can I lift a stone to hit my own feet? Don't make an unfounded attack upon me. Although you are good at fighting, I'm not afraid of you either. It's not that easy to stand up in Tianhe. It's impossible to stand for long by being able to fight."

"When did I say you did it?"

Qin Feng laughed, "Your such reaction can't help but let a person suspect. I did not say that, but look, you are excited. What are you shaking your legs for?"

Zhao Jun's legs trembled involuntarily. Though his mouth was hard, his heart was frightened. He clearly remembered how Qin Feng had cut off his fingers. Although he had joined them now, his nerve endings were necrotic, and the three fingers were basically not there.

"I tremble? Am I shaking?"

Zhao Jun asked excitedly, but his legs were still shaking involuntarily. He tried to hold them together and press his arms against them, but to no avail.

"Admit it. It's you that find someone to do it, so that Xiao Jinhua will give you a decoration for free or pay you money.

Of course, the ultimate goal is to let Xiao Jinhua continue to work for you. Do you think I will not come back when I leave?"

Qin Feng estimated that this Zhao Jun definitely sent someone to stare at him and Sister Hua secretly. Otherwise he would not have made such bold action. He predicted Qin Feng would not come to Tianhe again from the capital city, and only then he dared to cause trouble to Sister Hua. But he did not expect, Qin Feng still came back.

"What do you mean? It's not me."

Although Zhao Jun had not admitted it, Qin Feng so staring at him, he didn't have courage to lie.

Qin Feng did not say a word, and directly from the cloth pocket took out of the long prepared army shanker, with 30 cm long knife body, extremely sharp, cutting iron such as cutting mud. Such a blade, not to mention chopping fingers, even cutting off the entire arm was easy.

The army shanker thrust directly into the mahogany tea table in front of them. Such a thick mahogany was directly pierced, and the whole army shanker thrust into a dozen centimeters. This force was not comparable to that of the ordinary person. If it were switched to Zhao Jun's thigh, it's easy to pierce his thighs.


Seeing this, Zhao Jun and Li Xiuxiu were frightened.

"Qin Feng, you have something to say. You have something to say. Let's not play with knives. It's a society ruled by law. You have to be reasonable."

Zhao Jun was obviously frightened. He didn't want to be stabbed anymore. Even in front of Qin Feng, he was like a lamb to be slaughtered. He didn't even have the confidence to fight back. Besides he refusing to admit it, all he had left was pleading.

Everything depended on the mood of Qin Feng. If he lost patience, it was not sure that the knife would penetrate Zhao Jun. Anyway, the bad guys he had disabled were innumerable, and he did not care about this one.

"I've been talking, or you wouldn't have had a chance to sit here and talk."

Qin Feng lit a cigarette, looked at the bright sloshing blade, and said, "This knife is at least stained with the blood of 30 people, but it is relatively new, and then there's no big deal to stick to your blood. If you do not say, then I can only ask you in a different way."

To let Qin Feng interrogate the criminal suspect, so far, the detection rate was still 100%. From his hands, there is no suspect who could stand up to it. They would have to confess everything in less than half a day. Even the incidents of stealing small things in the past had been told. It often led to old cases that hadn't been solved for many years.

"No, no."

He was anxiously scared and his face turned white, "Qin Feng, we are once friends at least. You cannot do this to me. You are also too ruthless."

"If you don't want me do it, it will be OK, but tell me the truth."

Qin Feng glared directly at him, and his eagle's eyes sent out a terrible killing force. All the calm emotions that Zhao Jun had brewed before were all overturned at this moment. He just told himself that he could not admit it, and that he could not admit it, but he found out that in front of Qin Feng, he really couldn't do it.

This kind of feeling was too suffocating. It was as if putting salt on his own wound once he tells a lie every time.

Qin Feng this guy always played by different rules. No matter how much you had prepared, it was useless.


Zhao Jun hesitated for a long time, but still wanted to deny, "I really don't know."

"Oh. Then you don't have a chance."

With these words, Qin Feng pulled out of the army shanker, and thrust straight to the thigh of Zhao Jun. He was in a hurry to dodge, and put his hands up to surrender, "No, no. Please, please. Please go easy on me."

At the moment when he was about to stab, Qin Feng drew it back and said coldly, "I'll give you one last chance."

Zhao Jun was cornered and had no choice but to say, "I guess it was Ji Jiangshan who was looking for someone to smash it."


The army shanker stabbed directly into Zhao Jun's thigh, and a ferocious pig howls resounded in the huge room. The blood was poured out, and splashed everywhere. Li Xiuxiu who saw this situation directly rolled down from the sofa, and her complexion was very white. Looking at Zhao Jun's pierced thigh, her whole person was petrified.

Yes, the 30-centimeter shanker was almost entirely embedded in Zhao Jun's thigh. The end of the shanker had even exposed at the bottom of his thigh.

Zhao Jun wriggled wildly on the ground, breathing cold breath. He was so painful that cold sweat was flowing. A lot of blood flew on the ground, and the scene was miserable.

But Qin Feng had already been numb to see such a scene. He leisurely squat down, patting Zhao Jun's face, "This is what you earned on your own. I have given you the opportunity, but you do not grasp. Say, did you do this?"

When words fell, Qin Feng's hand once again extended to the army shanker, "If you do not say, there will be a knife on your right leg. You'll spend the rest of your life in a wheelchair."

"No, no."

Zhao Jun admitted in a hurry, "It was me. I did it."


Qin Feng directly pulled out the army shanker, and kicked him away with one foot, "Damn it. Say it early. I heard that Sister Hua is going to pay you millions according to the contract. Do you still need her to pay for it now?"

"No, no."

Zhao Jun was really afraid of this god of plague. When he early muddled along the society, he did not know how many knives he had suffered, and how many scars were on his body, but the knife had never been so deep. It was too terrible.

"What about the decoration fee for the Free Man Bar? Do you have to pay it out? Do we have to shut down for at least a month? The rent has to be refunded for the period, right?"

Qin Feng lit a cigarette again and found paper and a pen.