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Chapter 229 Zhou Liang“s sincerity


Hearing this, Sister Hua was happy in her heart. Qin Feng was really useful. He did not have to come personally, and just a simple name calling would work.

Alas, it was better if he was here. All over the sky, no one dared to mess with him anymore.

However, At the thought of Kang Mingyang's words, Sister Hua retreated. Qin Feng was the country's good talent. How could he nest at her side, which was self-indulgence?

In that case, even if Qin Feng was willing, she couldn't allow it. Not say that she was Xiao he's sister, who understood that it was not easy to train a super soldier in the army, even ordinary women know that the reason that a fine man go far away from his home and aspire to a great career. The present rejection and temporary pain were all for Qin Feng's good. She hoped he got better and happier.

"Director Jia, I suddenly found that you are handsome, and very manful. You are such a hero in my heart, a good man."

Although Xiao Jinhua was conservative, when appropriate she would use her own advantages to give the tenderest encouragement to a man. She came to Jia Quan's side, put her hand gently on his broad shoulder, slipped a little bit, and when her hand slided to his chest, she gently wriggled it. Jia Quan's little heart was pounding. He just watched Xiao Jinhua ravaged his chest in that way, and it was a bit suffocating. He really wanted to put her up, threw her on the bed, and have sex with her.

But reason triumphed over recklessness. This was Qin Feng's woman. He couldn't mess up. Once something went wrong, it was hard to end it.

Not to mention Qin Feng's deep bottomless background. Only his skill, was a problem. It was said that Zhang Dali was no match for his kungfu, which was enough to imagine what level Qin Feng could reach.

But Jia Dapeng also wanted to clean up Qin Feng which was beyond his ability. Fortunately, Zhang Dali blocked him. Otherwise, he could do well and now he also had to lie on the hospital bed.

He saw Xiao Jinhua draw back her hand, and she strode toward the door of the teahouse. "I'll go first, Director Jia. When it's done, I'll buy you a drink. I'll make an exception and give you a dance."

"Well, yes, yes."

Jia Quan nodded excitedly, and the Tianhe night clubs preached that Xiao Jinhua's dancing skills were very powerful, but few people had ever seen her dance. Judging from her coveted figure, her dancing would definitely be beautiful, but ordinary people didn't have that kind of eye luck.


Zhu Fei had spent a whole afternoon alone on Qingfeng Island in the middle of Qingfeng Lake. The scenery of the largest city in the province, the artificial Wetland Lake, was really good. The island was dug up by hand, too. It stretched to the shore of a long wooden bridge. There were sometimes men and women happily photographing, and there were many rowers in the lake stream, far away from which there were groups of ducks croaking. Finally, the sun was set.

Zhu Fei sat on the hillside behind the island. She was dumbly looking at the breezy lake, and had unknowingly smoked a whole box of cigarettes.

She had no habit of smoking, but today she had made an exception. When she was in a bad mood, she wanted to be in the thick smoke,and make her coughing one after another until she was unable to keep her eyes open. Only then could she feel that the world in which she lived was absurd and messy.

She couldn't figure out why God was messing with her like that.

She wanted to escape Su City, and escape from the shroud of that family, to come to Tianhe. She just wanted to live a comfortable and peaceful life with my father, but she did not expect, because Qin Feng's appearance she became different. She thought that she really met the one that could be entrusted for life. Although, in the past she also did not dare so think, when Qin Feng again and again helped her, her heart also really involuntarily drew close to that respect.

Zhou Liang, according to her conscience, was indeed also a good man, very intelligent, responsible, easy-going personality, not dandy temper. The key was he treated her also very good, very single-minded, with deep feelings.

If the middle was not separated by Qin Feng, Zhu Fei believed that she would slowly fall in love with Zhou Liang.

But now, she was a bit prickly. She did not understand why since he had a girlfriend, Qin Feng would so......

Was this all about her being affectionate? In Qin Feng's view, his actions were only help between normal friends?

Maybe, but really?

Therefore, all along, it gave Zhu Fei an illusion that Qin Feng was interested in her, but they each was embarrassed to raise it. Until now, in front of Zhou Liang, she was suddenly told everything by Qin Feng. It's kind of unbearable for Zhu Fei.

It was almost dusk, and the lake turned cold. Zhu Fei couldn't help sneezing and she wrapped up her arms in a hurry and was ready to leave.

But just then, the phone rang.

Zhou Liang.

Zhu Fei's mood had been a lot calmer. She had been telling herself to learn to grow up, to deal with things rationally, rather than playing small temperament. Those which should be faced she should face. Zhou Liang came all the way from Su City and bought such beautiful flowers. She really should have given him face in front of so many people.

Thinking of this, she picked up the phone, in a rather gentle tone, "Hello."

"Zhu Fei, where are you? I'll pick you up. I have a little surprise for you. I've picked up my uncle."

Zhou Liang was so excited that he didn't take to heart what happened at the entrance of the mall in the afternoon, as if they had established some kind of relationship.

It surprised her a little. "What's the surprise? Why did you pick up my dad? Stop messing with me and take it easy."

"I bought a house in the center of the city, a house to live in.

I bought it for you. You and uncle live first. Finely decorated, ready-to-use. These two days while I still have time, we shop in the Tianhe major building for materials shopping malls to buy furniture, so that you can carry bags to check in."

Zhou Liang said seriously.

"What? Buy a house? What do you mean. For me?"

Zhu Fei was throbbing. What's the matter with this Zhou Liang? how could he buy a house?

"Yes. You tell me your place first. I've got in a car, and I've bought a car. Your Q5 is gone, and it's inconvenient. I bought you an Audi A5. It feels beautiful. Control something is like Q5, and it is quick for you to get started."

Zhou Liang smiled and said, "Gee, after buying the house, I'm busy picking up the car again. It's exhausting me. The car is insured. The tax will have to be paid tomorrow. After that, you can go and put the license plate on it."


No wonder the whole afternoon, she didn't know Zhou Liang have any move. Originally he was busy with these things.

Hearing this, Zhu Fei was first surprised, and then inexplicably want to get angry. Why did he give her such valuable things?

Why did he make decisions for herself? Why did he pick up her father?

She thought she should calm down, and she was moved a little bit. A good man's standard was not on how much money he had, but whether he was willing to spend money on that woman.

Obviously, Zhou Liang was good enough to be a good woman in this respect.

In the past, when she did not understand Li Jianbin's management and Zhou Liang's specific financial strength, Zhu Fei always thought that she was the tradeoff between the interests of the two families. Like Princess Wencheng in ancient China, the emperor did this for the sake of the country's tranquillity and was forced to marry the country's princess far away. The marriage of the two countries thus forms an alliance.

And the Li family and the Zhou family is also supposed to be so.

But when she got in touch, she knew that it had always been Li Jianbin that was begging for the Zhou Liang family. That's why he was anxious to marry Zhu Fei, and at first Zhou Liang was not optimistic about this marriage at all. After all, after so many years of cooperation between the families and due to face, he just wanted to go through the procedures, but the first time he saw her, he fell in love with her.

What a good observation ability Li Jianbin had. When he knew that Zhou Liang had intentions, they began to continue to "pursue victory," and was anxious to ask Zhu Fei to do this and that, resulting in her final action that she ran away from home and ran straight to the Tianhe hometown.

Now Zhou Liang was still attached to Zhu Fei, being so gentle and generous, which precisely showed that was his pure feelings and likes for Zhu Fei, and had nothing to do with interests and business.

Zhu Fei really did not know how to respond, when Zhu Fangguo took the phone. He was also immersed in joy, and said, "Fei Fei. Where are you? Zhou Liang and I will pick you up. Let's go and see the house together."


Listen to the father's emphasis, he seemed to consider quite a bit of Zhou Liang as a prospective son-in-law.

And Zhu Fei felt a bit of betray by her father again.

She didn't expect that in this respect, the real father and the stepfather's way of doing this were the same. Those who were called "father" by her were tarred with the same brush.

"Dad, how can you be so affirmative? You were bought by a house? Damn it."

Zhu Fei reluctantly said, "I surrender. You're confused."

"Oh, tell me where you are quickly. Why so many words? Zhou Liang was busy all afternoon, and I have ordered a meal. After looking at the house, we go to eat dinner. Everyone is hungry, and you do not delay the matter."

Zhu Fangguo said.

Zhu Fei was really able neither to cry nor to laugh. She really did not know what magic Zhou Liang had. Even one day, his relationship with her father became so intimate, which was too fierce.

"Qingfeng Lake's north Gate, come on."

Zhu Fei bypassed the rockery on the island, stood on the hillside more than 20 meters high, looked at the newly built stone pavilion next to her, and suddenly wanted to go in and write something.

There was a stone gallery for tourists to carve. The stone tablets in a circle were blank. Tourists could use stone chisels to depict anything they like. When the layout was full, it would be covered by people's new handwriting, and it would be thick and dense.

Nobody could see the passage clearly.

Zhu Fei seriously wrote a "Qin" character, and also wanted to write down a "Zhu" character, but suddenly felt a pain in the lower abdomen. The stone chisel in her hand slammed on the ground, fell into two, and then, she fell to the ground, her head almost hit on the stone stool. She curled up on the ground and rolled back and forth.

At this time, it was nearly twilight. The visitors also left early along the wooden bridge towards the shore. Here at night the lights were very dark, and a lot of lovers would come to pass on physical feelings.

But it was not completely dark, and no one was coming.

That is to say, between dusk and 7 pm, there was almost no one there.

And now Zhu Fei has pain and was out of breath. She tightly clenched appendix. Her trembling hand wanted to make a phone call, but she called several times, and wasn't successful.