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Chapter 227 If you don“t believe me, try i

"Well, what do you think I want to do?"

Jia Quan smiled indecently, and continued to oppress her, frightening Xiao Jinhua anxious to jump out of the bed, and she dodged him two or three meters away, "You crazy. I'll tell you how those women serve you, I don't care. But if you want to touch me, no way! Don't think this is a great thing to ask of you. Without your help, I still live my own life. You want me to put my body on? Stop dreaming."

Sister Hua was a bit incoherent, appearing very excited, but still said what should say in one breath.

Jia Quan sat in her position just now, looking at her throbbing look and giggled, "your IQ and EQ are quite high. It's chick's strength. It's so cute. If nobody tells, who can imagine that you are a woman who has been in charge of a nightclub for many years? I could think you are a village girl that came out of some unknown village."

No matter what Jia Quan said, Sister Hua would protect herself, "Come on, I know who you are. I'm not begging you for this. Whether you help me or not, I never had any hope in you.

It's hard to get you to do something real for the people."

While saying, Sister Hua went to get the bank card on the table. This was up to 200,000. Although not much, it was also her hard-earned money. What's more, she didn't want to give a bribe. Since it was so difficult to give a bribe, she simply didn't want to learn it.

The evidence of the real criminals, she could look up slowly. She believed she would find it out eventually.

Jia Quan didn't do it again. He hated the feeling of being rejected.

Watching Xiao Jinhua take up the card to go, Jia Quan slapped one hand violently on the square table, shaking the teacup in disorder and almost being turned over.

Sister Hua was startled and left in her place, waiting for Jia Quan's reprimand.

Though she didn't care, after all, he was a public security chief. If she offended him, it would be easy for him to really want to make it difficult for her and Free Man Bar.

Even if she reached the extreme, and she did not allow girls who provides illegal sexual services, especially prostitute, drug powder intervention, gambling and other illegal acts, but if Jia Quan wanted to pick out some fault, a person like Jia Quan could be disrespected, but must not be provoked.

"Xiao Jinhua, did I give you too much face?"

Jia Quan did not show mercy this time. His voice was particularly cold, as if he were reprimanding his subordinates. "What are you taking me for? I Jia Quan can come out to accompany you to have a cup of tea, and this is great face. You also don't ask, those bosses who want to ask me tea could form a long line up to Erlidi. What are you?

Do you go out on your own without a brain? What do I want from you? I want your this stupid card or this teapot? I'll tell you the truth, the only thing I'm interested in about you is your body. I can not have sex with you, but you just have to be submissive and make my heart feel better. That's all it takes, even if it's just a hug, and that's all. But you're hiding from me like a plague. I got maggots on me, huh? Makes you so sick?! Besides, you're talking about the real criminals. I know who you're trying to say, and I know who did it. What don't I know about the whole Tianhe's things? Less than half an hour after the incident, my subordinates will reveal to me. I seem to indulge in alcohol and sex every day, but without information that I have control over, do you really think I am living and dying in drunkenness every day? I was already played behind the back by the villains. If you want me to help you find out who did this, it would be easy, and you'd save millions. If you didn't, you'd have to pay for it yourself. You can figure it out for yourself. Which is better value, the money you give or your body for what you want. To tell the truth, even if the other women took off their clothes and stand in front of me, I do not have any interest at all. They have to come to serve me on their own initiative. You're so good, and I just want to put my arms around you, but I can't do that?"

Jia Quan said the terms and conditions, very realistic, but also very explicit, "Of course, you can also leave. But before you go, you have to figure out whether you want to stand in Tianhe or not. In the past, I didn't check your Free Man Bar, and that is to leave you some good, and I do not want to tear face, but if you leave today, I can tell you clearly, Free Man Bar will not only be beaten up, but also will close down. If you don't believe me, try it."


In the face of such threats, such naked intimidation, Sister Hua was stunned in her place and became suddenly a little helpless.

She knew clearly that Jia Quan was absolutely capable of doing what he said.

Free Man Bar was Sister Hua's painstaking efforts. After Xiao He's death, she already had no dependence. She wanted to regard this bar as her own child, to spend the rest of her life.

But now, unexpectedly she met with such a terrible, dilemma.

For the first time, Sister Hua, who had always been a dominant figure, had the dilemma of not knowing what to do. Since the past, she had lived so purely that she had not experienced such a dilemma. Now she had finally caught up with it, and it was useless to try to escape.

Seeing SIster Hua did not have the confidence as before, Jia Quan knew he had a chance, and was anxious to return warm tone, and gently said, "Jinhua, in fact, if only you could understand. You don't have a man now, and do you have to look for one sooner or later? Why are you acting like a nun?

Isn't that all about men and women? There must be an insurmountable barrier in your heart. What can really happen?

You see, in your company, Ruru, Pei Xiang, not to say good, I do not know how many times they have served me, but I have no interest in them. I have sex with them once and then kick them to one side, but they are still happy to climb into my bed.

Look at you. All day long you look bitter and bitter. I have never been hard on you, and I have instructed my subordinates to take extra care of Free Man, or else you will be able to operate it so until now? Other clubs pay tribute, why don't you pay it?

I can easily convict you even if you don't break the rules again, do you believe me? There is no point in saying this. It hurts my feelings. I just want to tell you a truth. People who mix in society have to withstand torture and pressure from all sides. If you think my request is unreasonable, then you can run away from it. But the price of escape is getting out of this way. Because I am the maker of the rules of the road, and I can easily hold up a club, but I can easily destroy a club. Do you understand?"

To tell the truth, Jia Quan has never told anyone this kind of intimate words. His feelings for Sister Hua were very special. Although he had not communicated with her for several times and had never had sex, he respected in his heart such a high-spirited woman as Sister Hua. She wouldn't surrender because of his rights. This kind of polite women was worthy of looking at. On the contrary, those low-rank, undressed women, would only make Jia Quan feel disgusted.

Human nature was like this. One would cherish those he couldn't get. Those he could not get were always in mind, and had become the most sought-after.

In this moment, Sister Hua, her trembling heart, unexpectedly had a little loosening.

Her past perseverance was meaningless, especially after saying goodbye to Qin Feng in this way. She did not need to be that stubborn "old maiden". Yes. A person lifetime was also like this, why was she so stubborn?

But at this time, Sister Hua's telephone rang, and the caller unexpectedly was Qin Feng.