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Chapter 225 Be famous for spoiling his son

“Jun. We have known each other for a long time, you don't need to hide anything from me. Let me tell you straightforward. As for the funds of this project, I pay 70 percent and you pay 30 percent. As for dividends, we are half of it. The management side is dominated by your staff. I will send a person in charge of finance and a vice President to assist you. Do you think my arrangement is ok?”

Ji Jiangshan already had a plan in his mind, and he had drawn up a preliminary agreement, which was seven or eight pages long. He returned to his desk and gave Zhao Jun a folder he had prepared in advance. He said, “Look at this first. There are various refinement contracts. If you think it is appropriate, we will sign it. If not, we will discuss again. Anyway, this matter is for us to discuss and decide. You know, I don't need those money. I just want to transform and try a new industry. This is also a career I left for my son. You know, how much money I left for him is useless. The key is to give him a career he likes and willing to pursue. I thought and thought, at last I thought he might be interested in this industry. I also asked him his opinion. He was very happy and would like to participate.”

“Do you mean to make Ji Dongchen to be my vice president?”

Zhao Jun finally understood the meaning of his words. Ji Jiangshan knew that his body was getting weaker and weaker, and his son was derelict in duty and ran irrelevant business all day. He wanted to use Zhao Jun as a springboard and gave Ji Dongchen a long-term errand. Once the entertainment company's business was stable, Ji Dongchen could rely on the family's shares and could make money without doing anything.

Although the conditions proposed by Ji Jiangshan were good, Zhao Jun still felt a bit uncomfortable because Ji Dongchen would participate. Ji was a typical dude, getting into trouble every day. If he was allowed to be the vice president of an entertainment company and participate in several bars management, it would be too bad. He must be picking up girls inside every day. Because all the people had to obey him at that time. The bar was bound to be in trouble frequently, and the rules set for many years might be broken by him. The ladies would be harassed because of him. If that went on, Zhao Jun’s own industry would be completely destroyed by Ji Dongchen. It was uncertain whether the entertainment company could make money. Zhao Jun did not want the bar to be affected.

“Well, my son is not young, so let him take some exercises. I educate him every day. His recent performance has been a little better than before. He was hurt several times. Now he knows that there are always people better than him in the outside world. I can't let him play anymore, otherwise he will get worse. I hope You can work hard to help him grow up.”

When Ji Jiangshan’s words were just finished, Zhao Jun quickly waved his hand and said, “I don't want to do it. I can't teach your son. Don't you know your son's temper? Do you think he 'll obey me? I guess in Tianhe , he only fears Jia Quan. Does he fears others? What's more, if he is involved in the operation of my bar, then the bar may not be operated normally. You also know that he likes to go to that kind of place. When he goes there, he wants to be the center of all the audience. He often gets into trouble, and he is particularly violent. The last time a series of events which was triggered in Free Man, it was because he bullied a bar girl in a private room. Treating other as a dog, even if giving her more tips, she couldn’t do it, right? The bar girl was also a human being. He was so arrogant.”

Zhao Jun outspoken, at this time he must fight for his point of view. Everything else could be discussed, but if Ji Dongchen joined his company, he absolutely did not agree. Not because he despised Ji Dongchen, but he dare not to stay with him. Otherwise entertainment company might make no money even though he had paid huge effort on it, and the bar that had been working so hard for years would also be affected.


Zhao Jun’s words made Ji Jiangshan feel a little embarrassed. He did not expect that his son was so bad in the eyes of others. This was a family misfortune.

But Ji Jiangshan couldn't help it. After all, Ji Dongchen was his son. Even if he was not good, he had to help him, maybe he could learn to be a good man slowly from now on.

“Jun, everyone has their own youth, they should have such a process. I also know that when you were young, you played everywhere, didn't you? The age in which you were born made you. If you did not have your previous experience, you may be an ordinary state-owned enterprise worker, not comparable to who you are today. Therefore, it was good to be capricious sometimes. Of course, I'm not defending for Dongchen. As you said, I understand my own child. I just think we should give him a chance to try because he assured me that he will work hard. You should…”

When Ji Jiangshan did not finish his words, Zhao Jun interrupted him impatiently and said,” OK, I give you a face, he can go, but the proportion of funds you put in should increase. He can’t be vice president, because this will boost his arrogance. If he had the most power besides me, would the staff still be able to work well? He has no good temper and no excellent ability. If he has become vice president, because he doesn’t understand anything about operating a bar, he could do nothing. I think he can’t serve as vice president. Do you think it is playing a children’s game?”

Sometimes Zhao Jun was really cruel. After Ji Jiangshan heard what he said, he took a breath and said, "Do you want to increase my funds? Do you want me to invest 80% of the total funds, then we divide the dividends equally?”

That's not fair. Even if Ji had money, he had to consider the return on investment. If the company needed 10 million funds, he had to invest 8 million yuan, and the return was only half of the profit . Zhao Jun merely relied on a little experience in the entertainment industry and the business popularity of the two bars but got so much return without any effort. Moreover, he did not want Dongchen to be vice president. "What do you want him to do? He can't be a waiter, can he? "

“You invest 80% of the total funds, then we divide the dividends equally. I 'll do as you say. You son can start as an assistant manager. At the same level of front office manager and the room manager, he belongs to the middle level of the ladder. After the establishment of the company, I will arrange for him according to the circumstances, but you should not have much hope. At best, I could only let him stay on a middle level position, or even lower. After all, he is so arrogant now, so he has to do more hard work first. He should understand the way our industry operates from the grassroots level, rather than thinking of being the boss directly. If he doesn't understand the grassroots affairs, how could he manages the company? Then he might be cheated by his employees.”

Zhao Jun's words were quite reasonable. Ji Jiangshan also thought that he was right. If he were to handle these case, he would do the same. But he was afraid that after so many years of playing, Ji Dongchen won't be able to accept a middle-level position which would be managed by others.

As for the investment distribution requested by Zhao, it was the bottom line that Ji Jiangshan had envisioned before. This was OK. As long as the company operates successfully, he would soon recover the cost. Now all the traditional industries were in the recession, only the entertainment IP industry had bubbles. As long as they work hard so that it looked like new media, they would make a fortune soon.

Wu Yifan had only one normal face. He had already got more than 100 million yuan for one movie he participated. This price was too exaggerated. Was he really good at acting? Was he really handsome? Was his acting really worth the price? He was really good, but he shouldn’t earn so much money.

This was the current bubble in the entertainment industry. Top stars were overpriced. They became famous mainly by dressing up, promoting, and creating popularity. When their company grew up gradually, he also planned to sign up some potential actors and bring them to the market in the future. Perhaps he could earn a lot of money by just one movie.

"Let me think about it. I would discuss it with my son.”

Ji jiangshan could not answer him now. If Ji Donghen was determined not to do it, the business could not be carried out.

“I shouldn't have said so much. You are spoiling your child. If you keep taking care of him, he will never grow up. You child has to find his own exercise opportunities alone. Otherwise, when will he be able to complete one thing by himself?”

After saying that, Zhao Jun drank the tea in the cup and got up to leave. “Where are you going? Let’s go to Linglong Town in the middle of the day. I've called the cooks over there to make a big pot of mutton stew. It tastes good.”

Ji Jiangshan pull Zhao Jun in a hurry and said, "It may be done there. Let's go now. We haven't had a drink for a long time. I have prepared a limited edition of Mao Tai, which is the year's zodiac edition. "

“Not today. The business has not been settled down yet. Don't you feel uncomfortable if we drink now?”

Zhao said, with a faint smile on his face.

"Oh, come on. Business is business, liquor is liquor. Besides, our discussion failed because I spoiled my children so much. You know, he had no mother since he was a child. However, I've been busy in business all these years and I have no time to take care of him. I just feel sorry for him, so I spoil him now.”

Ji Jiangshan was also very hard, he called the driver, he hang up as soon as the phone rang.

The driver had driven the car down to the office building, and Zhao Jun no longer refused. “All right. I know you have been a mom and a dad, I will have a drink with you. "

“Ha ha.”

Ji Jiangshan was very happy. He hugged Zhao's shoulder and they talked and laughed while walking out of the office building.

In the office building of the municipal government, people were nervously having an enlarged meeting of the municipal party committee in a large conference room on the sixth floor.

In addition to the nine Standing Committee members of the Municipal Party Committee, the participants in the meeting included the director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau who called Jia Quan, the director of the Finance Bureau, and the director of the Land Bureau.

The main character of today's meeting was Jia Quan. The Tianhe Public Security Police team under his leading was performing poorly recently. There were killing cases and tragedies in Tianhe. These events had even been known by province government. The main leaders responsible for law and order in the province government also found Liu Bangguo and asked him to seize the time to solve the case, let Tianhe return to the state of peace and gave people an explanation.

“I don't think it is necessary to say here that the bad impact which these cases have made. We all know that Director Jia has paid his own efforts for the safety of Tianhe City for so many years. He has worked hard and done his best to maintain the safety of Tianhe. But things are often like this. It is counterproductive. The criminals caught the slightest loophole and made the case, but it was too sudden for us to prevent it. As the police officers of Tianhe, we must come up with a feasible solution as soon as possible to solve the case and let everyone feel safe. We must make up the mistakes we made and give people an explanation. "

The party secretary briefly summed up the situation. He was still praising Jia. Everyone was not stupid. Of course, they understood the meaning of this statement. Since Liu was so good to Jia Quan, no one would want to get into trouble in public. Whatever Jia said later, he was going to get applause from everyone which meant to encourage him.

This was the Chinese officialdom phenomenon. It seemed fair and democratic. In fact, everyone must obey the opinions of one person. As long as the boss spoke, others voted and raised their hands, everything was only a procedure.

After hearing what Liu Bangduo said, Jia Quan relaxed a lot.

He coughed softly, then bowed deeply to everyone, and said sadly, " I'm sorry I let you down. As the director of the Tianhe Public Security Bureau, I have an inescapable responsibility for such a tragedy. I don’t have face to promise to solve the case. I could only say that, I will solve all the problems as soon as possible. I will not cause any trouble for any of you, and I will not let the people of Tianhe fear again. Everything has been arranged, and I am sure it will come to an end soon.”

Jia Quan didn’t talk much, but he said everything he had to say.

Anyway, he just made a promise. With Secretary Liu here, no one would say no.

His words were followed by thunderous applause. The meeting was originally intended to review the negligence of Jia Quan. As a result, it became a celebration. Everyone made suggestions, but most people spoke for Jia Quan.

Quickly, the meeting ended in advance. Liu Bangguo's purpose had been achieved and he did not want to waste time.

After the meeting, Jia Quan wanted to go to Liu Bangguo's office to express his gratitude. However, Liu went out of the conference room and went directly downstairs. He received a phone call and Jia didn't know what happened.

Jia Quan didn’t pay any attention to the remaining members of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee. Even his good brother Zhou Tong, the newly appointed Standing Committee member and acting mayor, he did not care about him.

In the past, they had a good relationship, but because of the mayor's position not long ago, Jia Quan’s heart was still fluttering with fear. He and Zhou Tong were originally at the deputy hall level, both of them had the possibility of being promoted directly to the mayor. Zhou Tong secretly went to the province government and visited the governor in a way that no one else knew, but he did not tell Jia Quan these things. Zhou Tong never mentioned this matter. Jia Quan talked with Zhou Liang several times in private about how to get promoted to acting mayor. Zhou Tong did not answer. It seemed that he was not interested in that position. In fact, he had already secretly completed the operation of the matter, he was afraid to reveal it, so he did not tell anyone, including his wife and his old father.

People who do things about politics sometimes had to do in this way. Some secrets can't be told to anyone, because when they did, they would have troubles.

Jia Quan still retained his former character. When he had anything to say, he always spoke it. For this reason, he had offended many people and lost many opportunities for promotion. When the result of acting mayor was passed from the province government, Jia Quan was stunned. He thought he had the chance. As a result, Zhou Tong, who had always been the quietest, got this chance.

Since then, Jia Quan had ignored him. After Zhou Tong discovered it, he wanted to explain to Jia Quan. However, due to his identity, he couldn’t be too specific. He made the best of a bad bargain, He also did not take the initiative to greet Jia Quan. They pretended to be strangers and did not greet each other.

Jia Quan walked straight out of the municipal office building. He was about to get into the car when he saw a girl running crazily this way. She shouted, and her arms were waving. Jia Quan thought she was an unruly people at first, but after he glanced over there, he felt that she looked a little familiar. The driver was about to drive. Jia Quan hurriedly asked him to stop. “Stop the car and wait a minute. "

Jia Quan recognized that her was Xiao Jinhua. After he got off, he went to the majestic long stone steps. Sister Flower quickly climbed the stone steps and shouted excitedly, " Director Jia. Long time no see, it's not easy waiting for you. "