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Chapter 221 99 blue enchantress


Hearing Zhou Liang's words, Zhu Fangguo waved his hand in a hurry and said excitedly, "Don't, I know I am old now. I am so old and clumsy that nobody would like me. I do not want to, but when I really can not move, I would go to a nursing home. The current social welfare is very good, and the government would support us."

"Ha-ha, it depends. Your age is still young. The key is you are too lonely these few years, and your mood is very depressed, which led to your extreme self-dis9confidence. In fact, if you change your clothes, and dress up well and then look for a leisure, noble job, your temperament will be immediately apparent. You're torturing yourself like this."

Zhou Liang has the ability to help Zhu Fangguo change the situation. People need packaging. As long as he wishes, Zhu Fangguo can be made 20 years younger. As for getting married and giving birth to children, as long as his physical condition allows, there is no problem. A problem that can be solved by money is not a problem.

In other words, as long as Zhou Liang and Zhu Fei were together, Zhu Fangguo would also benefit. It can be said that it can change the quality of his life completely.

After the two had finished drinking, Zhu Fangguo was already somewhat confused. After all, as he got older, the amount of alcohol he drank began to slow down. Zhou Liang, on the other hand, had nothing to do with it. For so many years, he had never been drunk, and he had seen quite a few vats of alcohol. Those who had the largest capacity of alcohol would fall down first, but the capacity of alcohol like his on the contrary was OK.

This had a lot to do with his drinking skills. He always shows weakness first, saying he can't drink, doesn't create expectations for others, and then deliberately procrastinates the alcohol very slowly. When others finish drinking in three bites, he has to take five bites to stay awake at all times. But when it was time to express, toast, and speak, he never delayed, and he talked very well and handled things courteously. At the end of the day, when others were already drunk, but he still smiled and had no problem at all.

It's true that he drank less, but no one else can tell it out. He greeted everyone to eat well, drink well, and chat happily, isn't that all right? Does he have to be drunk for everyone to be happy? Not necessarily.

This was where he was smart. He knew how to circle. Of course, all this is based on the fact that he is Zhou Liang. His family was rich and powerful. Even if he asks the leader to handle affairs and invite the leader to have dinner, he can just find a few alcohol tanks to accompany him. The leader also wouldn't find the reason. When it takes the money, he just throws it. Under the heavy money must have the brave man. Even if Zhou Liang didn't drink any, the leader was completely drunk. They should do the matter for Zhou Liang, and should give the green light to Zhou Liang.

For one thing he had his bottom line and could play. Secondly, he had his own strength. Such a combination of the two had long been Zhou Liang's "not drunk" legend.

This was also a kind of ingenuity. It required strong logical thinking and control, as well as flexibility. Those who were extremely rational could grasp the skill. Not everyone could play like this. Therefore, when dealing with Zhou Liang, don't try to make too much money. But he won't let you lose either. He does business, but he makes connections too. He never took a fancy to money. Sometimes, he felt that he was a good person and would rather lose money than make friends. But the longer he thought about it, the wider his path became, and the clients who felt Zhou Liang's enthusiasm would ask him to sign all the orders in the future, which was an incalculable wealth.

So, with the connections, with the money, everything would be earned.

Zhou Liang could be rational to anything, except love. His obsession with Zhu Fei even he could not believe it.

A man who pursued perfection and who was very restrained but could not stifle the feelings for Zhu Fei. This may also be regarded as a weakness of his.

But as for the pursuit of the happiness of love, there is nothing to blame. In this life, people have to have the place to move the real temperament. He played his tricks and routines in the winery, shopping malls, but only when he saw Zhu Fei, he would be nervously incoherent and would become like a new child who just entered the society and would not speak clearly, or would be ashamed with the red cheeks.

Zhu Fangguo went back to sleep in the room. Zhou Liang drank some tea on his own, sat on the sofa and squinted a little. He looked at his watch. It was already 2:50 in the afternoon.

Zhu Fei was on the morning shift, so she would be off work at 3:10 in the afternoon.

Thinking of this, he was anxious to go downstairs. After getting off the plane in Tianhe, in local famous Begonia, the flowers he ordered had been done, 99 blue enchantress. He took a taxi to the shopping mall where Zhu Fei was.

It was just 3:05 when he got to the door.

He deliberately chewed a few pieces of gum to cover up the smell of alcohol. When he went into the mall, he washed his face in one bathroom, and then relaxed a little before going to the shop where Zhu Fei was.

At the moment, she was in front of the shop with colleagues talking about the night shift. Zhou Liang hugged flowers, and came over step by step.

"Cuiping, this dress has come to a customer's eye this morning, but we have no correct size in the shop. You contact the Wanda store over there, ask them to give us a transfer. I hope you don't mind my leaving now."

Zhu Fei made arrangements and then turned to leave, but when she turned around, she almost ran into Zhou Liang's arms.

He was standing one meter away, holding the big bouquet of flowers. At that time, the people around had already noticed this place. The loitering customers also stopped and looked to this way. When they saw the flowers in Zhou Liang's hand, they understood, pondering this will be a romantic proposal. The price of the blue enchantress was not cheap, but not everyone could buy it, in Begonia for at least 3,000 yuan.

Zhou Liang's mouth curled and he laughed casually. He was very nervous, but he still tried to relax himself. In front of so many people, he wanted to give Zhu Fei a surprise. The flower in his hand was not the protagonist. The key thing was still in his pocket. He had already prepared for Zhu Fei a very large diamond ring worth hundreds of thousands of yuan, Hong Kong exclusive custom A + goods. A limited number of a year to do so. Many stars are early booking. Ordinary people who want to spend money to buy are not necessarily able to book it.

Of course, alcohol instilled courage. Had it not been for this drink, Zhou Liang did not know when he would dare to make such a move.

At this time the three girls in Zhu Fei's shop all ran out, covering their mouths, excitedly, "Fei Fei, who is this? Oh, my God, I envy you so much. So handsome. Kind of like Peng Yuyan."

"No, like Wang Kai."

"Although I am not as handsome as Hu Ge, this face is absolutely OK. Besides, the attire and the flowers in my hand......."

"Wow, 99 blue enchantress. And they're from Begonias, worth thousands yuan. Oh, my God."

"Fei Fei, you are really good. Another golden tortoise."


The women twittered and quarreled uncontrollably.

Women were naturally emotional, and they were very excited to see this kind of scene.

Zhu Fei froze for a while. She knew Zhou Liang would come today, but did not expect he would appear in this way.