Wuxiaworld > My Nightclub Landlady > Chapter 218 The agreement between Zhou Liang and Sister Hua

Chapter 218 The agreement between Zhou Liang and Sister Hua


Hearing Zhou Liang's words, Xiao Jinhua felt a throbbing sensation in her heart. Although his words were a little direct, she was too lazy to explain. In short, it was good to achieve the purpose she wanted.

Money and Qin Feng staying away from Zhu Fei.

Kill two birds with one stone.

"Well, you should think about it first. I do not care, I have been single for so many years. That guy you know, lead a licentious life, and simply do not accept greetings. Being together with him is very tiring. I also think it over. I want to be single in the future for the quietness."

Said Sister Hua.

Listening to Sister Hua's words, Zhou Liang had a throbbing. He could not help but glanced at her secretly. White calves, slender sexy, delicate face, which tells she cared about maintenance. Her cute face made people cannot help but want to touch. And she was in such a good shape that there was no reserve in the big place, and the slim waist was as nimble as a water snake.

Such a woman, but stayed a single, which really let the world hero grieve.

"What can you do to make Qin Feng leave Zhu Fei completely?

I now have confidence, as long as Qin Feng does not provoke Zhu Fei, I can catch her. We can always be happy together.

But Qin Feng, always every once in a while, harass her, which makes Zhu Fei hesitant, and I am also very passive."

Zhou Liang said, "I think, since you like him, you should have the courage to pursue him. Capturing his heart can let him leave Zhu Fei completely so that I'm relieved."

"That is a later story. Even if I don't pursuit him, there are other ways to get him to ignore Zhu Fei completely. But when I do this, you said last time, you're going to pay me a fortune, remember?"

Xiao Jinhua was not a person who cared about money. Last time Zhou Liang did not know where he found her phone number and said something about Qin Feng and Zhu Fei, and proudly said that he would give back a huge sum of money to Sister Hua. But Sister Hua didn't care at that time and hung up on him perfunctorily.

Now that something happened to Free Man, and she could not find a solution from Qin Feng. The only person she could think of was Zhou Liang, who could pull in a huge sum of money.

"Ha-ha, of course I do. I have brought the check. Go ahead.

How much is it? Just fill it out and I'll sign it."

Zhou Liang said, "I thought Sister Hua was otherworldly and didn't like money. But now......"

Sister Hua felt no shame at all. She only regarded this as a deal. She had no good feelings for Zhu Fei. Now it is only right to let her future man lose a little bit money. Anyway, rich people are all sons of bitches. Zhou Liang was so extravagant that he didn't know how much blood his old father used to suck from the laboring masses when he started his business. If I don't fuck them up, who do you want to fuck with?

"You turn out to be a vulgar, too, aren't you?"

Sister Hua wantonly lit a cigarette, and smiled, "People, are always selfish. You chase your love, and this is nothing to blame, but if Qin Feng must be together with Zhu Fei, you have no way. Therefore, everything is consensual. Some things may seem worthless, but also depends on who do it. You are willing to pay a high price to bribe me, and there is also your reason. The reason why you are willing to pay a high price to buy me off, is because you know, Qin Feng is not a good person, you do not want to provoke him. And in your mind, I'm the only one who can hold him."


Although Sister Hua's word was a little pompous, it was also reasonable.

After Zhou Liang listened,he froze first, and randomly laughed and said, "Ha, you deserve to be Free Man Bar's helmsman. Drifting so many years in the night clubs, you are indeed able to talk well. You see the question thoroughly. Truth be told, it is true that I have fought Qin Feng, and I am not his opponent, but this is not important. The key is that I smell an insurmountable aura from Qin Feng, which makes me hesitant. If I continue to clash head-on with him, I may lose miserably, lose completely, and I may not only lose money simply, so, I want to find another way. In Tianhe, I find a few clear people, and after prying, I know you."

"Well, you're smart enough to know that it takes a certain way to do something like this, not to do it brutally."

Sister Hua said, and took Zhou Liang's check, lifted her eyebrows, and sneered, "Can I really casually fill it in?"

"of course, I promised you."

"I want to use 6 million, but I won't use your money in vain. I give you 20% share of Free Man Bar. Every year, at the end of the year you come to meet, to ge the tbonus. But usually you do not have the right to intervene our management. If you come to the bar to spend money, you can only use your card, or in cash. You cannot charge an account."

Sister Hua said, "I always stress principle when I handle matters. You have your routine, but I have my rules."

As she spoke, she took out a share contract drawn up last night from her purse, which stipulated Zhou Liang's rights and obligations, but did not specify the way in which dividends would be distributed. At that time, she would have to look at the final settlement of the financial affairs. According to the profit point to discuss the development direction and budget for the following year, and then draw dividends from the profit.

Sister Hua took the money in the proper way.

When Zhou Liang heard 6 million, there was also a shock in his heart. Originally he expected, at most 1 million to settle things, but after listening to the full sincerity of Sister Hua, his heart again relaxed, "Ah, well, I entered. This money is definitely not spent in vain. I believe in your ability. In this way, I am also counted as one of the masters of the Free Man Bar. In the future when I bring friends to play, I will have a good choice. Don't worry, absolutely in cash, no credit. I can not break the rules. To ensure your cash flow."

"Well, if so, let's sign the agreement and you sign the check. We'll have an agreement."

Said Sister Hua.

"Not yet."

Zhou Liang said, "You have to tell me in what way you let Qin Feng leave Zhu Fei. I want to hear the reliability of this way. This time I have to marry Zhu Fei home. I like her very much, and I feel bad if I don't see her. Now she wants to be in Tianhe with her father, but this is nothing. At least I come to stay here, but is Qin Feng......"

"I will make him swear that he will never see or contact Zhu Fei again, and I will record it and forward it to you. You should know Qin Feng. He has always been a man whose word carries weight. Once he promises to do things, he would never repent."

Sister Hua said, "If you can trust me, we'll sign it. If you don't believe me, forget it. There are a lot of people who want to join me as a Free Man Bar shareholder, and I can get the money if I look for someone else."

"No, I definitely believe that. You Sister Hua's personality is absolutely resounding in Tianhe. Although I rarely come to Tianhe, I know the people on this side."

While saying, Zhou Liang preemptively signed a large check of 6 million, and then Sister Hua also signed the equity agreement, "Ha-ha, I did not expect to become a sharehold to come to Tianhe."

"Well, your money will be back in a few years, don't worry."

Said Sister Flower.

"It doesn't matter to me. I just take it as filling in a career."

Zhou Liang had no feelings for money. His family industry was involved in more than a dozen industries. High-tech industries were not a minority, but such a "shoddy" bar, he had not participated in.

After leaving Roomz Vienna, Zhou Liang went to Zhu Fei's residence with a happy face.

Originally, Qin Feng wanted to invite Zhu Fei and Zhu Fangguo to work in the bar opened by him and Sister Hua, but now it was temporarily stranded. Zhu Fei was still selling clothes at the mall. Today, she was on an early shift. She left after 7 a.m. after she made breakfast for her father. Today was the day to take stock, and she may have to work overtime again. However, she was in a good mood, because she would be paid tomorrow. Last month she sold well and calculated that she should have more than an income of more than 5,000 yuan. This was already a pleasant surprise for Zhu Fei. When she was in Su City, she probably would spend this amount of money on any cosmetics, but she never earned anything by herself. Now everything was on her own, and everything was a new beginning, and she has gradually adapted to her present environment and role. In Tianhe, a second- and third-tier city, if she can make more than 5,000 a month, she can be counted as a middle income group. Although it's hard, when she thought of the rich income, she would be full of motivation and energy.

Zhu Fangguo rushed to work after recovering from his injuries, but he was still unable to do the full-time sanitation work, and the municipal leaders did not want to see him limping across the street, making it seem that the government was bullying people. He was transferred to the nearest Mingyue vegetable market to clean up.

Here every afternoon at four or five o'clock he went to clean up. The market is not big, 30 to 40 minutes to finish, much easier than before, but they also increased his income by 300, which made Zhu Fangguo very happy.

At noon, Zhu Fei did not come home for dinner. He cooked pork braised in brown sauce and opened a bottle of red star Erguotou alcohol and drank it. Just then the door was knocked.

Zhou Liang was carrying large bags and small bags of luxurious tonics, such as Cordyceps sinensis, good wine soaked in bear bile, deep-water sea cucumbers, and so on. He had no shortage of these things. It was best to show filial piety to the elderly.

In particular, looking at the yellow sparkling alcohol of more than sixty degrees, Zhu Fangguo smelled it and fell in love with it. He was so excited that he nearly poured out the Erguotou that had just been poured on the tea bowl.

Sitting on the sofa, Zhou Liang looked at the simple living environment, and his heart was in a mess. This is the first time he came into the house. He had been here once before, but Zhu Fei was at home, and didn't open the door then.

After learning that Qin Feng was not Zhu Fei's boyfriend, Zhu Fangguo calculated that Zhou Liang, this guy, was not as easy to look at and practical as Qin Feng, but he was also a reliable child, very rich, generous in spending, and most importantly, he was one of the few dandies who could really be nice to Zhu Fei.

As for whether he was true, a glance can see that. Although Zhu Fangguo had been wimp all his life, his ability to identify people was still there. If Zhu Fei could be with Zhou Liang, she would also be happy.

Therefore, in the past Zhu Fangguo refused Zhou Liang because of Zhu Fei's refusal and never accepted his flattery. But today, after some greeting, he took the initiative to go to the kitchen to pick up the dishes. "What a coincidence to come. Are you, you know, sniffing my braised meat? Your uncle dare not say anything else, but cooking this, absolutely is a good thing! Today, the two of us have a drink and have a chat."

Zhou Liang was very warm and overjoyed when he heard this. He got up in a hurry and poured out the Erguotou in Zhu Fangguo's teacup and filled him with a glass of bear bile sparkling wine. "Uncle, try this with your stewed meat, that's out of the world!"

"Really? Ha-ha."

Zhu Fangguo also smiled and met Zhou Liang in a cup. "Come on, let's drink."