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Chapter 217 Tell me where you are

Jia Quan was also depressed. Recently, there were so many things that disturbed him. In the past, he was more comfortable. He played mahjong every day, went to major places to inspect, and then entertained him internally. He could do whatever he wanted. Any good new comer must give him a taste first. Any business was dealt with by his deputy. He did not have to worry about, but now, a series of events, were not been able to be covered up by his deputy.

Soon, Secretary Li came in.

In front of Jia Quan, Liu Bangguo ordered, "At the afternoon meeting, we will expand our meeting. Director Jia Quan will be seated, and you will inform others."

"Yes, I see. Secretary Liu."

Secretary Li was in a hurry.

"What are the plans for tomorrow?"

Liu Bangguo, the party secretary's itinerary, was basically arranged by his secretary, and if there were no special requirements, he had to work according to the established itinerary.

Everyone envied the feudal officials, or the local leaders, who seemed to be particularly powerful, and who were in charge of millions or more of the population, and whom people went after and follow, but in fact, only the leaders themselves knew the difficulties. When they were not leading, they tried their best to climb up every day, but now they really got to the positions, they knew how deep the water was, and how hard it is to do things, and how scared they are every day. For fear of mistakes and problems, now officials basically endured the pressure on both sides. The leaders above will put pressure on them. Their political achievements, income generation, environmental governance, and other practical issues will have to change. The people below are also becoming more and more aware of what is going on. If they want to fool around like they did in the past, it is impossible. If they don't do a little superficial work, they'll be questioned at once. They'll always be suspected of accepting benefits, using their power to seek benefits, and so on. Now, like Liu Bangguo, the big local officials had trouble sleeping and eating well every day. They have to be careful about what they do. They need to consider too much and worry too much. They are afraid of capsizing if they are not careful. By then, all their efforts will be in vain.

"Tomorrow morning, we will receive a delegation from Huaixi City in the south. They are very interested in our new papermaking technology industry. At 1:30p.m, you will go to Kenyang District to take part in the foundation stone laying ceremony of the Starsky Building Materials and Home International City Project, which has always been the responsibility of Mayor Zhou, but you...."

Before Secretary Li finished the speech, Liu Bangguo reached out his hand and interrupted, "Well, the plans for tomorrow are cancelled. The Huaixi delegation will be received by Li Kun, member of the Municipal Committee Standing Committee and director of the Tianhe Development Zone Administration Committee. Let's hand over the Xingkai project to Zhou.

Make arrangements for me to go to the capital tomorrow. Be sure to be there before noon. Make a reservation for the hotel and guesthouse. I have important guests to entertain."

"Yes, yes. I'll arrange it right away."

After listening to this, Secretary Li, having just taken two steps, retreated again. "Secretary Liu, the man you told me to keep an eye on is back."

"Well, go."

Liu Bangguo nodded.

After Secretary Li left, Jia Quan, who had never spoken, asked, "Tomorrow? But here....."

"It's up to you here. I have to take the lead tomorrow. Tomorrow is the old guy's birthday. Can't I go? The prospect on this side of the Tianhe is still up to him running around."

Liu Bangguo said.

"Is the man you are talking about reliable? Now a lot of charlatans are in the capital. They made themselves like the founding fathers, but in fact, they might be the sitters in the city streets. You are the city party secretary and you run to an old man's birthday. If this let others know, it will be a joke."

Jia Quan quipped.

Although his network of contacts could not yet reach the capital, he also had a lot of contacts with the old people in the province. If he wanted to play well with these people, he would have to be willing to spend money. This is not a small number. They have seen much more of the world. If he doesn't let some blood out, it won't work at all. Let alone the old man in the capital. If he doesn't hear the sound of the tsunami, he won't be noticed. But will Secretary Liu play with this set of "measures"? It seemed he was not quite like the kind people who can "play". He is usually very honest, and will not play with the provincial leaders, but unilateral contact with the mysterious old man in the capital.

On second thoughts, however, Jia Quan understood that with Liu Bangguo's qualifications and background, he wouldn't have made it possible to parachute into Tianhe to become the party secretary of Tianhe. It must have been the strength of the old man in the capital. Otherwise Liu would not have respected him so much.

"You know a ball. His identity is more sensitive, and I can't say, but I'm telling you, his power is no less than those of the feudal officials, and even, at his peak, he had the opportunity to enter the top core circle."

Liu Bangguo said.

Jia Quan listened and felt confused. Now he was even more curious about the old man in the capital, but he dared not ask more. He just nodded dully, "Well, I wish you a triumphant return and a successful start to the battle."

"Stop this bullshit and go clean your ass."

Liu Bangguo scolded, "I let you attend the meeting in the afternoon, and you decide what to say. And then you'll see my wink to know what to do."

"The Starsky project that Zhou Tong was responsible for was not a fake shell? They all said that the Xingwang Group had no money. It had...... "

Jia Quan was interrupted by Liu Bangguo before he had finished speaking. "This is not something you should worry about. If at that time they could put out the full amount of tax and offer enough jobs. We don't care about anything else.

Do your work by focusing on the core elements, and don't worry about the rest."

Jia Quan had suffered so many flaws, but there was nothing he could do. He was now a "guilty man," unable to lift his head in front of Secretary Liu at all, and with a shady face, he left without saying a word.


Zhou Liang arrived at Tianhe Airport at more than ten o'clock at noon. As soon as he landed, he called Xiao Jinhua in a hurry.

Last night she and Ruruu were completely drunken, and at the moment she still fell asleep in the hotel. She was awakened by the phone, and she lazily picked up the phone, "Hello. Zhou Liang."

"Sis.. Sister Hua, where are you? I'm getting on the car. I'm coming to see you. Tell me where you are."

Zhou Liang said excitedly.

"What time is it?"

Sister Hua rubbed her eyes, yawned and said, "Oh, I'm so sleepy. Why are you calling so early."

"It's after ten o'clock, and the sun is on the top of my head.

You're still sleeping. Tell me where you are."

Zhou Liang said anxiously, "I have brought you some special Su City products. Just you did not eat breakfast, try it."

"Come to the Roomz Vienna of Hero Hill Road. Call me when you get there. I'm going to wash up now."

Said Sister Hua.

"Yes, yes."

After hanging up the phone, Sister Hua threw her mobile phone aside and closed her eyes again. She drank too much last night. All she could remember was that she and Ruru drank the 52-degree Niulanshan alcohol at the Sichuan Restaurant. Two liang per bottle. They each drank four bottles, and then drank beer again. But before they open the beer, they were both drunk, and it was hard to figure out what happened after that, except that Ruru called the Supersonic Bar's foreman before she climbed the table to sleep, and asked her to arrange for a driver to take her away.

Touching the little dizzy head, Sister Hua felt her stomach turn upside down. She is anxious to bend over body to run to toilet, but before she opened toilet seat, she had vomitted and threw up.

Last night she ate some Sichuan food, accompanied by spicy white wine. Sister Hua, whose stomach was not good, was strongly stimulated. She was uncomfortable with the hands holding the lavabo of the stone material, opened the toilet seat, and the whole person is about to plunge in.

She vomited and felt palpitations in her stomach.

It was normal for her to vomit, but often after vomiting, she would immediately feel comfortable, but this time, apparently she still felt very sick in the stomach.

She picked up the hanging sprinkler, opened the sluice gate, and washed it against the dirt on the ground. Just halfway, sure enough, she felt a bout of retch, and then she threw up a part of the food again. She felt that the gall was about to come out, and the saliva in my mouth stretched very long. Mouthful after mouthful, she spat into the toilet, and her whole face was ablaze when puking. She appeared particularly ferocious, and looked very bad.

Finally, she spat all out.

She flushed all the dirt into the sewers with a shower, flushed the toilet, and began to wash her face.

After washing more than a dozen times, I felt refreshed and comfortable. Then she picked up a glass of water and began to rinse her mouth and brush her teeth. After all, she didn't feel bad at all.

After coming into the room, she looked at the mess on the bed and her clothes. Sister Hua had no memory. She drank too much last night, and she didn't know how to take off her clothes. If there had been a bad man, she could have been dangerous.

In the future she could not drink like this. Even if the mood is not good, she also couldn't drink until she couldn't take care of herself.

Pouring a cup of warm water, she came to the balcony, looked at the scenery of the Tianhe, drank and recalled. Finally, she remembered that after leaving the Sichuan cuisine restaurant, she and Ruru returned to the nearby supersonic bar, and then they asked for a bottle of Remy Martin VSOP, which did not mix black tea at all. They straightly drank it up, but at that time Ruru seemed to have been lying on the table still......

At the thought of Zhou Liang coming over, Sister Hua was anxious to start looking for clothes. Although there was smell of alcohol from her body, she should still wear suitable clothes. She cleaned and tidied, and then put on the bedding neat, and then sprayed a little perfume until she could not feel the liquor. Then she was rest assured.

In a few minutes Zhou Liang arrived.

This guy was well dressed, looking like some movie star Wang Kai. Although thin, he should often go to the gym, and looked quite strong. The face was clean-cut, and eyebrows exudes the heroic spirit.

"Come, sit, please."

Sister Hua was chewing gum. She poured a glass of boiled water to Zhou Liang, and said, "Early in the morning to catch a plane? For the woman of your dreams, that's a fight."

Zhou Liang took out some very delicate boxes of dim sum from his suitcase. "Here, this is our specialty in Su City. It's delicious. But I don't like it. It's a little sweet. You can taste it."

"Thank you."

Sister Hua could not eat anything now, not to mention that she usually did not like to eat sweet food, "Have you contacted Zhu Fei?"

"Well, yes. I got in touch with her last night."

Zhou Liang was a little excited. "Sister Hua, I didn't expect you to call me. I know the relationship between you and Qin Feng. Of course, if you help me, you are also helping yourself. You like Qin Feng, and naturally you don't want him to always find Zhu Fei, do you?"