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Chapter 203 Misunderstanding of Qin Feng


Qin Feng could not help but quipped when he looked at Sister Flower’s absent-minded: "What are you thinking? Thinking again about Xiao He when he was a child?"

"Em.... No. When I came to the camp to turn around, I feel much more open-minded. There are tens of thousands of fighter and soldiers here. Xiao He was just one of them. His death was not as calm as we imagined. There were people fighting every day and there would definitely be casualties, but for us, no matter what other people experienced, it would be an ordinary day. It was also liked how others treat the death of Xiao He, they would not even blink."

The words of Sister Flower were somewhat sad, but it was also a phenomenon existed in this cold world. Everyone was busy and struggling for their lives, they thought about how to live better every day and how to stand out from many competitions. As for brotherhood, as for moving, as for youth, there was already no time to take care of them.

"Why do you say these? Don't think that people here were so sinister, okay? As you saw just now, General Kang is very nice."

Qin Feng was anxious to persuade: "Perhaps, there are many rules here that can make people feel depressed or even suffocate. Sometimes they really want to swear, but there is no way. This is a military camp after all, there must be an iron law restriction, otherwise there would be chaos. However, the people here are still honest and very kind-hearted. Most of them are from the countryside and have been tortured since childhood. So for them, being able to stay in the army is a good destination because they have enough to eat and drink, they can also get a good salary. There are chances of getting into the special team and have an opportunity to enter the military academy. There are many opportunities in the future, as long as they are willing to work hard, there will always be a shortcut to climb up to the summit."

In fact, Sister Flower also didn’t want to say so directly either, but she was a bit incoherent when she thought of leaving Qin Feng completely. She had the courage to say goodbye, but when the words came to her lip, she didn’t know what to say.

No, it should be that she dared not to say.

"Well, it's fine here, but it's nothing to do with me now."

When Sister Flower tried to get up, she decided to make a lightning decision finally: "I, I want to go back. You also hear it in the morning that the store had been smashed. I have to go back and deal with it. All my savings..."

When her word came to this, Sister Flower was afraid that Qin Feng would be worried, so she changed her tune: "Don't talk about it. You should put yourself into your job as soon as possible. Don't worry about me or return to Tianhe. Really, I will take good care of myself. General Kang has always said that you are very important to the army. You should be excited because your chief praise you in this way. Moreover, you should use better results to pay back people’s trust instead of talking about the relationship between boys and girls, if it is known by others, they would think that you are not reliable."


Although the words of Sister Flower weren’t too direct, it was considered a serious farewell to Qin Feng.

Although they were not sure about their relationship. After all, they had been together for so long and their feelings were very deep for each other. If they had to leave suddenly in this way, then both of them were reluctant to give up.

But Sister Flower knew better in her heart that the longer it last, the easier it would have an accident. She had to put her words to death and said something ugly so that he was desperate.

En... What if Qin Feng didn't feel anything at all?

This time he brought Sister Flower to the capital and was busy about Xiao He’s business. Were his mental obstacles disappeared?

Having stayed with Sister Flower for so long was a matter of utmost benevolence and righteousness. It was unrealistic to take care of her for a lifetime. After all, Sister Flower would get married and have children, build her own family. If Qin Feng kept following her, how would it look like?

"Well, General Kang trusts in me so much that it always makes me a bit surprised. However, I could hold myself. I couldn't be complacent about it and I will continue to work hard."

Qin Feng said, “When you are working, you don’t have to worry about it. I have already talked to that son of bitch whose name is Gu Shaoyun. As long as there is an important task, I will not delay anymore. There are two flights per day from Tianhe to Beijing and the flight only takes an hour, so it won’t screw up anything. I won’t take part in the normal tasks at ordinary days, I shall give young people more opportunities to practice. If we go there, all of those newcomers would not know how to start their work, it’s better for them to practice by their own rather than taking action with me for ten times."

"Qin Feng, I mean...you stay in the capital and don't go back to Tianhe."

Sister Flower hesitated for a moment and said: "I can handle it by myself. But you would be a big target if you go back. As you know, most of the big bosses in Tianhe have been provoked by you. If you really want to start a business, without their support or acquiescence, it is difficult to run well. And I know that you would say that your fists are tough enough to get rid of whoever refuses to obey. However, in this era, it is not just a fist that can solve a problem. Besides, do you know who you are? The special team member who is on a high position. Don’t you think it devalues yourself while dealing with scoundrels of the marketplace?

"Devalues myself?"

Qin Feng laughed after he heard: "I feel very interesting and It's like playing a game. Everybody gathers in a region. We try our best to take advantage of others every day in such a small place for some trivial things."

"Yeah, don't you feel bored? You're a person who can do some great things. Why do you go back?"

Sister Flower said: "That's all right. As you can see that I have the ability of living well. You can visit me when you are available. But I really don't want to affect your career because of our relationship, do you understand?”

With the rise of Xiao Jinhua's tone, Qin Feng realized the seriousness of the problem finally.

Sister Flower was not joking but offering him a farewell.

"Sister Flower, what do you want to say? What do you mean?"

Qin Feng asked seriously.

"Didn’t you understand what General Kang said just now? He kept telling me that you are a pillar of the country, an indispensable talent in the military. However, who am I if I take you to Tianhe to accompany me and live a peace life? Would I be regarded as a sinner of the country? If you couldn’t achieve your import mission unexpectedly because of me, could I take the responsibility of it? Moreover, I’m not really in danger. You don’t have to take Xiao He’s last wish so seriously. I know all about it that you’ve devoted yourself to it. And I believe he will understand you underneath. Of course, he would hope that you can lead the special team to go forward, unlike those coward hiding in the Tianhe,who dare not to go out to battle! "

Xiao Jinhua wanted to stimulate Qin Feng in such a way that he could return to the past completely.


Qin Feng shook his head and said, "General Kang didn’t mean that. He just praises me so that you can know how excellent I am. Make you regard me with special respect so that you could accept me more calmly in your heart and let you... "

Qin Feng shook his head fiercely. What happened in the end? When he was in General Kang’s office, he thought General Kang kept talking this topic because he wanted Qin Feng to be her boyfriend.

But it turned out that...