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Chapter 195 I am the Gold King

Jiang Xiaowen have a soft smile and humphed, "You are still so male chauvinism."

"It's a must."

The two got out of Erlang Barbecue, and Qin Feng helped her stop a taxi at the roadside. Jiang Xiaowen was a little lost. How did the taxi come so quickly? She still also wanted to stay with Qin Feng for a while. Alas.


Jiang Xiaowen reluctantly left and got on the car. Qin Feng waved anxiously, "Rest early."


Pretty soon, Sister Hua was on her way.

Qin Feng was a little surprised, thinking that something had happened, and hurried forward, "What's the matter? Why are you in such a hurry?"

"I called Ruru and borrowed a car from her, the Land Rover Aurora. Come with me to the capital."

Said Sister Hua anxiously.


Qin Feng was confused, "How does she suddenly think up going there?"

"I miss my brother. He is in his army in the capital. I must see him personally. I haven't heard from him for more than five months. I'm worried about his safety."

Sister Hua said, "You've been drinking. Don't drive. I'll drive."

After Qin Feng listened to her words, the heart bumped with an overwhelming force. He felt all over his body involuntarily shivering and he didn't know how to face Sister Hua.

He didn't expect that what would come had come.

Xiao He delayed to call his sister back, and for a long time, of course, he could not hide it from her.

He would like to tell Sister Hua slowly when everything calmed down. Now it seemed that tonight was destined to be a sleepless night.

Seeing Qin Feng didn't start for long, Sister Hua cried anxiously, "Go. Take a cab to Ruru's house and drive. She's ready."


Qin Feng responded to the sound, slowly lit a cigarette, and looked at the noisy situation of the Erlang Barbecue out of the window, "You don't eat it? More?"

"I've eaten. When is it now? I miss my brother so much. I always tell you about him, and you two know each other. He'd love to be your friend."

Sister Hua said, "My brother, makes me worried while he is growing older. In the past, he obeyed me very much. I told him that wherever he went, no matter how long he went out, he had to find a way to send me a message to let me know that he was safe. But this time, it was really strange. I haven't heard from him for more than five months. It's the first time that I haven't heard from him in such a long time."


Hearing such words, Qin Feng's heart burst into sobs, and he almost couldn't help shedding tears.

After all, he could not hide. He was urgently brewing emotions. If he could not hold back, how should he explain to Sister Hua?

Seeing Qin Feng indifferent, Sister Hua changed the subject to say, "How are you doing? Are you still angry about the matter this afternoon? It's been long. Why are you so petty?"

"No, nothing."

Qin Feng did not dare to breathe. For the first time he did not dare to face people, like doing something bad, daring not to look at Sister Hua's eyes.

"What's the matter with you? Unwell?"

Sister Hua was puzzled for a while, "Can't it be that you do not want to accompany me to go? You really want to break up with me?"

"No, no."

Qin Feng shook his head in a hurry. "I have never wanted to leave you."


Sister Hua nodded, which meant she accepted Qin Feng's words, "Do not swear in this. You can say anything you want on the road. It is 7:30 in the evening, and it would take more than three hours to get to the capital, and it would be midnight to get there. We will try to find out about Xiao He, and then I make an appointment with him the next day. His troop was very strict. He never told me which specific unit he was in. He only said that if he had any accidents and we could not find him, he let me find a man codenamed Gold King."

When the words fell, Sister Hua smiled and said again, "Really interesting name. Gold King(Gold King). That sounds earthy. I guess he's a slovenly old man."


Gold King!

This was the code name of Qin Feng. King of the Gold Special Combat team, the famous Gold King within the military region of the capital city.

Qin Feng had not heard of his own code name for a long time. When the foreign terrorist forces got to know the code name, they had been dead, and domestic people rarely called Qin Feng so.

"Sister Hua, stay and eat. Don't worry. We just get there before dawn."

It was certain that we would go there. Sister Hua also needed to personally go to the military region to go through some formalities for Xiao He. Many things must be signed by her, the only family member of Xiao He, to be effective.

But before going, Qin Feng wanted to say everything about Xiao He.

During this time, he was also suffocated. Only full disclosure, would make him not feel so uncomfortable.

The burden in his heart could finally be put down. Although he had been preparing for this moment for a long time, and he had always tried to conceive a better mood, so that he wouldn't tell Xiao He's death to be so sad, he found that when he really faced Sister Hua and had to say all of this, all previous preparation had turned out to be futile.

"Although, I know, I can't see him tonight, I just want to go to the capital first and feel his presence near my brother first."

Xiao Jinhua said earnestly, "Just now I was eating Spicy Hot Pot, and suddenly I missed him so much, you know? I haven't seen him for more than five months. This is the longest time we've been in contact with each other."

Qin Feng pulled her, stubbornly said, "Come with me."

Sister Hua was thus dragged by Qin Feng to the Erlang Barbecue room on the second floor. Compared with the loud voices on the first floor, the second floor was much quieter.

"Serve beer. Three cases first."

Qin Feng said to the waiter, "Old vinegar peanuts, turmeric pine eggs, cucumbers."

Sister Hua was in a puzzled face, "Qin Feng, how can you still drink beer? I am not in the mood. My mind is occupied by Xiao He, and I really miss him."

After the waiter left, Qin Feng got up and closed the door. When he turned back, his eyes were already full of tears.

"Sister Hua, I miss him more than you do."


When he said this, Qin Feng flapped down on his knees. He was facing Sister Hua, tears streaming down his face, and he cried like a helpless child.

Xiao Jinhua was stunned by Qin Feng's behavior. She got up in a hurry and looked stunned. "What's the matter? What are you doing? This is! What did you say? You miss Xiao he, too? You know him? You know him?"

Thousands of thoughts rushed into Xiao Jinhua's brain. She felt unacceptable. For such a long time, she had been unable to guess the true identity of Qin Feng, but at this moment, looking at his appearance, she suddenly had a kind of ominous foreboding.

"More than knowing each other, we are brothers who have been fighting together for many years. I am his captain. I am the Gold King you are looking for."

Qin Feng sobbed and pressed his lower lip, saying, "I approached you for a purpose. He asked me to come to Tianhe to find you, to take care of you, and to accompany you."

"What! What did you say? Impossible. You are the Gold King."

Xiao Jinhua remembered that his younger brother only said that if something happened to him and he could not be reached, she would look for the golden king. So he really was, he really was. And her brother had......

Thinking of this, Sister Hua just felt a black in front of her eyes, and she almost fell on the side of the round table. Qin Feng reacted fast, and embraced her.