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Chapter 180 My instructions

Chapter 180 My instructions
"Go to her? Are you kidding me?"

Green dragon flung one of his arms and directly separated himself from Qin Feng's arms. "You’d better get out before I get angry, otherwise, the consequences will be on your account."

Qin Feng reluctantly curled his lip, "Don't be so boyish, OK? We're a team. It's not easy for us to get together. Isn’t it appropriate to eat together to celebrate?"

"It was all right before, but it is not appropriate after I left her."

Green dragon said, "I've been having such a long time with her. Now she has told me that she has no feeling to me. What was she doing previous? If she told me at the very start that she hated me and didn't like me, I could have a mental preparation, I wouldn’t be entangled with her anymore, but now everything has been broken, I always thought that we would be together, she also caters to me enough, but now she suddenly changes her mind. Who can accept it? In the entire military area yard, people who don’t know what happened think that we’re together, many people asked me when I get marry. Now she suddenly says such a word, how do I deal with it? Where is my face to place? The most critical, damn it, the person she likes is actually you. Is you, is you, do you know?"

When it came to this, green dragon extremely wanted to punch Qin Feng mercilessly, but when he saw Qin Feng was desperate, he had no strength. He believed that Qin Feng did not meet green snake behind his back, if he wanted, he could has done it earlier, the key was now Qin Feng still like Sister Flower, green dragon knew Qin Feng liked Sister Flower, so now he had no energy to pay attention to green snake.

It was also based on this, green dragon chose to give Qin Feng an "opportunity" to not be at odds with him for the time being, perhaps with his mediation, green snake would change her mind and return to his embrace.

"She just worships blindly, she just a little girl, although she is mentally mature, girls is always messy in terms of feelings. You also know that I have a great influence on her, so she should have a sense of dependence on me. An emotion similar to that of a brother or even a father makes her trance when she differentiates feelings. Actually, what she likes is not me but my role on her side. I take care of and support her in the way of captain, and what you do was mostly to accompany her, relying on each other, which makes her lack of some sense of security and worship, after all, girl also needs a solid arm to lean on even though she is so independent and strong, but what you give her in this respect was lacking."

Qin Feng said seriously, "What you need to do in the future is to play the role I played before, as a man, you must be responsible and don't look at the problem in a point of view that you and her are teammates. In this case, what you see is always a parallel line. What she can do, you would never rush to do it. As a result, she did it, you also did it. You don’t have any role and sense of existence in her world. What else does she want to do? Think about that if it is the truth. The reason why I have a strong sense of existence is that I always maintain an independent mind and have my own opinion on everything. You are also accustomed to my command and opinions, you are a little carried along by the tide. Of course, as a link between the captain and the team members, we really should do this at work. It’s right for you to obey my orders, but in many times, both the troops and green snake need the initiative and autonomy of each of our team members, once I have something wrong in the future, like you were separated from green snake in the Stub river, without my leadership at that time, you had no choice but return to the border, but what decision do you think I will make if I was there?”


Hearing this, green dragon suddenly realized a serious problem, all this years, he was too "lazy", he didn’t use his head to think and just waited for Qin Feng's instructions. Qin Feng’s judgments and ideas were always right, fair and righteous, as long as you listened to him, there would be no mistakes, which indirectly led to green dragon’s dependence. Even after separated from green snake, he didn’t have the ability to analyze problems independently and make plans for the next step.

"If it were you, you will never give up green snake. You will jump into the river once again, letting the river wash your down to the downstream and approached green snake in the most adventurous way."

Green dragon said without thinking.

“Yeah, you know me well, when you calm down, you can find out my action habits. But in the environment at that time, you didn’t have any idea. To be exact, you lacked a captain who gave orders, you didn’t have the courage to go ahead regardless and take actions. You're afraid that you would never come back if you jump in this way, weren’t you?"

Qin Feng said.

Green Dragon sighed, shaking his head and said, "It’s all my fault. I was so scared. I really didn't know what I was thinking. I didn't dare to jump."

"You’re not really afraid. You know that you are used to my instructions."

Qin Feng said, “In the future, I hope you can be independent and take charge of it. I may not be able to accompany both you and green snake for a long time. My energy has to be assigned to the case of Tianhe, both of you will lead Eagle team and Lei Ming to do some ordinary tasks, I won’t come back from Tianhe unless there is a very important task. I’m giving you a chance to prove yourself. After that, the Golden combat team will be led by you, you come to be the captain, I will slowly stand back."

Qin Feng was only more than 20 years old, if he stood back, it didn’t mean retirement. He just want to say that he would change his role slowly from an executor to a manager, anything couldn’t be done by himself, although it could ensure the stability and efficiency of everything, but in the long run, it would seriously affect the growth of other members because it make them lack the opportunity to make decision independently. Only boldly "decentralize" and let them go to lead the team could they slowly mature.

I had a lot of chat with my father when I was drinking with him last night. Qin Wannian had the intention to let Qin Feng take over Gu Shaoyun’s position. He was now in a high age and was no longer suitable to be in charge of the combat team of the whole military area. Many things couldn’t keep up with the pace. Nowadays, the development of informatization was far beyond Gu Shaoyun’s age, his set of methods had fallen behind.

When green dragon heard this, he sighed secretly in mind, but he didn’t expect that Qin Feng had the meaning of voluntary concession. Fortunately, he did not listen to Gu Shaoyun and didn’t take the initiative to attack. Otherwise, it would really lead to a tragedy.

"Lei Ming and his team are lame ducks, going with them is really a drag on us."

Green dragon shook his head helplessly. "If it is not a big deal, I will do it with green snake. If it's very troublesome, please come back. Don't look for the Fei Ying team. we don’t do the same thing."

"You don't look down upon them. Lei Ming is making rapid progress now. There are also several talents in the Fei Ying team, especially Zhang Shan. Did you notice that he especially had the shadow of Xiao He?The way he shots and his behaviors are very similar to Xiao He.”

Qin Feng said.

"When we take action, do should I listen to him or does he listen to me? According to strength, he has to listen to me, I'm more confident. But according to our position, I have to listen to him. But if I really listen to him, it may lead to a failure of the mission and even destroy the entire army."

Green dragon sighed, "It’s true that the officers who are at a higher level can crush people. When can we hold our head high?"