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Chapter 179 Past events of Cross Fire

Chapter 179 Past events of Cross Fire
"Ah? Are you asking me to see him ? No! No!"

Green snake waved her hands in a hurry and said, "How can I talk about this kind of thing? I have just rejected him. He left so resolutely. Now if I go to invite him, where can I put my face? What if he refuses me again? I think you do this kind of thing is better, you go and tell him to come here, I’ll talk with him friendly, all of us can have a drink together and smile away from grudges. I go to see him now is not proper."

After hearing green snake’s interpretation, Qin Feng could not help laughing. "All right,you have so many reasons, then I will go alone. The movie is really great, let’s see it when we have dinner."

With this, Qin Feng got up and walked toward the door, but inadvertently saw a picture that scattered under the tea table.

He stooped to pick up the photo and found that it was an officer photo of his own.

"Shit . When did you have my photo?"

Qin Feng was silent for a while. It was supposed to be a photo of him three years ago. At that time, he had just been given the rank of major. Looking at this photo now, he looked very young.

How time flies, three years pasted in a trice. The scene at that time still be visible before the eyes.


As soon as green snake saw it, she ran over hurriedly and snatched away the photo, hiding it in her hands. "You, go away quickly."


Qin Feng was silent for a while, he was afraid that green snake would be embarrassed, so quickly left the apartment.

Not long after Qin Feng went out, he received a phone call from Ye Wuming.

"What's up? Xing."

Qin Feng smiled, "You drank so much last night. Are you OK? When I left, I saw you had already patrolled in the yard. I didn't disturb you. I went away from the back door of the quadrangle."

"Have you been in the military area?"

Ye Wuming said, "You guy, you’re really a heavy drinker. I almost got drunk by you."

“Haha, yeah, I arrived this morning. I’ll go home and have a drink with you if I have such a opportunity. I have something to do here.”

Qin Feng said, "What’s up? I don’t think you just want to talk about drinking to me, right?"

“For your sake, the old man specially greeted a head of the army. He is our person, you can rest assured that he will take care of you. As long as you don’t reveal this list, nothing will happen. He once again let me tell you that you must destroy it and never leave any trouble to yourself. In addition, once there is something wrong, go to see him right away. This is not a trivial matter, he attaches great importance to it, you must not be careless."

Ye Wuming urged again and again.

"Don’t worry."

Qin Feng took a deep breath, "Now I'm relieved. I used to put it in mind and I was bewildered. After dealing with this list, my pressure will be much less."

“Qin Feng, although I admire your loyalty to the military and love for the motherland, but in many cases, things can’t be changed by you nor me. You are old enough now, you can’t be self-willed. Many things have to be thought over before they can be done, you must learn to control your emotions and never take risk on important things for the sake of less important ones."

Ye Wuming urged.

"Well, hang up, I know."

Qin Feng did not hesitate, he called Lei Ming after hanging up .

"Don't starve Meng Zhaolin to death, you must keep him alive. I still have something to ask him."

Qin Feng said.

"Don’t worry, I give him a sip of bread a day to eat ,he can't die."

Lei Ming was eating cans and drinking wine in a cave on the mountains. It was not easy to come to the city to do this small task. After a few leisure days,he was comfortable. However, he felt that it didn’t have any challenge,he wanted to follow Qin Feng to finish the task that he had done in the Middle East last time,that was really exciting and he would have a sense of accomplishment.

"Is Sister Flower OK? What is she busy in doing today?"

Qin Feng said in a different way, "Where did she go? Did she drive to rent a house? Is there anyone following her? Be sure to keep up, don't lose her."

“Damn, my brother Feng, you’ve asked it this morning. Do you still want to ask what she ate all day? How much did she eat? What did she wear? Who did she meet? What she said?"

Lei Ming was very helpless, "You are too concerned about her. I know Xiao He who is in your team. Although she is Xiao He's elder sister, you have a duty to protect her, you are not necessary to do so, she is not a three-year-old kid, in the years that you haven’t known her, nothing wrong happened to her. I have sent someone to keep a close watch on her all the time, you just set your mind at rest, nothing will go wrong, they are just a gang of youths of Tianhe, we don’t need to do anything at all.”

“I know, I know, you have also paid lots of effort on it, but I was afraid that the Shark Kun’s mercenary would reach out into Tianhe once again, making you be caught off guard, then you will be in trouble. You must not be careless, do you know?”

Qin Feng repeatedly urged, "I have fought with Shark Kun’s two mercenaries in Tianhe, this time I just annihilated its...."

Qin Feng’s words were not finished, Lei Ming impatiently interrupted once again. “Oh, brother Feng, you killed the great general, you have already told me this event three times. I know, I know, don’t worry, I solemnly promise that if Sister Flower lose a hair, I'll go die. OK?”

"Okay,I am sorry to trouble you a lot."

Qin Feng didn’t say nonsense any more. What he wants was Lei Ming’s attitude. As long as he attached great importance to it, it was easy for the Eagle combat team to protect Sister Flower in Tianhe. Even if Shark Kun ‘s mercenaries appeared, it would not be a big problem.

Soon, we came to green dragon's apartment.

Every time this guy was in a bad mood, he liked to lock himself in the room and play computer games. The sound volume was turned to the maximum, which could be heard from dozens of meters.

Putting a box of beer beside the keyboard, he could play all night, drinking dozens of beer and didn’t slept until dawn, when he woke up, everything was fine.

Such a habit of venting was well-tried these years, Qin Feng knew green dragon’s habit very well, so he was confident to pull him out of the room.

He heard the sound of Cross Fire from the distance, green dragon did not like to wear headsets. His marksmanship was so well that he did not need to listen to the sound of footsteps. Usually, when others saw him, they were dead.

It was so accurate, but he was automatically identified as cheating by the system and was kicked out of the game room several times.

The current game was just pure at the beginning, it would become tasteless after playing for a period of time. It was inevitable that competitive games would have plus-in. Those who didn’t like assiduously training techniques and always tried to go astray, studying all kinds of plus-in techniques, the classic games would be destroyed as time passed.

Qin Feng knocked at the door, but green dragon didn’t hear it at all.

Qin Feng’s was helplessness, kicked the simple anti-theft door directly and broke it. Green dragon just realized in the house, but even so, he still didn’t get up but shout, “Wait a minute, talk to me when the game is over."

Qin Feng walked across to him, he saw that green dragon had drank six or seven bottle of Snow Beer, patting him on his shoulders. "Go, go, have a drink with me, it’s not fun to drink alone."

Green dragon saw that the person was Qin Feng, he did not look back at all, without saying a word, he continued to fire with his gun and play games.

Qin Feng quietly watched green dragon moving and throwing the gun, the cannon he used had a great power, it was very wonderful for the cannon to shoot others on the head through a door.

The bomb area he guarded was very safe. At last he didn’t let the remaining four enemies break through his line of defense. He helped himself to win a game with his own efforts.

A variety of 666 and complimentary words were painted on the screen.

After a game over, green dragon binge himself a mouthful of beer and directly twisted the can. He shouted, "Happily. What kind of shit brothers, it's not as good as those people on the Internet whom I know temporarily ."

Green dragon didn’t buy artillery guns. Every time the game started, one of his teammates threw him a cannon and the teammate used his ordinary M4 instead.

Although his weapon was outdated, but what be played was the skill, green dragon had nothing to pursue, he just purely wanted to vent out his emotion, if the game he played was fun, he would play a few times, if he met someone used plus-in, he never curse or shout but withdraw directly and find the other one to play .

Soon, the members of opposite side began to kick off players ,green dragon was identified as using plus-in and was kicked out quickly.

Seeing this scene, Qin Feng smiled bitterly."Haha, it's not good to play too well, the system also believe that you are using plus-in."

"Damn it, it’s like this every time."

Green dragon helplessly slammed down the keyboard then got up, "What is it? I have to find the technician at headquarters of Cross Fire, it is a bug obviously, they dare to do anything in order to make money. Members can kick out others, ordinary players that play well could only be kicked, why?”

"Because this is a society that strong ones would eat the weak ones, no one would have friendship with you, what people compare are social status and money."

Although it was just a small game, it also reflected some social status, strong players disdained weaker players, everyone didn’t have much energy to examine your strength and connotation, green dragons all kinds of skills such as shooting through a door、shooting on others head、shooting while his gun moving, were definitely not what ordinary people can do, happening for several times in a row, t would be considered to be using plus-in, even his teammates began to suspect.


Because green dragon was an ordinary player, he didn’t play for a VIP or buy special guns or props, not a rich player, he was easy to be identified as a poor player or weak player. Because you weren’t willing to spend money, how could you play well? If you continuing beating down others in a row, you must be using plus-in.

"Don't talk to me."

Green dragon sat on the sofa, putting his feet on the tea table. "it’s really boring. I’m going to Shenzhen."

"What are you going to do there?"

"I’m going to Tencent to meet the general manager Ma, I must let him change the rules of this trashy game."

The obstinate green dragon shouted loudly.

"Are you OK? It’s just a game."

Qin Feng said helplessly.

"I’m just saying it."

Green dragon was suddenly not angry. He suddenly didn’t get angry at Qin Feng now. At that time, he ran back from green snake’s apartment, he couldn’t wait to blow up the house. But now, we all had such a deep friendship, why did we need to be angry?

The two of them looked at each other with a smiled, it was so easy to resolve the embarrassment.

"If I have time to go to Shenzhen, I will help you to greet the general manager Ma. This trivial thing will be done by me."

Qin Feng smiled.

"Why do you look for me?"

Green dragon said deliberately and indifferently, "I won’t forgive you easily, you owe me too much."

"Yeah, yeah, spending all my life, I can’t repay what I owe you. I’ll replay you for all my ten lives, OK?"

Qin Feng giggled, "Go, let’s go to see green snake, everything is ready, let’s get drunk tonight."