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Chapter 177 What Exactly Should He Do

Chapter 177 What Exactly Should He Do
Hearing this, Green Dragon felt a tear in his heart like being scratched by a knife.

He resisted the dizziness he felt and fixed his eyes on Green Snake. He asked, "What you are saying is true?"

"Of course."

Although Green Snake saw Green Dragon’s pained reaction, she still did not stop herself.

Qin Feng interrupted her. "Do not say such things."

Qin Feng hugged Green Dragon and explained in a hurry, "You can't think too much. Green Snake was angry that you threw her under the water in Stanb. She is angry."

"No, I’m serious. What are you doing? Why do I have to keep suppressing myself and my feelings? I may lose my life at any time, so I won’t be like before, burying my feelings in my heart. I have my own self. I also have the right to pursue happiness. I do not want to passively accept any love of gifts and sympathy that others want to give me."

Looking to Green Dragon, Green Snake said seriously, "You abandoned me in Stanb, and at that moment I realized that your love was probably not pure enough. When faced with living and dying, you decided to choose life. You and I do not have real love. To hide my loneliness and anger, I agreed to come together with you, but only that."

"What are you trying to say? I didn't mean to give up on you. I regret it so much. You know that if I didn't let go, both of us would have been killed by rockets. I had to let go of you so we both had a chance to live!" said Green Dragon in a hurry.

"Really? You let go of me, and you went to survive, while I went to the abyss. If not for fate, could I have come back alive? If it was Qin Feng, I believe he would not have let go of me. I firmly believe that," Green Snake said, grabbing Qin Feng’s hand. "Don't leave me. Let's try to do this, OK? Apart from our career, we still have a long life. I hope on the next road, I will have you as company. Okay?"

Hearing this, Qin Feng hurriedly shook his hand from Green Snake’s and shouted fiercely, "Green Snake, you're crazy! You and Green Dragon were together first. Green Dragon and I are brothers. Brothers! You understand? Don't cause trouble for me, OK? What the hell are you doing?"

Green Snake didn’t expect Qin Feng to have such a reaction. She looked at him with disbelief, and her eyes soon welled up with tears.

Green Dragon was confused by the situation in front of him, but he didn’t feel any better after Qin Feng's "declaration" and said coldly, "Qin Feng, I didn't expect that I would take you as my best brother. I have had many opportunities to step on you, but I didn't do it.

I never believed in Brotherhood. Since I came to the Golden SWAT and met you, I really thought I'd found a brother who I could live and die for. But you took my favorite woman behind my back. I know you look down on me. You think Xiao He is better than me. I will always be the third attack choice.

No matter how hard I try, you can't see me. But I am a man. I also have dignity. What did you do to me? After a day or two with Green Snake, would she be like this if you didn't reveal any feelings to her? Are you two already…?”

Green Dragon's words grew increasingly excessive. Qin Feng had been quietly listening and did not interrupt or refute them. He knew that Green Dragon was very hurt and he needed to vent.

But Green Snake could not stand it. She rushed over, violently pushed Green Dragon, and pointed at him.

"What the hell are you talking about? If you don't know, don't guess nonsense, okay? Since when have I been ‘your woman?’ You like someone, so that person has to like you? Other men can't touch them? Who do you think you are?

Why are you so overbearing? You say time and again that Qin Feng is your brother, but have you considered him and his feelings? Where were you when he saved me from the One-Eyed Dragon in the Tianhe? When I was downstream in the Stanb River, where were you?

I was alone in the woods for more than half a month, and I almost died, but where were you? I was poisoned by One-Eyed Dragon and I almost died, but where were you? You have had every chance to prove yourself to me, but you didn’t. That was your choice. No one took that choice from you. Now you ask me to accept you? Aren’t you embarrassed?"

Qin Feng was stunned. Green Snake was clearly defending him, but he wasn’t happy about it at all.

He squinted at the blue sky and said, "You think Xiao He is watching this? There are only three core members of our Golden SWAT team, and here we are, arguing. Will Xiao He be content knowing he died for this? Without his help, we would have died, and we’re wasting our chance at life on this?"

Qin Feng didn’t mind facing Green Dragon’s questions. He did not do anything wrong, so he did not feel guilty. Green Dragon could think however he wanted to. Anyway, his attitude had been clear. He would never have an emotional relationship with Green Snake.

It was not that he hated Green Snake. On the contrary, he still thought that Green Snake was very nice and pleasant. But there was Green Dragon in the middle. Qin Feng had no other choice. Qin Feng would not be a troublemaker. That was his bottom line.

Brothers were like hands and legs. No matter what, he could not abandon them. That would damage the prestige of the Golden SWAT team.

"Qin Feng, I am not speaking carelessly. I have thought about this clearly. I just want to be with you. No matter what situation is, I will live with you. I have never loved a man in my life. I once thought the world of a man who was not trustworthy, but I believe you are the only man I dare to trust."

Green Snake, regardless of everything going on, issued another confession to Qin Feng.

Green Dragon stood in his place. He began to cry. He didn’t know what to do exept to say, "OK. Qin Feng, Green Snake. I can’t say anything, I need to be quiet."

After speaking, he turned and headed back to the car. Qin Feng was anxious to follow him, but the other warrior rushed out and tackled him, almost causing him to wipe out.

As a cloud of dust rolled over Qin Feng, Green Snake pointed to Green Dragon's car and shouted, "Are you sick?! Can’t you slow down and listen?"

"What do you want, Green Snake?"

Qin Feng was speechless. This woman was so tricky. How would he get along with Green Dragon after this? When this was spread to the ears of other comrades, his brothers and chief officers, what would Qin Feng become? The kind of man who would steal a brother's woman?

What the hell?