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Chapter 176 Heartless

Chapter 176 Heartless
"Yes, I did," said Green Dragon. “But she didn’t meet me at the door of her apartment.”

"Why?" Qin Feng asked anxiously.

"Truthfully, there’s one thing that I have never dared to tell you." Green Dragon bowed his head, with a face of frustration. "I really didn't mean to…"

"What? What's the matter? Tell me," Qin Feng said, looking at him. "Is it about Green Snake?"

"Yeah. When I was running for my life in the Stanb River, I was pulling Green Snake with me, but shooting on shoreline was so dense that I dragged her into the water to swim to the other side. But she was bitten by a big fish. The fish pulled her in away from me, and I couldn't hold onto her, so I let her go. She disappeared into the current, and as soon as I left that spot, an enemy rocket landed there. If we had stayed there a second longer, we would both have been blown up.

So Green Snake went downstream, but that was Shark Kun's land, and I knew his men would certainly be looking for us along the river. I climbed ashore and left in a hurry. I wanted to wait until the enemies went away to look for Green Snake, but I saw a large number of mercenaries running downstream. I had no chance of approaching. I really had no choice but to get out of the country alone."

When Green Dragon said this, his eyes went red and he almost began crying. He looked regretful.

"I really…the feeling that I was on the verge of death at that time…the border of the country was right in front of my eyes. If I got there, I would survive. If I went back to look for Green Snake, I might be dead. It was not easy to escape. We were in the dense forest for so long that we ran out of grain and bullets. I had no strength."

No wonder Green Snake looked for Qin Feng after returning but did not care about the news regarding Green Dragon at all. It turned out that the two had such a trip. Green Dragon had pursued Green Snake endlessly while in the army. They must have exchanged a lot of loving words and vows. But when it was time for Green Dragon to show responsibility, he chose to escape alone instead.

This was indeed very irresponsible, but truthfully, Green Dragon was unable to save Green Snake in that situation. The flow of the water was extremely fast, and if he went down the river again, he would have no idea where to find Green Snake. If he followed the shoreline, he would have been easily captured by the enemy. What else could Green Dragon do? He had run out of ammunition, right? If he tried to save Green Snake, they both certainly would have died.

"When you in the water, the moment you let go of her, did she see you do it deliberately?" Qin Feng asked.

"I didn’t do it deliberately. When water rushed, my hand slipped. I really, really didn't want to give up, even if I was killed with her."

"But she must believe that you made the choice to let her go. She probably was desperate for you in that moment. Surely she doesn’t think you’re the type to make a hasty decision in the face of life and death, so she must believe you let her go on purpose."

Qin Feng sighed, patting Green Dragon on the shoulder, and said, "However, if I were in that situation, my choice would be the same as yours. If you went back to her, you would have died. Don't be sad. I'll go with you to find her, to explain and apologize. I'm sure she'll forgive you."

"Well, thank you." Green Dragon nodded and said, "If you’ll help me speak, I feel much more optimistic. I can’t ask her to forgive me at once, but I hope she’ll at least speak to me, even as a fellow soldier. I can't stand being shut out by her."

Qin Feng sighed. "When I was in the Tianhe, her attitude toward you was very cold. She did not say anything about you two being a good match."

Qin Feng clearly remembered, after Green Snake was poisoned, that she confessed her feelings to him.

Now, he planned to help Green Dragon speak to her. Part of the reason was to help him fix the situation, but he also wanted to show his own attitude toward Green Snake’s relationship with Green Dragon, so that Green Snake understood where Win Feng stood.

Even if he Qin Feng wanted to be with Green Snake, what could he do? He couldn’t really break up with his brother, Green Dragon, could he? He’d be laughed at by the world. Qin Feng could not do that kind of thing.

Soon they arrived at Green Snake’s house.

Qin Feng did not let Green Dragon show himself. After he called out to Green Snake, Green she happily rushed out of the door and embraced him.

Green Dragon, hiding five meters away, saw all this clearly.

Green Snake’s face was lit up with a bright smile. She was excited like a child who received a new toy. She kissed his face several times.

"I missed you so much. You’ve finally come!"

Her words floated on the wind into Green Dragon’s ears. At that moment, he felt like his chest was thumped by a fist. His legs began trembling. He couldn't believe the scene in front of him.

In Green Dragon’s dream scene, the protagonist had become Qin Feng.

Qin Feng naturally realized the seriousness of this situation and was anxious to withdraw from her arms. "Ah…. Well, I brought Green Dragon. We’ve come to see you. How are you? Are you feeling better?"

Green Snake turned her head to see Green Dragon whose face showed his disappointment. She lowered her head awkwardly.

Green Dragon was stunned in his place, looking at Qin Feng and Green Snake.

Seeing him like this, Qin Feng was anxious to explain. "No, it’s not what you think. Green Snake and I have very pure feelings. We've been together for so many years, and you know, she certainly has a certain amount of feelings for me, but you can rest assured, absolutely...”

Qin Feng was interrupted by Green Snake. "Enough! Why explain? Why explain it to him? I’m free, and I do not have a relationship with him. I don’t need to be responsible for him or his feelings. I like whoever I want to like. I want to be with anyone I like!"

Hearing this, Qin Feng felt the earth spinning. It was the end. Even if he jumped into the Yellow River, he could not clean this situation from his body.

Green Snake, Green Snake, how could you do this? You clearly trapped me!