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Chapter 170 The Biggest Young Master in Tianhe

Chapter 170 The Biggest Young Master in Tianhe
After seeing Jia Dapeng, Qin Feng hesitated for a while before walking forward.

To tell the truth, he didn’t want the issue with Jia Dapeng to continue. It didn't make any sense.

Now he had a girl by his side, so Qin Feng hoped that he had forgotten Zhu Fei and they could get along again. Even if they couldn’t be friends, he hoped that the man would not be like Ji Dongchen, always thinking of revenge until he ruined himself.

Seeing Qin Feng, Jia Dapeng was shocked as well, but immediately laughed and said, "Yo, hero Qin!"

"I can't accept this name!" Qin Feng laughed and said, "Mr. Jia, are you accompanied by your girlfriend?"

The enchanting girl next to Jia Dapeng heard these words and was naturally very flattered. The corner of her mouth showed a proud smile. She wanted to cling to Jia Dapeng and his power. If she could marry him, her life would really change.

"Well. Take it easy there." Jia Dapeng pointed to an empty room nearby and said to the girl, "Wait for me over there, please."

The girl obediently left and Qin Feng watched her go. Her figure stunned the man as he noticed her skirt tightly wrapped around her hips and long, willowy legs. Qin Feng simply said, "She’s really lovely. Her figure, wow. Exquisite and beautiful."

"Oh, you can have it if you like her," Jia Dapeng said casually. "This kind of woman, I have a lot of them. I’ve already played with her."

Qin Feng listened and sighed. He really did not know what to say to such a callous remark. He diplomatically said, "You’re not an unimportant man in this city. Don’t play around too much. Think about serious things. Your father must want you to learn as well."

Jia Dapeng looked at Sister Flower, who came out from the private room at this moment, and humphed. "I knew you two were involved. Congratulations. You obviously don't care about Zhu Fei. I know you have nothing to do with her and that you’re just playing around. That’s a good use of a few idle hours."

"What? You still can't let her go?" Qin Feng asked. He didn’t want to care about Zhu Fei. If she liked him, he hoped that she’d be pursued by someone else. However, he couldn’t control this sort of thing.

"The woman I want must be with me. I won’t be in second place!" Jia Dapeng said seriously.

"You…I wish you success." Qin Feng simply shook the man’s hand and continued toward the wine counter.

Sister Flower and Jia Dapeng looked at each other as they passed through the hallway but neither spoke. After returning to the private room, Sister Flower asked, "What happened with that guy?"

"He still wants to chase Zhu Fei! I’m speechless." Qin Feng drank a mouthful of beer and then said, "I’m too lazy to manage this kind of situation. It’s too troublesome."

"He’s chasing Zhu Fei? What a good thing!" Sister Flower laughed. "Such a rich guy chasing after Zhu Fei, it shouldn’t be difficult for him to succeed, right? He’s probably the biggest master in the Tianhe."

"Sure, but what's good about him? He’s such a player. Even if his family is good, so what? What would Jia Dapeng be like after getting married? He plays around the city and does whatever he wants. His family would be a mess. To marry him would be like living as a widow," Qin Feng said seriously.

Seeing Qin Feng's anxious appearance, Sister Flower suddenly felt flush with anger. "Even if he is no good, he’s also the son of the chief of public security. Besides, what’s the relationship between you and Zhu Fei? You love her? Afraid she's suffering with Jia Dapeng? If you think so, you go after Zhu Fei. You take her, and be good to her, and spoil her every day. So good."

Qin Feng realized that his words made Sister Flower a little upset and he was anxious to say, "No, no! Why do you think that’s what I think?"

"If you don't want that, then why do you care so much about Zhu Fei? Don't argue with me. Even a fool could see it. You think about her all the time," Sister Flower said seriously.

"Didn't we rent a building together? We’re predestined to be involved. I couldn’t forget you even if I wanted to, could I?"

He didn’t expect Sister Flower to explode.

She hit her hand on the table so hard that the tongs sitting atop the electric oven nearly fell off. Then she nearly shouted, “OK, you have such a good character. You can handle anyone and treat everyone so fairly. Everything you do is right and your reasons are always right. Right?”

Then she stormed out of the room.

Qin Feng stood up and ran after her, shouting, “Hey, what are you doing?”

Jia Dapeng looked on with interest as he saw the pair quarreling.

Sister Flower continued to yell, “What am I doing? Nothing! I’m nothing! Why do you care about Zhu Fei so much? I spend every day with you, but I’m still not as important to you as she is, am I?”

The whole restaurant was looking at her now. She felt everyone’s eyes on her and, feeling ashamed, rushed out of the hall.

Qin Feng followed her into the parking lot.

Once outside, the two of them were silent. Sister Flower jumped into the car and, with a screeching of tires, disappeared into the night.

At that moment, one of the waiters came outside and asked, "Sir, sir, are you leaving now? The bill…”

Qin Feng angrily took out his wallet and threw $600 into the waiter’s hands. “It’s enough!”

Then he left.


Qin Feng took a taxi directly to the airport and booked the fastest ticket to the capital. By 7:00 pm, he was in the old residence of the capital.

Qin Wannian's driver personally picked him up, and the two had a chat in the car.

Qin Feng was still in a bad mood. He opened the Mercedes-Benz S600’s window as they drove slowly down Chang'an Street. It was rush hour, so traffic was slow.

"Did you deal with what happened last time? Is the Tianhe municipal party secretary still reliable?" asked the driver

Although he was nominally a driver for Qin Wannian, he was actually the chief executive of the Qin family. He handled a lot of things behind the scenes and inevitably dealt with people in political, military, and business circles. A municipal party secretary was not very high up in his opinion.

"Well, it’s been handled. The little director? I made him kneel to me," Qin Feng said indifferently.