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Chapter 150 Sales skills

Chapter 150 Sales skills
After he finished setting the phone, he was anxious to call Green Snake.

He tried several times, but she did not answer. Qin Feng was surprised, but then he thought it was also normal. Green Snake had not rested well for so many days, and last night she drank so much alcohol and slept so late.

With the money he earned from Ji Jiangshan, Qin Feng did not want to enjoy it alone, he directly went to the Guihe shopping mall.

He went straight to the store where Zhu Fei worked in, and she was on her morning shift today. It was 1:00p.m. in the afternoon at the moment. By 2:30p.m., she would be able to get off work.

When Qin Feng entered, she was chatting with a female customer about styles and discounts.

Seeing Qin Feng came in, Zhu Fei felt a little bit uncomfortable.

Another salesgirl came to spoke to Qin Feng, she was here when Qin Feng visit this shop last time. "Sir, you are coming again. Where is your girlfriend? Are you here for Zhu Fei? Since you have had a girlfriend, why are you still coming for her?"

Qin Feng gave her an angry look, "It sounds like I should come here for you, right? "

Zhu Fei was busy, Qin Feng simply made a joke with this girl. She was very outgoing in Qin Feng’s eyes, and probably she wanted to date him. at first sight.

"Oh, I don't want it. You are so straightforward." The salesgirl shook her head and hide away from Qin Feng.

At this time, Zhu Fei’s client took clothes to leave, and Qin Feng was anxious to come to her.

"I didn't find you yesterday. What happened?" Although Qin Feng did not know what happened. He felt Zhu Fei’s anger according to her attitude to him. Was it because of Green Snake?

"I had a stomachache and went to the bathroom. You had left when I came back." Zhu Fei didn't want to tell him about her crying outside the mall. That would only make her too pretentious.

"What time can you finish working? I want to buy you a lot of presents."

Qin Feng did not quite understand the communication of feelings between men and women. When he had money, he thought of making the people around him happy. Zhu Fei used to be a lady of high status, had now became a working girl selling clothes. Her living standard must reduce sharply. Although she could persist in the life for now, Qin Feng knew clearly that girls should not suffer for too long. Even though for what he could do to her was limited, it was better than doing nothing.

"A lot of presents?" After Zhu Fei listened, she smiled, "what? Winning the lottery? How many gifts? You have bought the whole store?"

"Yes. As long as you want." Qin Feng hesitated and answered. Just now, he was really calculating the cost of this clothing store, and estimated that 1 to 2 million would be OK. It was too simple if he wanted to make money in his own hands. The top foreign mercenary regiment once offered him an annual salary of 50 million, but he refused that. As a special combat team member in China, he had to loyal to his country.

"Ha-ha, stop it. What are you doing here? Where's your girlfriend? You're not going to show off your happiness again, are you?" Zhu Fei pouted her mouth with a face full of unhappiness.

"Come on, she is just one of my friends." Qin Feng explained, "I guess you may have misunderstood, so I came to explain to you."

"OK, don't explain, you wore couple's coats yesterday. I don't care anyway, why do you try to explain it to me?" Zhu Fei pretended not to care, anxiously waved her hand to say.

At this time, a few customers came in the store, Zhu Fei was hurried to speak them.

Qin Feng looked at Zhu Fei's clumsy sales skills at her side, which were a lot worse than that salesgirl. Soon, the salesgirl tricked the customer into holding the new clothes and went to the dressing room to try on the clothes. It was clear that the customer had a very ordinary appearance. But under the praise of the salesgirl, she reached the goddess grade. Although the customer might not believe it, and knew it was flattering, everyone wanted to listen to good words. She put on clothes and came out to look in the mirror. Under the praise of the salesgirl, she was obviously confident, pinching her waist, showing various gestures, and asking her best friend to take pictures for the Moments. Soon, the new skirt which had no discount at all was sold. Two thousand yuan in total. The customer swiped the card without thinking. On the other hand, as for Zhu Fei, she just followed her customer’s steps in the shop to look around. When she saw the customer watching a dress for more than two or three seconds, she would come up to introduce the style, material, texture and price, which was quite fluent. But it couldn’t attract the interests of the customer at all. In the end, she left without trying any clothes.

Qin Feng saw this in his eyes. That salesgirl named Xiao Fei who was obviously a veteran in the shopping mall for many years. She understood the customers’ way of thinking. No matter how ugly those customers were, she could find their advantage to flater, especially after she had put on the clothes they picked in the store.

Zhu Fei would only introduce products honestly, but there were no functional words. In the end, she worked hardest with lowest paid.

It was deemed to be her experience, she came in this career not for long. Qin Feng thought that this was more of a personality problem. She was not a person who could support herself by selling things, because she was way too honest.

This was the biggest obstacle when Zhu Fei stepped into the society. This could seriously affect her development space, but this was also the place that attracted Qin Feng most.

Every time she saw Zhu Fei, it was like seeing a clear stream, clean without trace of dirt.

In such a cruel society, it was really not easy to find such a girl.

When Qin Feng was tired, he wanted to talk to Zhu Fei, and listened to her talking. Even if only saw her smile, it would make him feel very relaxed.

All the way to work, Zhu Fei did not sell any clothes. Xiao Fei sold more than 4,000 yuan of goods in two hours. Although the commission was not much, it was also a lot of money if she kept on working.

During the time of changing the shift, she went to change clothes in the locker room with Xiao Fei. She asked her for some advice. Xiao Fei said, "Well, it really depends on the reaction of our clients. No matter what, you should try your best to flatter them. Try your best to find their advantages. You bring them confidence, they will reward you interests. In my opinion, it is not lying but convincing. "

Xiao Fei did not hide any sales experience, she was still telling Zhu Fei until they came out. When she saw Qin Feng who was waiting for Zhu Fei, she said, " Although I am good at selling clothes, but I can’t it capture this handsome man in front. Men do not like women who were too smart. I know that."

She curled her mouth after saying, she waved her hand to Qin Feng and left the mall. When she just came out of the door, she went in a Mercedes-Benz that had been waiting for a long time.

Listening to the words of Xiao Fei, Zhu Fei was confused. Confidence? How can I give them confidence?

Although according to each customer she could always say a different topic, those topics had one thing in common, that was confidence.

Qin Feng came and said, "Zhu Fei, do you need someone else to give you confidence?"

"Me?" When she was stunned, she suddenly realized a problem. After so many years of affluence in Su City, she had been getting used to live in high statue. But when she came to the Tianhe, she had nothing. When she earned herself a living, she would meet with all kind of problems. At that time, she would probably need someone to courage her.