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Chapter 144 Impulse after getting drunk

Chapter 144 Impulse after getting drunk
Chapter 144 Impulse after getting drunk

"Although Xiao He gave me instructions to protect his sister, I don’t think the protection of a person should be based on the destruction of their life. Of course I can watch over her and keep her safe, but what about when she’s tired, exhausted, and just done with it all? Protection is about getting her somewhere comfortable so she can rest.” Qin Feng said.

"That sounds like it would exhaust you." Green Snake replied, "You’re clearly not following the rules. How do you explain it to headquarters?"

After a second of thought Qin Feng waved a dismissive hand. “Xiao He told me something before he died.”

“Well? On with it.”

“There’s a spy in our military.” Green snake was silent. “Do you know who it could be?”

"If Xiao He knew,…" Green Snake finally said. "Then I guess there's a traitor in our team."

"What?" Qin Feng gasped, "You mean, Green Dragon?"

She didn’t speak at first, but nodded slowly. "Xiao He only met a few of us before he died. You and I clearly aren’t spies. That only leaves Green dragon. Think back to the mission, Green Dragon was acting a little weird. He kept darting to the bathroom, delayed take off for ten minutes, always hung up the phone when we were around. I saw him radioing someone in the woods too.”

"Is that why you stayed away from him?" Qin Feng asked anxiously.

"Part of it. In fact, I honestly never cared for him. He chased me blindly. I couldn’t exactly turn him down in the middle of our operation. Wouldn’t dare to break his concentration…”

She continued, "I thought there was something wrong with him. I did. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Gu Shaoyun either. What about the Minister of National Security, Kang Mingyang? He’s a pretty suspicious character.”

"You’ve put some thought into this, haven’t you?” Qin Feng asked. "If it’s the minister then the entire combat system is under their control. That’s way out of our league. I don't think it could be Green Dragon. He saved my life, remember? If it weren’t for him I wouldn’t be here and the whole mission would be caput.”

"Maybe it’s me then.” She said with a sly smile.

"You? Forget it. You’re missing in the Golden Triangle these days, and you’ve suffered more than any of us.” Qin Feng waved his hand again. “It’s not you.”

"That’s what you think.” She returned. “I’ve been missing for so long and so many things can’t be explained. No one in the army will believe me. Some of them could imagine me as a traitor." She fell silent pondering an unknown traitor vying to frame her. “Guess I should stick with you.” She thought, looking at Qin Feng.

"You make a point." Qin Feng sighed and said, "Us front liners who did all the work will be thrown under the bus and those left behind get the goods.”

" Maybe that’s our lot in life. We don’t have a choice. " Said Green Snake.

"When I came back from the Middle East I fought with an officer at headquarters. Li Jian, I think. He hid behind his dad’s status. Can you imagine?” He let out a snort and reached for the bottle between them. “Forget all this shit, let’s drink."

Qin Feng once again raised his glass and clinked it to Green Snake’s. "I'll stay with you for a few more days in Tianhe, and then we’ll go to Yunnan to find Sister Flower. Have some fun along the way. Whaddya say?"

"Yunnan? Isn't that too close to the Golden Triangle? Would you dare to dive into the forest, find Shark Kun's new nest and kill him?"

" What? Just you and me?” Qin Feng looked at Green Snake in amazement. "After last time Shark Kun will certainly have his guard up. We can’t just stroll in half-cocked and attack. We’d lose.”

"I’m joking, keep your panties on." Green Snake laughed, " We can't change anything there. "

The two of them worked through four bottles of red wine, spilling only drops between cheers. Towards the end of the night Green Snake was sprawled across Qin Feng, loudly retching into a bucket. He patted her back awkwardly and struggled to get out from under her. “You okay?”

Green Snake coughed thickly into the bucket and let out a groan. She lifted her head with a huge effort and laid it on his chest.

Qin Feng wrestled himself from under her and lifted her carefully in his arms. Getting Green Snake onto her feet, he guided her to the bathroom and instructed her to wash up. While the water was running he took off his shirt and wiped splatters of sick from his hands.

After a few minutes she came out of the bathroom looking unhappy and wet. Qin Feng guided her to the bedroom and tucked her into the bed. He turned the lights off and stood in the doorway until her breathing took on a rhythmic calm. He watched her for another minute thinking, “If I were a worse man…”

In the next room he laid out the unsoiled blankets, kicked away the empty wine bottles and went to bed.