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Chapter 141 Jealous

Chapter 141 Jealous
Qin Feng and Green Snake arrived at Guihe shopping mall and strolled for a while, then Qin Feng made a phone call to Zhu Fei. She happened to be at work and was excited to hear that Qin Feng had come to Guihe.

"Over here! Over here!" Zhu Fei ran out of her store, stood in the center of the mall and hurriedly waved her hands at Qin Feng, shouting, "I am here, here!"

The market was full of voices, but Qin Feng heard Zhu Fei over all of them.

By his side, Green Snake said doubtfully, "Are you not going to accompany me to shop? You have an old lover hidden here?"

"No, this is my…old roommate." Qin Feng laughed. "She sells clothes here now. Since we came here to stroll, I figured I’d see her. Anyway, you can buy clothes anywhere. If you like, buy some from her shop."

Green Snake listened, humphed lightly and said, "I see you didn’t exactly plan today for me."

"Oh, my god. How can you talk to your team leader like this?" Qin Feng said, rolling his eyes. "Don’t talk like this in front of her, at least."

"Don’t tell me what to do." Green Snake ignored Qin Feng and ran straight to the store where Zhu Fei worked. The store’s brand was a well-known one.

Zhufei saw the pair coming and also felt doubtful. Her heart sighed as she thought, Who is this woman? She isn’t Qin Feng's new girlfriend, is she?

"Hello!" Zhu Fei waved at Green Snake, who slightly curled her mouth and nodded in response, which appeared a bit cold.

Zhu Fei didn’t care and excitedly looked at the Qin Feng while asking, "Where have you been recently? I haven't heard from you for a long time."

"I went out to handle some matters and was a little busy." Qin Feng strode into the beautifully decorated clothing store. All three shop assistants were wearing black pants with white shoes and had their hair up in a bun. Although the other two were good-looking, compared with Zhu Fei, they looked a little plain. Qin Feng turned to Zhu Fei and asked, "How do you feel? Have you adapted to selling clothes? You must be tired standing all day."

Green Snake strolled around the store looking for something she might like to try on. Her taste in fashion was different from that of the average girl. She liked a cool, slightly feminine style of dress, always with a gray tone. She didn’t like bright colors or the sunny and fresh feeling that came along with them.

"Oh, I’m used to it. On the first day, I was sore from standing, but now I'm much better. At least I can go home after work to take care of my father and cook for him." Zhu Fei continued, "I find that there is no unbearable suffering. In the past, when I was in Su City, I hadn’t done much work, and I doubted whether I had the ability to manage my own life and take care of Dad. But now, I find that people can do things they didn't dare to think about when forced to a certain extent. I quite like this kind of life now. Busy, very full, very happy."

Qin Feng smiled and said, "I’m relieved. I was worried that you wouldn't be able to stand it, but now, it seems that my worries were unnecessary."

The two people wanted to continue their conversation, but Green Snake had finished looking around the shop and was standing by the door. She crossed her arms and shouted to Qin Feng, "I finished strolling. Ready to leave?"

Qin Feng's face was puzzled. What’s the matter with Green Snake? Why is she so angry? he asked himself. Even if there were no clothes that she liked here, she could chat with him and Zhu Fei. Zhu Fei was a friend of his, so Green Snake should at least be respectful to her.

"What are you hurrying to do? Come and talk." Qin Feng said with a hint of anger. "You don’t like this shop’s clothes? I think they look pretty good." While saying, Qin Feng turned around, pointed to a long white skirt and said, "This is good. It’s quite special."

Green Snake didn't even look. "You stay and talk here. I'll go walk around." Then she turned and left.

Qin Feng scolded her in his head and didn’t follow her out.

Zhu Fei stood aside, feeling a little overwhelmed. She anxiously stepped out of the shop and shouted after Green Snake, but she did not turn back. Zhu returned and said, "Qin Feng…go out and have a look. She must be angry. She doesn't like you talking to me. Didn't you tell her about our relationship? She must have misunderstood."

"What misunderstanding? There’s nothing to be angry about. Isn’t this just a chat?"

Qin Feng was silent. Green Snake used to be so calm. How did this happen?

"Go on, what are you waiting for? If you don't go after her, your girlfriend will run away with someone else!" Zhu Fei hurriedly dragged Qin Feng out of the shop.

The more she said, the less Qin Feng worried. "What girlfriend? She's my friend. Do you understand? She's like a tomboy. How come she's jealous?"

Zhu Fei was stupefied by his words. The other two colleagues approached and they began speaking at the same time.

"She doesn’t look like your pal--”

“That look is obviously jealousy--”

“She looks very temperamental, very self-absorbed--”

“Obviously not as considerate as our Fei Fei, who knows how to love."

The two spoke back and forth as Zhu Fei blushed. She bowed her head and rubbed her shoes back and forth over the floor, saying, "Oh, no. Come on, girls.”

"Well, I think they’re right about you," Qin Feng said absent-mindedly as he frowned.

Zhu Fei's eyes flickered toward Qin Feng and did not know what to say. In the past, she was like a proud princess. Her life was extremely simple until she came to the Tianhe and experienced so many sad and bitter things.

Over time, she changed. She now understood gratitude and dedication. She also gradually discovered the beauty of life. Only by paying in sweat had she understood the joy in going from nothing to having something, of progressing and learning. She now valued tolerance, toughness, diligence, and understanding.

When she first met Qin Feng, Zhu Fei didn't like him, but now she had experienced a series of events that had changed her worldview. Now, she realized that Qin Feng was really a very responsible man. By his side, she always felt a touch of warmth. She felt like she didn’t have to worry about anything because he could always fix everything.

"Well, I don't think the store is busy, so let's go around?" Qin Feng said.

"No, no, it's strict at work. We can't leave at will."

"Oh, then do you want ice cream? I think that Amen handmade ice cream over there is good. I’ll buy a couple and we eat together?" Qin Feng asked.


Zhu Fei was shocked, but her two female colleagues nodded excitedly and said at the same time, "Oh, I want two scoops of the blueberry flavor! Two scoops of lemon!"