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Chapter 137 Wonderful Figure

Chapter 137 Wonderful Figure
Green Snake settled into the sofa and used the remote to turn on the TV.

Qin Feng had just eaten a bite of an ice cream cone when he entered the living room with astonishment. "Grandma, haven’t you been running for your life lately? You still have free time for nonsense like TV shows?"

"Oh, I have to have some fun in my off hours. Otherwise, running for my life feels so dull."

Green Snake snatched the ice cream cone from Qin Feng’s hands and began to eat it. Qin Feng was stunned, then he sat directly on Green Snake and teased, "Why would you act like this? That’s all that was left in the freezer! Give it back!"

"I’m going to eat it all!" Green Snake shouted, then she smacked Qin Feng on his behind and said, “Oh, you’re squashing me to death.”

"Give me a bite."

Qin Feng bent down obstinately, laying over Green Snake’s mouth, and prepared to eat the bottom of the ice cream cone.

However, he didn’t expect Green Snake to wriggle from under his body and move the cone away at the same time. As he leaned over, his mouth met hers.

At this time, Green Snake was dressed in a black dress with stockings, and a scarlet scarf fell over her shoulders, making her appear mysterious and sexy, especially when she bent her knees. When her skirt shifted, the upper part of the stockings were revealed, and everything hidden beneath the skirt was visible. Green Snake had always been open in front of Qin Feng, so she didn’t think twice as she twisted her body to hide the ice cream, shouting, "I won't give it to you! I won't give it to you!"

Green Snake's wonderful figure and the curve of her hips caught Qin Feng's eye. He glanced, breathed deeply, and traced his hand through the air over her body while saying, "This is a lovely body. No wonder the aboriginal brother is interested in it. You laying down like this makes me feel a little out of control."

As he said that, Qin Feng's hand landed on Green Snake’s back. His finger lightly curved over the top of the dress and he felt her smooth, clear skin below. She was incredibly fit, owing to her year-round military training. Qin Feng continued to trace his finger over her body, growing closer to more sensitive areas.

Green Snake’s body trembled, then she looked back to Qin Feng with a hint of desire in her eyes, smiled and said, "What are you doing? Get out of there!” As she shouted, she reached out to hit Qin Feng’s arm.

These two were used to playing in this way. Qin Feng would always pretend to flirt with Green Snake to rile her up, but he would always withdraw his hand or stop his comments once he’d scared her.

But this time, Qin Feng's hands did not move away. He actually began to seriously study Green Snake’s body.

She sat up slightly, a little embarrassedly, but Qin Feng's hand still did not withdraw. He moved it with her body.

The atmosphere suddenly tensed up. Green Snake began to adjust herself and accidentally smeared some of the forgotten ice cream cone on the sofa arm. She quickly held it up with one arm while trying to push herself up with the other.

Qin Feng, with one knee kneeling at her side, began to move toward the ice cream again.

Green Snake had never had such an experience and she felt frozen in place. She let Qin Feng move closer and closer.

If his lips did try to meet hers, Green Snake didn’t think she had the courage to dodge them. She and Qin Feng had often joked about this sort of situation. Now that it seemed more serious, she didn’t know how to deal with it.

She watched Qin Feng’s beautiful mouth move closer and closer to the ice cream. He was about to lick the cone but suddenly stopped.

Their two faces were inches apart and the tension in the air was suffocating.

Finally, Qin Feng shook his head, gently touching his forehead to Green Snake’s. He laughed and said, "Silly, look at yourself."

So, this was another joke, she thought.

The joke had never grown this serious, although they’d played around with this subject many times. Just now, Green Snake had actually thought that Qin Feng was interested in taking things farther. Her heart beat wildly, and she felt a rush of nervousness, excitement, and expectation.

The feelings she had for Qin Feng were special. She had lost her parents during her childhood. That she was able to stay in the army was due to Qin Feng's care. If she had not had his help during the special combat team final examination, she would likely have been sent home. At that time, she had accidentally sprained her foot. Qin Feng had supported her until they reached the destination. Of course, both were late, and according to the rules, both should have been eliminated.

No one knew why, but after a few days, the superior said the results of that day did not count, so they would have to take the test again. Green Snake was incredibly strong, and in many aspects was a better fighter than some of the men. Qin Feng, of course, had record-breaking skills. It was not surprising that both of them were promoted rather than sent home.

Since then, Green Snake had been very grateful to Qin Feng. They had fought together and eventually successfully made the Golden Special War team together. After so many years of fighting side by side, they had experienced many life and death situations together. Their relationship was so deep that it was beyond the comprehension of ordinary people.

"You're really sick!" Green Snake angrily pushed Qin Feng to the side, got up and walked three meters away before shouting, "What are you trying to do? After coming to Tianhe, you learned a lot of tricks, didn't you? What happened to you?"

Qin Feng was stunned and put on an awkward expression as he said, "I’m just making a joke. No need to get angry. Our relationship…”

Green Snake cut him off. "There are some things we can't joke about in this relationship. I am a woman, and you are a man. You need to take responsibility for certain actions, understand?"

It's because she cared about what happened between them that she took this joke so seriously.

Qin Feng considered Green Snake’s words, then said, “Haha, are you really angry?”

He reluctantly stepped a couple steps forward, then gripped Green Snake’s thin hand and said, "I was wrong. All right? I admit, I was just confused by your enchanting figure, but we are buddies. I absolutely do not mean to touch you in ways you don’t want to be touched. I just can't help wanting to...look at you."

Green Snake shook Qin Feng's hand off of her own. "Do not touch me."

"Don't be angry. You see, your body is already weak. If you get angry, you’ll look ugly."

"You and I are friends, aren't we?" Green Snake looked at Qin Feng, her heart full of complicated feelings. One of them was sadness.