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Chapter 135 It Won’t Disappear

Chapter 135 It Won’t Disappear
Hearing Qin Feng's words, Green Snake’s expression grew worried, and she asked, "Injured? What happened to him? Was it in the Golden Triangle?"

"Look, I told you. If you don't like him, why do you care so much? I won't tell you, so you might as well guess."

Qin Feng was whistling as he began driving away again. Then he abruptly changed the subject. "Is this your first time in the Tianhe? Where did you sleep yesterday? Tonight, I’ll take you to eat a big dinner. There’s some special food here you need to try."

"Did you hurt yourself on this mission?" Green Snake asked dubiously. “I mean, are you all right?”

"Me? Can't you see? Of course I’m fine. The bullet that could kill me hasn't been made yet. I’m guessing that that bullet couldn’t be made during the 21st century." Qin Feng raised his eyebrows and wore a smug expression.

"Well, I was more worried about your brain," Green Snake said. Then she began to look around the car again and said, “You also haven’t told me yet, whose car is this? Does it belong to a lover you keep in the Tianhe?”

Qin Feng's playful expression suddenly stiffened, and he turned his eyes to Green Snake. "This is Xiao He's sister’s car. Xiao He asked me to take care of his only relative in the world before he died."

"Oh." Green Snake sighed while looking out of the window, then said, "Xiao He passed away too early. I miss the four of us being together…Can you tell me what happened?"

Green Snake had been carried away from the hillside by Green Dragon, so she was not clear on what Qin Feng and Xiao He had experienced when they attacked the One-Eyed Dragon’s men. Qin Feng had watched his brother block a bullet for him. If not for Xiao He, Qin Feng would likely have died.

Qin Feng explained the situation to Green Snake as they drove. Soon they arrived at a restaurant called Linglong Town.

"This restaurant specializes mainly in Sichuan and Shandong-style cuisine. I’m confident that you’ll like it," Qin Feng said as they got out of the car.

Qin Feng and Green Snake sat in the corner by the window. After they placed their order, they began talking about their work again.

"Qin Feng, someone from the headquarters--"

Green Snake had not finished her thought when she was interrupted by Qin Feng asking, "Did you find something in the Golden Triangle?"

Green Snake’s appearance in the Tianhe had surprised Qin Feng. She must have had a difficult time escaping, and it would’ve made sense for her to go directly to Beijing’s special combat unit office to report. However, she had shown up here. There must have been a good reason.

"Yeah, I did." Green Snake nodded, then glanced around and said softly, "Some members of the military have a close connection with Shark Kun. I suspect that he is their leader."

Hearing this, Qin Feng felt shocked. This statement aligned with Xiao He’s theory that there were traitors among the military ranks, and it also supported what Qin Feng himself had observed. However, he was afraid that now that suspicion and reality were lining up, he would find even more questions. Furthermore, he worried about who would be revealed as an enemy. If he started digging into this issue, there was no telling where it would lead.

Qin Feng and Green Snake both knew that many plans of action were impossible at the moment. They could wait and see what would unfold, but could not really start down those paths themselves. Once those doors were open, it would be impossible to close them. At that time, no one would have peace.

"What did you see?" Qin Feng asked.

"I was trapped in a dense forest and I was lost. It was foggy that day, but I found myself in the middle of Shark Kun’s nest. Shark Kun was so nervous about having to move. He was afraid that he and his men would encounter trouble. But that morning, three or four people came in a hurry, looking very nervous. They went straight to see Shark Kun. I hid in a thick branch, and saw…"

Green Snake’s tone was strange, and Qin Feng asked intently, "Saw who?"

"It looked like Captain Gu, but I'm not sure, because the fog was heavy and the visibility was not more than 10 meters. However, because of what I observed through the shadows and the sounds I've heard, I’m pretty certain it was him."

Green Snake went on to say, "They talked in the house for a long time, and then a few people laughed and left the area. I wanted to go after them to see if the man was Captain Gu. Unfortunately, I slipped and almost fell off the tree. When I recovered, the people had driven off, and the fog was so heavy that I couldn't tell where they had gone."

On hearing this, Qin Feng sighed and said, "If only you had been able to see clearly. It’s still a bit difficult to judge what happened, so we must pay attention to secrecy. As for Gu Shaoyun, I didn't think he was like that, but maybe it really is him.

Last night, he ran to my apartment and told me to try my best to hand in the list. Unfortunately, the list is full of code that will take effort to decipher. When he asked me for it, he seemed really anxious, and I wondered if this list had anything to do with him.

If he really went to see Shark Kun, it would fit that timeline. He must have been trying to pacify Shark Kun. How'd things turn out? It really surprised me that I handed over the topographic map of Shark's nest to the headquarters two months ago, but there still isn’t any specific encirclement and suppression plan.

I see now that both sides are in the same family, and the traitors did not want to catch them at all! We’re just their cover, and we did our jobs so well that we lost Xiao He! Shit!".

As Qin Feng thought, he grew angrier and angrier. He picked up a wine glass, drank from it, and then slammed his palm on the table, crying, "These animals are really bad. It's time to deal with them.”

Qin Feng naturally knew that this type of event was possible in the military, but over the years, he had always followed his conscience. He only did what felt right. Because of his character, as well as his mysterious family background, Qin Feng had enjoyed honor and prestige as a member of the special combat team.

But what was the use of dedicating his life to such a cause when so many men were simply pretending to play by the rules?

Nothing could be changed. What would come would come. Eventually, the traitors would have to face the results of their actions.