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Chapter 128 Wipe them out

Chapter 128 Wipe them out
Green Dragon looked at the scene in the valley, knowing that they were about to rush out of the enemy's encirclement and be able to return home victoriously with the hostages.

He remember Gu Shaoyun's exhortation: "Remember, you must find an opportunity to finish off Qin Feng. This is a rare good opportunity to kill him, and you’ll come back to an immediate promotion. If you can't complete this task, you will never achieve anything else in your entire life."

Thinking of this, Green Dragon pointed his gun toward the valley, his gun sights swaying up and down across Qin Feng's body. He could not miss a shot like this. A gentle squeeze of the trigger, and Qin Feng would die.

But if he had it in him to betray Qin Feng, he would have done it already.

Just as he was about to shoulder his rifle and run back down to rejoin the group, he noticed a small glint of light on the hill across the valley. Green Dragon’s instincts told him this was a reflection from a sniper rifle scope.

He quickly crawled down and hid in a thick bush, carefully observing the situation on the other side. At the same time, he sent a signal to Qin Feng with his birdsong whistle: "Ambush!"

Qin Feng immediately stopped his attack on the northern side. "Everyone, get down! Heads down! There may be a sniper on the cliff."

At that moment, with a bang, a bullet zoomed across the valley, almost skimming Zhang Shan's shoulder. Fortunately, he moved quickly, or he’d be finished.

Qin Feng looked sideways at the towering cliffs. He couldn’t see anything above, and there was no good cover between his position and the northern slopes. There was no chance to fight back from within the valley. They could only count on Green Dragon now.

The cunning enemy had to be hiding on the cliff opposite Green Dragon, and at the moment of his shot, he naturally exposed his position. Now, it was up to Green Dragon to fight back.

But things didn't go as smoothly as Qin Feng thought. There were more than one sniper on the other side. Moreover, enemy reinforcements were approaching the southern side of the valley and would soon make escape much more difficult.

Green Dragon had to fight off the enemy sniper before the reinforcements arrived, and then Qin Feng could attack the enemy group on the north side with all he had. Once they took the valley, all they had to do was run through and find the chopper waiting to extract them.


Green Dragon took the shot. Three seconds after the enemy sniper pulled the trigger, Green Dragon’s bullet swept through the tall grass on the northern slopes of the valley.

A distant cry of pain came from the undergrowth.

Green Dragon anxiously rolled away from his position - thunk thunk thunk! – three bullets flew threw the air where his head had been less than a second prior.

Qin Feng nervously looked at the situation above. Green Dragon was attracting the enemies’ attention.

He picked up a pair of binoculars and observed the approaching troops in the south. He could not wait any longer; the top priority was to cover the evacuation of the hostages trapped in the valley. "Stick to the bottom of the cliff and run out of the valley as fast as you can. Lei Ming will cover the rear while the rest of us will rush the northern position, and then we all go straight to the extraction point. Remember, do not stop for anything!"

Qin Feng stared at Liu Yian’s eyes. "My brother is risking himself up there to give us time to run. Don't let him down."

The gunshots suggested there were at least three highly trained enemy snipers up above. Even he himself might not fare well against so many, and long-range sniping was not one of Green Dragon's strengths!

"Go!!!" Qin Feng roared and jumped up, shooting the foremost mercenary coming up from the south side dead. "They’re almost on top of us, go!"

Seven hostages and five Special Forces operatives, a line of twelve, burst forth, clinging tightly to the steep walls of the valley.

The insurgents on the northern side, who were already frightened and in disarray, were emboldened to see their reinforcements arriving, and were ready to block the counterattack. After a brief shootout, the insurgents actually managed to suppress Qin Feng’s first attack.

The valley was a narrow corridor and there was no cover to protect the charge, while the enemies on the north side were comfortably covered by thick sandbag positions. They had the advantage, and they could brazenly block Qin Feng’s push.

Hunched up behind a large stone, Qin Feng shoved a new magazine into his rifle and shouted over the noise of gunfire, "There's no time, we have to take that position right now!"

"If we go in the open, there will be casualties,” Lei Ming cried nervously. “We’re sitting ducks down here!"

"Someone has to do it!"

Qin Feng said, "I’ll go first and draw their fire, then you can go up the flanks. We have to trust that we will win. Come on, they’re only thirty meters from us. You only need a few seconds to reach their positions and take them out in close quarters!"