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Chapter 125 Historical Heroes

Chapter 125 Historical Heroes

At that moment, Qin Feng thought of Xiao He, Green Snake, Green Dragon. He couldn’t afford to lose Green Dragon. Green Dragon was his only friend in the Golden Four. He couldn’t die!

"Why are you so stupid? Why did you run to protect me?" Qin Feng cried. He would dig all the way to the bottom of the heap if he had to to see Green Dragon again.

But at that moment, he heard clamoring footsteps behind him. Suddenly, there was an explosion of gunfire.

Qin Feng ran to hide in the ruins of the dark bunker, shielding himself with a half wall as he shot at the enemy. His bullets were accurate, and soon five or six men 50 yards away had fallen.

Qin Feng still thought of Green dragon in the ruins. The sooner he moved the bricks, the better chance of survival Green Dragon had.

"Green Dragon! Do you hear me?" Qin Feng shouted. He hoped that his voice would keep Green Dragon awake and fighting.

More enemy fighters had approached. They spread out along the two sides of the wall and climbed over it onto the roof. However, from where Qin Feng stood, he could not see them. However, Qin Feng was smart, and he’d noticed that the enemy was no longer visible.

Qin Feng listened for a moment, and then shot through the roof. Immediately, a man fell to the ground and Qin Feng delivered a fatal shot.

Suddenly, from the rear window of the bunker, two dark shadows burst out. They were shooting at Qin Feng with a submachine gun. He had no time to fight back, instead quickly rolling away and jumping into a semi-open corridor. The two men gave chase, but they didn’t expect that Qin Feng would have stopped running. As they jumped within his sight, Qin Feng shot two bullets and dropped the men in their tracks.

At this moment, a hand extended through the rubble.

Green Dragon’s weak voice sounded out, "Qin Feng! Qin Feng!"

Qin Feng heard his name and was anxious to return to the rubble, but three men had just poked the ends of their guns through the roof at Qin Feng.


Dense bullets rained down, and Qin Feng had nowhere to hide. He dropped to the floor and rolled to the corner of the wall, hoping the shadows would hide him.

Green Dragon, eager to get out of the rubble, shouted to Qin Feng, "That grenade nearly killed me! I almost passed out."

Qin Feng hollered back in surprise, "You didn't get shot?”

"I'm wearing a bulletproof vest."

"Damn. Okay, don't move. I'll kill the guys across the way. Just don’t expose yourself on the bunker side," Qin Feng ordered. "I'm not sure how many are still hidden here. Be careful."

Qin Feng immediately slid out from the corner of the wall and aimed three shots precisely at the men who had tried to kill him. Bang! Bang! Bang! They all hit their targets.

Green Dragon was growing restless, and he picked up a brick in his hand. Then he lifted the brick and threw it straight at the head of an enemy fighter. Then he began to push other bricks and debris off of him until he was free.

Jumping up, Green Dragon immediately picked up a gun from the ground and began to fight alongside Qin Feng. The enemies saw the two of them fighting together and hurriedly ran away, deciding it was too dangerous to stick around.

Green Dragon wanted to give chase, but Qin Feng hurriedly shouted, "Forget it. Hurry into the cave to check on the hostages."

Green Dragon rushed ahead, saying, "Enemies might still be hiding. Be careful."

"You guard the rear, and I’ll attack ahead."

The two men carefully stepped into the enemy’s den. The enemies had been hired by illegal organizations, and had recently been causing chaos along the borders of several countries. The seven hostages they’d taken had been at an upscale event in the city of Kassif. They were all people with notable backgrounds. The organizations behind the kidnappings had been negotiating with the countries involved, hoping to trade the hostages for assets such as oil and energy.

As a country with complete sovereignty, China would absolutely not agree to the demands of such illegal organizations. After negotiating with them, China’s leaders were furious, and ordered the military to send a special combat force to handle these illegal organizations. Of course, the mission was focused on the protection of the hostages. If it were not for Qin Feng and Green Dragon, the government would have already listed this mission as a failure.

These sensitive and confidential matters would never be disclosed by the media. However, behind every dangerous mission, there were men like those on the Golden SWAT team fighting to uphold what was right. Although they could not know all the details, the Chinese people could rest easy with men like Qin Feng risking death to save their lives.

At that moment, those men went down in history as heroes.