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Chapter 107 Solemn Vow

Chapter 107 Solemn Vow
"How are you so good?"

Green Dragon looked at Qin Feng with red eyes and a glum expression.

"I just did what I was supposed to do,” Qin Feng said helplessly. “On the contrary, I felt guilty because I caused the Golden Four to be separated."

"You shouldn’t think that. It was fate," Green Dragon said. "For this next mission, we’re going to the Middle East. It may be very dangerous, so we must be extra careful. Without Xiao He and Green Snake’s skills, many of our usual plans of action are out of the question."

"I really don't know what General Gu’s thinking sending us to the Middle East at such a time to carry out such a hazardous mission. He could have just sent Eagle Team to do it," Qin Feng grumbled. "I am still waiting to attack the Golden Triangle drug lords, to avenge Xiao He! Still haven’t heard a word about that."

Qin Feng kicked a stone down the slope and cursed.

Green Dragon shrugged helplessly. "Well, there's nothing we can do about it, it's all coming straight from headquarters. Maybe they think Eagle Team can’t do it without us. Besides, I get the feeling you’re suffocating a bit in this Tianhe City. It’ll do you good to take a break. You can stay in the safe house as the operator while Eagle Team and I do the leg work. It’s only a small cell of a terrorist organization, we’ve dealt with at least twenty of those already."

"Don’t get careless - they are not afraid of death and they’re usually well-armed." Qin Feng put his hand on Green Dragon’s shoulder. "Anyway, don’t worry, I’m just venting. Of course I’ll take part in the action. Eagle Team will never let us hear the end of it if they see one of the Golden Four slacking off while they do the job!"

Green Dragon laughed and said, "I like you this aggressive. Always up for it, never giving up. It’s always rubbed off on the rest of us."

"Alight, I'll go get some rest. I’ll see you at the gathering point tomorrow night."

Qin Feng stretched his muscles wearily. He hadn’t been getting adequate rest recently. It wouldn’t matter if he stayed in Tianhe all the time, but now he was going to the Middle East to carry out a real operation. Any carelessness might directly or indirectly lead to unfavorable or even fatal circumstances. The first safeguard against carelessness – a good night’s sleep!

"Well, all right." Green Dragon grasped Qin Feng's arm and said, "I hope this time we can come back as victorious as before."

"We must."

Qin Feng turned around and disappeared into the night.


When Qin Feng returned to the Free Man Bar, he found a sofa in a corner somewhere and fell asleep for eight straight hours, something he hadn’t even dared to hope for in years. He was woken up by quiet footsteps in the hallway at 08:30 in the morning.

Qin Feng sat up wide awake, lazily stretching his arms. Bright rays of sunlight seeped through the curtains, heralding a fresh day.

Yes, he knew that his reputation in Tianhe would be different after yesterday. He had to be prepared for all manner of threats and sycophancy. He couldn’t afford to be careless now.

Qin Feng had no real ambition or interest in installing himself as a new underworld boss in Tianhe; the stage here was still too small for him. Since Zhao Jun could not be counted on, he just wanted to rely on his own strength now to better protect Sister Flower.

Just as he got up to go to the bathroom, the door was slammed open.

In came Zhao Jun, followed by Kun and Zhao Hu. He was smiling on his face. Abandoning his previous habit of looking down his nose at other people, he nodded respectfully to Qin Feng for the first time. "Hey, there you are!"

Zhao Jun walked in cheerfully, glanced around at the messy environment, and uttered, "How can you be live in such a mess? I’ve been trying to call you, but your phone’s off."

"I wanted to get a good night's sleep, so I turned it off. Well, you came all this way, so what can I do for you?" Qin Feng’s attitude was very cold, his arms folded over his chest, his face expressionless.

If it were not for Sister Flower's face, Qin Feng would probably not even have bothered to speak to a two-faced, miserly villain like Zhao Jun anymore.

"Oh, nothing. I just wanted to ask you about your time at the police station last night... I got worried when I heard you were arrested and I tried to call in favors from my contacts, but no one dared to provoke Li Faxian. They all told me you were done for, that there was no stopping Li Faxin from ‘dealing’ with you. Oh, I can't even think of it! I was ready to lose face to fight against Li Faxian for you. You are my brother, so no matter what, I had to get you out!"

Zhao Jun went on, making up his heroic story: "But lo and behold, when I went earlier this morning to speak to Li Faxian, I found out you were already released! And...

"And I made him kneel and beg me to leave, right?"

Qin Feng knew this was the key. If he’d just got himself released from the station it would only have mildly surprised Zhao Jun, for anyone might have a powerful relative somewhere in the family tree who could call in a favor or two. But it was no ordinary man who could make Li Faxian kneel. This was not only because of Qin Feng's powerful patrons, but also because of his courage and determination, which were beyond Zhao Jun's expectations.

"Yes, yes. Is that true? I’ve been hearing people talk about it all morning. That’s crazy! Everyone’s saying Qin Feng made Li Faxian kneel for him. The news is spreading through the city like wildfire!!! I can't believe it."

Zhao Jun looked almost… euphoric. Obviously, he was currently thanking his stars that he could have an ally like Qin Feng.

But in his heart, he was nothing more than soft wool. Qin Feng only attended to him because of his relationship with Sister Flower, who still loyally continued working for Zhao Jun. If she were willing to leave him behind, Qin Feng would have no connection with him.

"Whether you believe it or not, things have happened. What do you want now? To avenge Li Faxian?” Qin Feng said sarcastically, “To sell him a big favor?"

Zhao Jun looked shocked, but quickly assured that, "Brother, how can you think your brother would do something like that? Although this is a tricky bit of business, you can rest assured that, as your brother, I will always stand behind you and back you up! Forget Li Faxian, even if Jia Quan himself were to show up here to complain, I’d show him the door!"