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Chapter 104 Intention

Chapter 104 Intention
Jia Dapeng was completely shocked. He suddenly thought of a scene he’s seen in the TV show "Conquest". The protagonist, Sun Honglei defeated his enemy, Feng Biao, and finally made Feng Biao kneel before him and call him Granddaddy.

Then, Sun Honglei stuck a gun to Feng Biao’s head and told him to pull the trigger. He would only count to three, but Feng Biao remained indifferent. Sun Honglei patted Feng Biao's bald head and said, "I give you a chance, but you don't use it?"

Jia Dapeng thought of his own fate. He was afraid that if it weren’t for his father’s support, his situation would not be any better than Li Faxian’s.

"Please leave, Brother. Don't stay in the police station, please," Li Faxian said sincerely, kneeling on the ground, his face a mask of grief. He was almost crying, but he still endured it.

Qin Feng was not the kind of person to hold a grudge forever. He just wanted to teach Li Faxian a lesson, to set him straight. He had to be put in his place to make him understand what respect was.

"Oh, alright. But only because you asked nicely," Qin Feng came forward and helped Li Faxian up. "Come on up, the floor’s cold. If people see you like this, they might think I bullied you or something!"

Li Faxian did not know what to say. His pride was utterly destroyed.

But this was reality. Li Faxian could rely on Jia Quan’s influence to overcome others, but Qin Feng simply knew someone even higher up the ladder.

Qin Feng finally looked over to Jia Dapeng, who was already terrified and overwhelmed, and humphed disdainfully, "You are a child, so I won’t bother with you. But if I catch you causing trouble again, I will not be so lenient, and I don't care who your father is! Do you understand?"

Jia Dapeng nodded in a hurry and said softly, "Uh-huh."

Qin Feng leaned in a little closer to him and growled, "Zhu Fei is not interested in you, and you are not allowed to bother her anymore. If I hear you’ve been pestering her again, I will break your legs!"

"Okay, okay!" Jia Dapeng was felt very indignant. He was the son of the Director of Public Security! He couldn’t believe he was being scolded like a misbehaving child.

But as things stood, he had no other option but agree.

Sister Flower looked puzzled. She’d never heard Zhu Fei’s name before. It seemed that Qin Feng and Jia Dapeng became conflicted because of this woman.

After they left the police station, Sister Flower drove Qin Feng to a restaurant. On the way, she couldn’t help asking, "Who is this Zhu Fei? Your friend?"

"My roommate. Jia Dapeng has been harassing her or ages, but she doesn’t like him, so I stepped in to stop it. In the end… It was a complete coincidence, but Jia Dapeng attacked Zhu Fei's father, who’s a sanitation worker, and put him in the hospital. I couldn’t bear to watch her try to fend him off, so I figured I’d tell Jia Dapeng I was her boyfriend, hoping he’d finally back down. I didn’t think the guy would be so stubborn! He’s been trying to get rid of me like I was a thorn in his ass. His old man’s the Director of Public Security, so he quickly found out when I was arrested and showed up at the police station thinking he’d tie me to a chair and torture me to death with a taser. Unfortunately for him, the man who can take me out one-on-one hasn't been born yet. You saw the rest of the story yourself."

Qin Feng explained that he had no other intentions toward Zhu Fei in his heart. Other than his secret identity as a Special Forces operative, he hid nothing from Xiao Jinhua.

"So... What happened to make Li Faxian so afraid of you? What kind big shot do you know whose name could make him get down on his knees? Honestly, I can't even imagine. Before I came, I ran around the city looking for a friends who seemed quite important and influential, but no matter how well I knew them, no one dared to cross someone like Li Faxian."

Xiao Jinhua wondered for a long time. It’d all make more sense if Qin Feng's didn’t look like such a pauper all the time; riding an electric scooter to a part-time job, renting a flat with three other groups of people, wearing old (probably second-hand) clothes... How could someone like him have enough power to make Li Faxian to kneel?

It was totally out of proportion.

Sister Flower was curious about Qin Feng, and now she was full of doubts. What kind of man he was?

"Oh, it was nothing." Qin Feng humphed and said, "To tell you the truth, it was the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee. I used to work as a security guard in the villa district where the city's highest officials lived. Secretary Liu was once almost kidnapped by a group of rioters and I happened to help him at the time. He’s owed me a favor ever since. I even did some work as a gardener in his vegetable patch and we talked a bit occasionally."

Xiao Jinhua nodded thoughtfully, "Oh, I see. He sounds like a good man. He did quite a lot for you."

Qin Feng smiled, "Haha, he is a good leader of the people."

"Even so, Secretary Liu might not help you twice. Li Faxian and Jia Quan still dominate the city, and they’ll hate you forever after today. You really shouldn't have humiliated him so much."

Xiao Jinhua screwed up her features in thought. Qin Feng was usually so kind, but this time he really took things too far.

"Sister Flower, do you know why Zhao Jun didn’t bother to help me out in this situation?” Qin Feng said intently. “It is because he thinks that my energy, my value and my influence are too small for him, and it would be entirely unreasonable to offend Li Faxian over me. If I continue to be so humble, people will continue to disrespect me and try to push me around. But when they hear that I made Li Faxian kneel in front of me and beg for my forgiveness, they’ll change their tune. Tomorrow, everyone in the city will hear my name, and anyone who dares to mess with us will have to think twice about it!"