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Chapter 97 Guard
Jia Dapeng's face soured. "Uncle Li, I call you uncle so politely and you’ve worked for my father for many years. Don’t you know his temperament? Do you think he’d give me his blessing to do this? Would he even care if I got down on my hands and knees and licked his feet?”

Both Li Faxian and Zhang Dali struggled not to burst out laughing. Jia Dapeng also felt that might have been a little inappropriate, but he quickly added, "It might sound stupid, but that’s the way it is. My father is famous for covering things up. Otherwise, neither of you would be here, would you? Don’t you think the reason he protects you is so you could be there to help on the day I need you?

“This time, I’m not looking for trouble of my own initiative. I have been insulted and attacked! I’m not overreacting, am I? I don't understand; why can’t I do this? Do you think my father is getting too old and won’t be able to do what he’s always done? Fine, then! If you won't help, I'll go back now and tell him what you said, and we’ll see how he really reacts."

Jia Dapeng immediately turned around to leave, his face filled with bitter resentment.

"Dapeng, Dapeng!"

Li Faxian and Zhang Dali ran after him in confusion. "Hey, where are you going?” Li Faxian said, full of smiles. “Isn't it just Qin Feng? I will give him to you and you can do whatever you want. Uncle promises you that I will make no complaints.”

Li Faxian had no choice but to compromise. Jia Dapeng could not do anything useful for him in return, but he could definitely do something bad to him. If the boy were offended, he would go straight to Jia Quan to complain about it. Although Jia Quan kept claiming that he no longer cared about his son, those who knew him knew the truth. He was famous for overprotecting and doting over his only son, Jia Dapeng. If the kept saying bad things about Li Faxian in his father’s ear, it would definitely amount to no good result.

Li Faxian's words made Jia Dapeng happy in his heart, but he said, "Uncle Li, I don’t want to force you. If it’s a lot of trouble for you, just forget it. In any case, you won’t keep him here forever. I’m sure I’ll get my chance for revenge sometime..."

"No, no, no, it's no trouble! It's no trouble! It's nothing, nothing," Li Faxian croaked. "Whatever you do, I'll accompany you and take the responsibility for anything that happens. If we can't even settle this little score, then what are we even? Right?"

Jia Dapeng humphed, "Well, get ready then. Turn the cameras off. Put a mask on him, and give me the most powerful taser you’ve got. I want to have some fun with this..."

Li Faxian sucked in a cool breath and thought, "This is really happening..."

He had no way out of it. Now he could only let Jia Dapeng do whatever he wanted with his prisoner. He hoped Qin Feng would survive and no one else would ever hear about it.

"Dapeng, don’t go overboard. If you make too big a mess, Director Jia will have a hard time dealing with it," said Zhang Dali, although he knew that Jia Quan could cover up whatever he wanted. Nothing in Tianhe was beyond his reach.

Nevertheless, he always felt that Qin Feng was not some random person. His air of confidence suggested there was a hidden agenda for him being in a small city like Tianhe, nor could he be controlled by the likes of Zhao Jun. His sudden appearance was very puzzling.

"Don't worry, go ahead. I can handle it." Dapeng stretched his muscles in preparation, laughing, "Qin Feng, tonight you will regret ever being born. Time to start praying, hahaha!"


Soon, the security camera inside the interrogation room became blocked by a ceiling tile that “accidentally” fell out of place. In order to shake off the blame after the incident, Li Faxian took pains to get someone to climb up on a stepladder in the camera’s blind spot and poke a tile off its frame with a broomstick. Should anyone look into this incident in the future, Li Faxian could simply claim the police station’s maintenance budget was insufficient to cover all the necessary repairs.

Then, Qin Feng’s face was covered with a black velvet mask and his hands and feet were tightly bound so he couldn’t move an inch. The two policemen who secured him refused to say anything at all.

A few minutes after they left, the door squeaked as it was pushed open by Jia Dapeng.

When he saw Qin Feng in the chair, struggling to breathe through the cloth on his head, he almost giggled out loud with glee as he turned on the electric baton in his hand. "You're a fool. You’re about to get the… ‘shock’ of your life."

"Who the hell are you? Take this stupid mask off me, you coward!" Qin Feng shouted, twisting his body every-which-way until he almost tipped over in his chair.

Jia Dapeng thought careful about what he was going to do before entering. He would not say anything. He would just continuously electrocute Qin Feng until he passed out.

But being provoked by Qin Feng, he could not help but poke him once with the baton. Qin Feng’s body shuddered as he received the electric shock. "Fuck! You better hope I never catch you, or I’ll tear you limb from limb!" he growled through clenched jaws.

Jia Dapeng could not help shouting, "Is that so!"

He jabbed the electric baton into Qin Feng’s exposed skin, and held it there.

Qin Feng endured the pain with gritted teeth, cursing all the while, "You better just kill me! Fuck! When I get out of here, I’ll skin you alive and feed you to the dogs, you son of a bitch! Let me see your face, you punk! Coward!"

"Shut the hell up! I dare you to say that again!!" Jia Dapeng set the baton to the maximum voltage and stabbed directly at Qin Feng's heart.

Qin Feng could see a glimmer of light coming toward him through the dark velvet. If he got electrocuted in the heart, no amount of physical strength or endurance training could save him from a possible cardiac arrest.

Before the baton could touch him, Qin Feng sharply doubled over, smashing his forehead into Jia Dapeng's gut. His center of gravity unbalanced, Jia Dapeng staggered back several steps before finally falling over the interrogation table.

Qin Feng smirked, "Haha, you loser. Even handcuffed to a chair, I can still kick your ass!"

From the sound of his voice, he had already guessed the identity of his would-be torturer. "You’re Jia Dapeng, aren’t you? I know it’s you, there’s no use trying to hide it. Who do you think you’re fooling? Get this stupid bag off my head already."

Jia Dapeng yanked the cloth off his head and pointed his electric baton at Qin Feng’s nose. "You are about to die and you still can’t put a lid on it!” he snapped at him. “You’ll be calling me Granddaddy by the time I’m through with you!"

Qin Feng humphed disdainfully and said, "You? You want to fight me with a taser? I'm telling you, I could kill you as easy as swatting a fly."

Qin Feng was at the limits of his patience. He discovered a truth during his time in Tianhe: the more careful he was, the more he was deceived. No one here spoke with reason. It was all about power and fists. He tried to push Zhao Jun to the top through careful maneuvering, to rely on his influence to protect Sister Flower, but he found that Zhao Jun was useless and could not stand up on his own at all. Small incidents sparked conflicts again and again. He wanted to protect her in secret, but this lo longer seemed a viable option - he had to come forward and protect Sister Flower personally, as well as her Free Man Bar.