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Chapter 96 The Joyous Expression

Chapter 96 The Joyous Expression
Qin Feng’s expression instantly hardened. "What are you up to?"

Li Faxian ignored him and lit a cigarette. After a few puffs, he arrogantly tipped the ashes on the table between them and leaned in to say, "I came to the Free Man to chat with you this morning, but you did not appreciate the opportunity to make a good impression. You just had to challenge me, and you dared to stand up to me! I really don’t know what gives you the damned courage."

Qin Feng eyes were cold as ice. "I’m warning you. If you mess with me, I will kill you."

At first, Qin Feng's expression startled Li Faxian. His heart was pounding in his chest, but he quickly straightened up and laughed, "You and what army? Who do you think you’re threatening? Do you think you’re so good at fighting there’s no one alive who can take you down? Well let me tell you, there is no man in the whole of Tianhe that I, Li Faxian, can’t get rid of I want to. If you don't believe me, go ahead and try me! Who’ll dare to stick their neck out for you? I will keep you here for a while, torture you little by little, and then personally send you off to prison for a good few years, where I’ll make sure you’ll enjoy only the best ‘VIP’ treatment. Haha..."

Suddenly, Qin Feng burst out in uproarious laughter, completely ignoring Li Faxian's threatening words. To him, this was all a big joke, and the only reason he came to the police station so obediently was that he wanted to see what Li Faxian would do in the end. He didn’t want to let the situation get any more media attention if he could avoid it. If he violently resisted arrest in the middle of the street, the incident would only have escalated further. At the same time, coming in quietly allowed him to get a good look at the arrogant faces of these corrupt bastards, and when he ultimately fought back, he would have all the more evidence against them.

Qin Feng’s laughter scared Li Faxian a little bit.

He frowned, rapped his fingers on the table, and snarled, “What the hell are you giggling about? If you laugh again, I will pull your teeth out one by one!"

It wouldn’t be the first time Li Faxian pulled out a man’s teeth with a pair of pliers. It was cruel, bloody and excruciating, and occasionally left the victim catatonic or even in a coma.

"You’re all bark,” Qin Feng snorted. “I advise you to behave a little bit better. I suggest you start thinking of how you’re going to explain yourself when your dirty secrets come to light. You had better leave a way out for yourself."

Li Faxian’s eye began twitching. He reached up to scrape his nails over his face in frustration, then looked to the subordinates standing at his sides and asked, "I didn’t hear that wrong, did I? Did he just tell me to behave? Hahaha... You want me to explain myself? Haha, you’re killing me!!"

The two subordinates next to him followed along with a supportive cackle. “Hehe, I’ve never seen an untouchable demand that a director explain himself!

There were black sheep in the military too, too many for comfort, but no matter how bad they were, they would never be this arrogant. These idiots called him untouchable, and claimed they were going to ‘take care of him’. They thought themselves emperors! He never thought the local officials were quite so rotten. How could this scum protect the people?

Qin Feng did not bother to reply. It was useless to say anything. These people would only listen to someone higher up the chain of command.

At that point, someone knocked on the door of the interrogation room. Li Faxian figured it must be Jia Dapeng, and personally got up to open the door for him.

Sure enough, Jia Dapeng was standing at the door, peering in excitedly.

Li Faxian hurriedly welcomed him, and motioned for Dapeng to step aside with him for a moment first.

"Uncle Li, is it Qin Feng?" Dapeng was already rubbing his hands with anticipation, his face beaming with unbridled joy.

"Well, yes." Li Faxian puffed on his cigarette and said, "What’d he do to piss you off?"

"Haven’t I told you? He stole my girl and hit me! I came to take my revenge. I have to kill him!" Jia Dapeng bitterly spat on the concrete floor and grunted, "The man who can get away with crossing me in my own city hasn’t been born yet. This asshole is nothing!"

Li Faxian's heart was conflicted. If Dapeng lost his temper with Qin Feng, it would certainly end in violence, and in that case the one responsible for the consequences would still be him, as the director of the police station. Although he too wanted nothing more than to get rid of Qin Feng for good, Li Faxian had been in the police for long enough to have quite a few inventive ideas of how to bend the rules to do so in a technically legal way. Many things could be done, but he had to follow the correct procedures, for he knew a lot of people were watching his every move. If he let his temper run wild and made a stupid mistake, he could end up being prosecuted himself!

Jia Dapeng mood didn’t seem like a simple outburst of emotion. If he really intended to d something drastic, Li Faxian would not be able to account for it. Moreover, Qin Feng was not a run-of-the-mill nightclub manager. This guy definitely had some great experience behind him. There was an extraordinary aura behind his words. Perhaps he really did have some sort of influence that went beyond Tianhe?

In the end, Li Faxian’s main goal was to put pressure on Xiao Jinhua, forcing her to consent to his long-time wish of sleeping with her.

If he couldn’t realize his wish this time around, he would always have another opportunity to do it. All things came in good time.

"I have a score to settle with him too. He dared to attack me in public and throw me into a bush, that sonovabitch!" Li Faxian fumed.

"Uncle Li, you gotta do something to him, teach him a lesson. I can't take it anymore! I wanna stick a gun up his big mouth and blow his brains out! Ungh, he drives me nuts just by existing!"

Jia Dapeng felt he had Director Li's support. He felt himself like a hawk soaring through the clouds. He particularly enjoyed the feeling of everyone caring about him, as if he was the crown prince of Tianhe, whose word was law.

"Dapeng, we’ll definitely put him in his place, but..." Li Faxian greeted Zhang Dali with a nod and said, "Dali and I know well that, in our system, there are rules and procedures for everything. We can't just do it on a whim. Everything depends on your father. He is the law; he has the final say in everything. Although you are his son... I am just a subordinate. I can’t take matters into my own hands."

Zhang Dali saw through Li Faxian's mind at a glance. He made it clear that he did not want to refuse Jia Dapeng. If there were an order from Jia Quan, he would make Jia Dapeng happy even if he had to blatantly violate the law, and allow him to use Qin Feng as his personal punching bag to his heart’s content, as long as he didn’t kill him. But without a clear order from Jia Quan, Li Faxian wasn’t willing to break the rules to that extent.

Zhang Dali agreed. "Dapeng, what Director Li said is true. Not only he, but everyone in our system has to abide by your father. We do whatever he says, but without his orders, no one can make a move."

Li Faxian gave him a grateful look, and then added, "Dapeng, why don't you make a call to Director Jia? I just need to hear it from him, and then you can do whatever you want."

Jia Dapeng knew in his heart that his father would never give him this face. When he went out, they quarreled. How could he possibly still have the face to call?