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Chapter 91 Arrested

Chapter 91 Arrested
Sister Flower looked at the proud Li Faxian. "Don’t you have enough trouble to deal with? We all live and work in this city, we should give each other some leeway to mind our own business. Aren’t you afraid to go out and twist your ankle?

Sister Flower’s words had a hidden meaning. After all, she worked for Brother Jun, who was the head of a criminal organization in Tianhe City. If she really got into trouble, she could always go to him for help. Li Faxian knew this, and he didn’t want to make things worse. It all depended on Qin Feng’s attitude: If he swallowed his pride, apologized, and called him Grandpa Faxian, then he might deign to let him go.

Of course, he wouldn’t demand that Qin Feng call him Grandpa in public. Li Faxian still had to maintain his image as a just policeman, after all.

As a result, he had no choice but to loudly announce, "Ladies and gentlemen, look, this is the nightclub manager. We enforce the law impartially for everyone to live a happy and clean life. We remove these street women who corrupt our youth. But he grabbed me and intends to strike a police office on duty!"

As a police chief, Li Faxian had given many speeches over the years and knew how to work a crowd. Inciting the onlookers against Qin Feng was a piece of cake.

Sure enough, a few people who were just passing by and did not understand the situation quickly chimed in with, “The cops are right! Drive the criminals from Tianhe!"

Qin Feng was speechless. The passersby were really mindless. They had no idea what was going on and they still came up and shouted. Maybe they were hired by Li Faxian.

However, this was nothing new to Qin Feng. Li Faxian was just a random police director in a small city and he could punish him without even asking HQ for permission. He was so annoyed that even if his superiors reprimanded him for this, he wouldn’t regret a thing.

There was no room for talking at this point, and he was determined to accept all the consequences of what he was about to do.

"Don't worry about it, Sister Flower. He wants to make things worse, so I’ll give him what he wants. We’ll see who has the last laugh."

As soon as he finished his words, Qin Feng’s palm smacked Li Faxian across the face. With a crisp sound, the police chief flipped head over heels in the air and crashed into a flower patch.


This was definitely going to make front page news in Tianhe. By that point, the whole street was jammed with curious onlookers and a traffic jam was quickly building up. No passerby was willing to miss out on such prime entertainment!

"Someone just smacked the police chief in the face!"

"It’s the manager of the Free Man!"

"Haha, knocked him right off his feet."

"Well, he’s in deep shit now!"

A forest of hands equipped with cameras and mobile phones quickly rose over the heads of the crowd, and clips with titles like ‘Public smackdown’, ‘Maniac fighting police in front of Free Man Bar’ and ‘Police chief gets his ass kicked’ began to spread like wildfire through the city’s social networks.

All the policemen instantly encircled Qin Feng, holding their batons out defensively as if dealing with a dangerous wild beast that had just escaped the zoo, their faces nervous and fearful. Qin Feng was unbelievably strong; if he turned a slap into a punch, he could probably kill a cow.

A group of people pulled Li Faxian off the flowerbed. His whole left cheek was red and swollen and his nose was bleeding heavily all over his face. Seemingly, his jaw was also loosened, for when he tried to open his mouth to speak, he could only mumble. His neck and arms were covered in scratches and his uniform was full of holes. He wobbled around, completely disorientated, and it took a long while before he finally regained his senses.

"Ar… Arrest him! Arrest him!"

Li Faxian screamed in fury, though he dared not approach Qin Feng again. He even pulled his pistol from his waist. On his cue, the other policemen also drew their guns out of their holsters. A dozen cold muzzles all pointed at Qin Feng. In an instant, the atmosphere at the scene turned down sharply. Everyone was frightened, and Sister Flower ran to protect Qin Feng with her own body, but he appeared entirely unfazed. With one arm, he pushed Sister Flower aside: "Don’t worry, Sister. I want to see if he dares to shoot me. Come on! Right here!" Qin Feng pointed at his own forehead, his face fearless.

At that moment, Jiang Xiaowen also rushed out and hurriedly grabbed Qin Feng's arm, "Brother Qin, don't do this, don't do this! You’re scaring me! You were a ..."

Before she finished the sentence, Qin Feng clamped a hand over her mouth and shot her a quick wink.

No one else seemed to notice, but Jiang Xiaowen was very clever and immediately understood what he wanted.

Qin Feng put his hand on Sister Flower's shoulder and said, "I'm done here. I'm going to go with them back to the police station now. Don't worry, I'll be out soon, and they'll be begging for my forgiveness."

"Are you nuts? Don't you know what you’ve just done?"

He just humiliated the district chief of police in public, and attacked a police officer pursuing an investigation! Sister Flower was afraid to imagine what they would do to Qin Feng when he arrived at the police station. He might be tortured to death in there!

"Pah! Cuff him!"

Li Faxian could barely feel his face under the pain and swelling. He just wanted to get himself to the hospital now. He arranged to have Qin Feng taken back to the police station, and he would deal with him once he returned.

Qin Feng obediently presented his wrists to be handcuffed and was taken into the police car. Sister Flower and the dancers watched with dazed faces. Jiang Xiaowen wept.

Sister Flower had no idea why Qin Feng would do this. He always seemed very mindful to her, so how could he fall into Li Faxian’s trap so easily?

Now there was nothing she could do. Her only option was to go to Brother Jun to see if he had any ideas. As long as they could appease Li Faxian, there was still room to maneuver. But no matter what, Xiao Jinhua would not sit by and watch Qin Feng be chewed up by the system!

She gave Brother Jun a call. He was playing mahjong.

Sister Flower summarized what Qin Feng did to Li Faxian. After a short silence, Brother Jun said, "What? Qin Feng hit Li Faxian? Shit, is that guy crazy?"

"Brother Jun, only you can help him now. Li Faxian will never let Qin Feng go otherwise. He was only protecting your nightclub because the cops wanted to arrest all our dancers. If no one puts Li Faxian in his place, he will not stop giving us trouble until we are forced to shut the Free Man down..."

Of course, that was just an excuse. There was no real reason for Qin Feng to strike a police station director in public.

The impatient Zhao Jun immediately interrupted her, "Neither you nor I can do anything for him now. Li Faxian won’t give me a rat’s ass. Since our brave Qin Feng has dared to do this, he’ll have to suffer the consequences on his own!"

Zhao Jun hung up.