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Chapter 82 Wealth

Chapter 82 Wealth
"What are your plans?"

Green Dragon looked at Qin Feng carefully and said, "Come back with me. There’s a lot you have to face. It’s too dangerous for you on your own. We’ll try to persuade the general to attack Shark Kun’s nest again as soon as possible. They’ll all be brought to justice! Isn’t that good?"

"Our superiors have their own considerations. If he doesn't make a decision, we could be stuck waiting for months or even years. This is an operation involving the interests of multiple major powers in the region. We can’t just act because we have the location of the drug lord's nest. What's more, if it takes too long, I'm afraid Shark Kun would move his base. If our headquarters could take action and support us as soon as we discovered his position, we could have struck while the iron was hot and I believe Shark Kun’s operation would have ceased to exist. But it seems to me that some people in the military do not want to see Shark Kun destroyed. In other words, the topographic map that we bled and died for is in fact useless. Xiao He’s death and the disappearance of Green Snake were in vain."

Qin Feng was perturbed. He already said too much to Green Dragon. He was unsure about a lot of things, but he could only silently bear that burden on his own. There was no need to let others suffer.

Sure enough, when he heard this, Green Dragon's features grew stiff. He opened and closed his mouth a few times and finally said angrily, "Yes, why didn't we strike while the iron was hot? I didn't think about that! Shark Kun has probably already moved his nest."

"Oh, there are many things we can do nothing about. After this last trip, I am tired. I want to rest in Tianhe, calm my heart. So... you understand? Some of our superiors have common interests with Shark Kun. There’s nothing we can do at the bottom of the ladder. We can't deal with this ourselves; we'll just get burned. You and I are brothers. I hope you can understand this and not be confused by appearances. Some people seem to have your interests in mind, but in fact, all they have for you are traps. If you cannot resist the temptation and take the leap, you won’t fall onto a springboard, but right off a cliff."

Qin Feng did not want to speak too specifically. It was up to Green Dragon to consider his own inner motives. If he could see through them, he would make the right choice. If he still wanted to gamble, Qin Feng would have no choice.

It was fate.

Green Dragon fell into a long silence, going over and over in his mind about what Gu Shaoyun had said to him, weaving one beautiful dream after another. He was once lost in these dreams. If he didn’t think about his brotherly love for Qin Feng, he would have made a big mistake.

A prodigal son returned is more precious than gold. If Green Dragon could think things through, there would still be a chance for him.

In fact, Qin Feng had the opportunity to strike first and overpower Green Dragon, but he didn't do it. Like Green Dragon, he was also thinking of brotherhood. Nothing could equal the deep brotherhood shared by those who went through so many life and death experiences together.

After the two went their separate ways, Qin Feng dragged his tired body to the Free Man Bar.

It was only eight o'clock in the morning when he arrived. Other than a few employees, the place was empty.

He was now the Free Man Bar's Assistant Manager, so going back to his rental bedroom would be inappropriate. He couldn’t take care of Sister Flower from there, anyway.

Qin Feng took a shower, changed into a set of clean clothes, and prepared to go to sleep on the sofa in a private room on the second floor. Then, the front desk called him to say that Director Li Faxian of the police had come.

Qin Feng hadn’t dealt with him directly before, but he had heard that he was extremely greedy and lustful, and a relative of Jia Quan. Although he was only a police station director, he was responsible for most of the downtown area. Basically, he dominated the area with the highest income, which was far more profitable than being the director of a residential district or rural county.

Sister Flower hadn’t paid much attention to this person over the years. At first, he was very unwilling to accept this. He raided the Free Man Bar several times, but never found anything incriminating. He simply couldn't find any reason to punish her or disrupt the club’s business. He was very dissatisfied with Sister Flower. She did night business on his territory, but never bothered with “offerings”. What other nightclub in the whole country would do that?

Qin Feng came down to the hall and saw a man with a pig’s face. If it weren’t for his uniform, he would think he was a pork vendor from the market.

"Oh, Director Li, what brings you here? I’m so sorry, I should have gone out to greet you!" Qin Feng excitedly shook hands with Li Faxian, "Here, come in and sit."

Li Faxian barely paid any attention to Qin Feng at all. "Where is Xiao Jinhua?"

"She's not here yet. If you have something to tell her, you can also tell me." Qin Feng smiled and offered him a Su cigarette, but Li Faxian waved a hand and refused.

He took out a box of Zhonghua from his pocket, the 329 series. "Say what? I can tell you? Who the hell are you?"

The disdain in his words was obvious. He did not give face to Qin Feng at all. In Li Faxian's view, Xiao Jinhua was nothing. Even Zhao Jun had to nod respectfully to him, so why should he pay any attention to some waiter?

The front desk girl interjected, "Director Li, this is our newly appointed Assistant Manager."

"What about Kun?" Li Faxian turned to Qin Feng, "Did you shove in and push him out of the way?"

"No, Brother Kun has another important task to see to at the moment. I have temporarily assumed his position," Qin Feng said.

Li Faxian and Kun were familiar with each other. Kun would secretly send a lot of ladies for Li Faxian to play with, which counted as a sort of contribution from the Free Man bar. He would not be so easy to appease without Kun.

"Let’s go to a private room." Li Faxian ran upstairs like he owned the place. Qin Feng quickly had people arrange fruit plates and snacks for him, as well as a few bottles of beer and Jiujiu duck necks. Although one shouldn’t drink early in the day, who knows what Li was into? Maybe he had a habit of having a drink in the morning.

In the sunny private room, Li Faxian leaned back on the sofa with his legs crossed and cleared his throat, "Business has been quite good for the Free Man Bar recently, right?"

"We do alright. All thanks to Director Li who’s been watching over us."

Qin Feng sat to his side, quite a bit like a servant attending to his master. He adapted well to his present role, and he felt that there was nothing wrong with a bit of humility.

He fought and killed every day and he was tired. Returning to the city and experiencing the variety of life was also a kind of wealth.